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Julia Abenes 「朱莉婭小姐」
Trivial facts can be annoying today, especially if they get in... More for Aries
It's not fun when someone rejects your plans, but you might as... More for Aries
Unsettled career questions make it tough to relax today, but a... More for Aries
You wake up with a fresh outlook on life. It seems as if the d... More for Aries
Your attraction to someone special makes it difficult to expre... More for Aries
Remaining quiet might seem like a sensible strategy today, but... More for Aries
There are so many things you want to start today that you can'... More for Aries
You aren't likely to take no for an answer today, but you migh... More for Aries
Change is in the air today, but you can't figure out which dir... More for Aries
You are dangerously close to reaching your boiling point today... More for Aries
An unfinished relationship discussion may resurface today, as ... More for Aries
You might have been caught in intellectual cross-currents rece... More for Aries
Just when we think the excitement has reached a crescendo, the... More for Aries
You can become a superhero today, but you must overcome your c... More for Aries
Your choices are as murky as mud today, yet you're ready to bo... More for Aries
You could spend a lot of time thinking about your future, but ... More for Aries
You wish you were free enough to say whatever you want, but yo... More for Aries
You may set off for an emotional journey now, even if you don'... More for Aries
You might believe you are being personally attacked if a cowor... More for Aries
It's important for you to know that your work has meaning as y... More for Aries
You must be ready to shift gears on a moment's notice, since y... More for Aries
Your irrepressible restlessness could get the best of you toda... More for Aries
You might think you know exactly what you want only to change ... More for Aries
Your plans begin to fall in place today as you gather more inf... More for Aries
You're on the edge of your seat, anxious to embark on your nex... More for Aries
If a recent disagreement with a friend or lover created feelin... More for Aries
You may solve a problem at work through sheer willpower, enab... More for Aries
Rushing around just doesn't work today because you may have to... More for Aries
You may easily upset others today if you are completely honest... More for Aries
Restraining your impulses is exhausting work, reminding you of... More for Aries
You may not catch up with your chores as quickly as you wish t... More for Aries
You don't necessarily excel at following rules, but you must p... More for Aries
You may struggle with an inner conflict today between your des... More for Aries
Contrary to popular belief, you Rams can also behave like lamb... More for Aries
Your mind is racing at a million miles a minute; the thoughts ... More for Aries
Building your nest egg is at the top of your list as the solid... More for Aries
Luckily, you can effortlessly balance your social life with yo... More for Aries
You have a romantic plan in mind that includes someone you lov... More for Aries
You attempt to convince others that you're right today by maki... More for Aries
Your waiting period is over -- or is it? You might rush headst... More for Aries
Starting an argument with a friend today isn't in your best in... More for Aries
Confusion catches you off guard today if someone you trust see... More for Aries
It feels as if you're standing on the edge of an emotional cli... More for Aries
Although you are widely known for your impulsive behavior, you... More for Aries
You are a quick learner and thinking on your feet enables you ... More for Aries
Your self-confidence is based on your practical outlook today;... More for Aries
You aren't happy with your busy schedule today, but you're res... More for Aries
Fixating on your future goals makes focusing on the present mo... More for Aries
People can't help but take notice of you when you walk into a ... More for Aries
You must make a decision today as your desire to demonstrate y... More for Aries

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