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Missy Elliott
songwriter artists song writing 2,249,682 followers
I send these tweets to u all because we all are human and we all need uplifting & be more supportive of one another! #goodvibes
To the producers your music is what get people thru the day! Continue to try to make music to move the ppl! U are appreciated!
To all the artist it's not easy what u do u give so much of yourself and be creative and inspire ppl keep ya head up! Be great!
To all the dancers I appreciate you! U deserve so much credit for your art! Dance with passion! Give your all in every step u do!
RT @.Sharaya_J: BANJIMovement is REAl Life! All across the World Banji Choreography by Shumon Wood:
.@Sharaya_J: BANJI ALERT! Banji Choreography by Shumon Wood: The BanjiMovement is no game!
yup I was amazed too @MissyElliott @IBGDRGN ❤️❤️❤️ take me back to kcon2013!!!
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RT .@Sharaya_J: BANJI ALERT! Sharaya J "Banji"- Keenan Cooks: I see y'all BanjiCrews! Holla!
RT.@Sharaya_J: BANJI ALERT! Sharaya J 'Banji' Choreo | Willis Rose - Take 1 Dance: Banji Erwhere!
RT. @Sharaya_J: BANJI ALERT! ITS A MOVEMENT!@Sharaya_J - Banji | Tony Tzar Choreography: RT if u Banji!
RT .@Sharaya_J: BANJI MOVEMENT WORLDWIDE BEAUTYndaBEAST tour | intermediate footage |: where my dancers at! Rm
Negative energy can drain your creativity! We tweet stuff all day let's see how many will retweet for positivity! 👈 let's go!
Surround yourself with those who inspire & motivate u! Remove those ppl who only happy when u down! Retweet 4 good energy!
@MissyElliott Mama elliot!! The lord has bless us with a precious gift. We will never give up! Our knees just bend for him only!! Lov u
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I'm happy those tweets inspired y'all! Never give up even when it gets hard make your doubters believers! Think out the box!
@MissyElliott I'm not going to lie, Ive been feeling that way for a while, like nothing I was doing was working but those posts did it 4 me
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@MissyElliott I love your positivity it makes my day to see stars with that positive uplifting personality.. 😘
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@MissyElliott I am so glad you speaking positivity into peoples lives this early! You never know who you may uplift with just kind words!
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@MissyElliott honestly I been feeling really down till I saw your last 3 tweets - God just USED the most UNLIKELY Source to strengthen me!
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I swear reading @MissyElliott last 2 post just made feel like "I CAN DO ANYTHING" i really needed to hear that. "WOW" i love that woman.
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Actually @MissyElliott those last tweets were what i needed. Thank you for the uplift. <3
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"When I met @MissyElliott I felt a connection. It was like she already knew my style." - Aaliyah
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Thats why @MissyElliott is still relevant today! Besides her music she inspires alot talented/creative people. Checkout her last 3 tweets
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