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Julia Graf
beauty 52,090 followers
My thoughts today are with the troubling news of the #Ottawa shooting - RIP to the soldier who lost his life to this senseless act! #Canada
Multiple self aggrandizing RTs back to back make me cringe so hard. Anyone else?
This season puts me in a real baking mood! This week I made a pumpkin-orange spice bread, now I’m making pumpkin gingersnaps! #RunTomorrow
New lens is purchased, now I can't wait to get it! I need more bokeh!
Can I boast for a moment about my garden please? I'm so proud that my Pampas Grass finally bloomed…
NEW VIDEO ► A Fall GRWM video while I chat with you about my wedding planning! Things have changed so much!
I went outside in super windy weather and this is what my hair looks like. Um, can this happen every…
WTF the Alexander Wang H&M collection looks absolutely ridiculous! Most of the stuff looks like it should be worn as long johns
Morning online shopping done at Mango Outlet. Such amazing deals!
Yay, I got published in the Huffington Post! 15 Halloween Makeup YouTube Tutorials To Die For via @HuffPostStyle
In bed, fresh clean sheets & shaved legs, and my Kindle. Is there anything more relaxing? 📖😴
How did I not know about Powerline technology before? Totally sorted out my weak wifi signal in my office. Thank God!
Baking a Pumpkin Orange Spice loaf at midnight. Totally normal if you take a too-long nap in the afternoon. Kitchen smells Christmasy!
Have you seen my latest video showing this Black Widow look for #Halloween ?
3 of 5 stars to The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson…
My Black Widow look is up on my channel! Also works great for a Victorian Ghost…
My new Halloween video is up! Black Widow Victorian Ghost…
NEW VIDEO ► BLACK WIDOW VICTORIAN GHOST!! See how I turned a makeup tutorial into a mini b&w movie!
Needed a spookier Twitter pic for Halloween ;)
Working on my new Victorian Black Widow Ghost look for today's Halloween look. Did you watch the Trailer on my Facebook? Are you excited? 🎃
Still need your Halloween costume? Get 20% off from the site I ordered all mine from with the code BC20JULIAG here:
I just posted a PREVIEW VIDEO of tomorrow's elaborate Halloween video on Facebook! Check it out and Like my Page:
A new video for my Sorceress Halloween look is now up on 🎃 Check it out! Do you…
How women are portrayed in advertising. This is such an amazing TED Talk!…
Been enjoying Halloween videos this year by @goldiestarling @LetzMakeup and @xoShaaan - artists seriously having fun with makeup! Love it
Working on my next #Halloween Evil Sorceress look. Who's excited for it??? 🎃👻🔮
Monday morning food poisoning - Olé! 🙊💩😖😷
My Sunday: Spent 6.5 hours filming my next Halloween video. Oy!! Ok that's it, i'm so done for today. The rest can wait til tomorrow.
Ready to film a New Halloween video and I needed a sparkly deep purple nail to match my costume. Any…
Great night out with friends, had a most spectacular dinner, yum!
Have you seen my new makeup video? 90s style reinvented for present day! I might wear a version of this tonight out!…
Revisit the 90s with my latest makeup tutorial featuring a lot of mattes and brown tones!…
Yeah and it's annoying that none of my foundations match now! haha ;) RT @_MarSaez: @hellojuliagraf you're soo tan! ♥
NEW VIDEO!! 90s Makeup Reinvented! Mattes & brown tones reinterpreted for modern day! Watch now -->
Ready to revisit the 90s? Editing my 90s Throwback Makeup Look right now ;)
NO GIRL should have to go through this. This is appalling!…
I've been getting a lot of comments that my videos aren't showing up in people's Youtube subscriptions recently. Anyone had this happen?
RIPPED & STAPLED MOUTH!! I uploaded my first ever special FX makeup look. Still got room to improve my…
NEW VIDEO!! Ripped & Stapled Mouth Horror Halloween Tutorial!! Watch, comment & Share it! ►
Bobbi Brown goodies including the Scotch & Soda palette from their upcoming holiday collection "Scotch…
The amount of skin smoothing filters used on Instagram MU pics is getting ridic. You'd think they all have skin like a newborn Baby's bum.
Great run today. That over 2 week workout break while on holidays really made a dent in my endurance. Need to get back into 3x per week!
Have you seen my Poison Ivy video yet? Get ready for Halloween!
Wedding planning! Things have changed SOOOO much since my initial video, I can’t even explain. Need to film an update!
Working on my next Halloween video, this one's pretty gross and gory! hehe
Last night I dreamed I was at an all-you-can-eat cake buffet. I didn't want to wake up. This needs to exist in real life. :D
POISON IVY Halloween Tutorial is now up on my channel! Hope you like this one!…
My first Halloween Video is up!! POISON IVY!! Go show my video some love, hope you like this one! Here it is:
All in favour of me uploading my first Halloween video TODAY say yay?
Did a beautiful 2 hour hike today up some steep trails that offered spectacular views over the region.…