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Gemma Atkinson
Getting mum on he health wagon. @athleatUK chilli & chicken burger with spinach, cheese & homemade guacamole #yum
@MissGAtkinson @lucybeecoconut You are a star! Thank u so much :) I've been using your food pics/updates & feel so much better already! xxx
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Our Med Bra Top is constructed with ventilation panels to give you room to breathe. Shop now>
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My official Instagram is glouiseatkinson don't follow the others! They are fakes set up my people who obv have too much spare time :/
Do something amazing today and foster a dog? Urgent foster homes needed RT x
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#throwbackthursday Caravanning up in Scotland when I was 8! Used to love going up there... Still do In fact :)
The amount of dog crap on today's walk was disgusting! Esp where kids play. Pick it up! You odd few give all of us dog walkers a bad name!
My short Not Very Nice People with @MissGAtkinson & @RoannaCochrane got in the London City Film Festival
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Okay, verdicts in... I'll watch it. I hope you are all right and not just a bunch of weirdos!!! ;) I'll watch it with my niece.
I haven't seen Frozen. Am I genuinely missing out? Some adults have told me its brilliant but the song is driving me crazy as it is :/
Looking fab!!! RT @MadeleyChloe: Lifting makes you manly...or something like that #GirlsThatLift
I don't mind them & I happily put them all outside, but the amount of huge spiders in my room these last few days is crazy. So many of them.
When's it "ok" to put tubs of Christmas Chocs around the house? You know quality street, roses, celebrations ect... Is now too soon? :/
Crazy how a song holds so many memories. "I got 5 on it" by Luniz just came on @KEY103 and took me back to 5th yr high school. #goodtimes :)
Myself & @lalubury attempting to put a double mattress in my boot unsupervised just then was ridiculous. To you... to me.... To you...
Moving house and planning my 30th.... Not stressful at all.... :/
Wake up with determination and go to bed with satisfaction! #HappyMonday
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To those who ask what my regular breakfast is... 10 mins to make. Sometimes I have oats too depending on my training.
For the first time ever I actually just got emotional at the "Sloth. love. Chunk" line :(
GOONIES on Ch 5. My Sunday evening sorted.
Arrrrggghhhhh!! BT!! Can't someone just pick up the phone? Ur electronic system is driving me crazy! I want 2 talk to a human not a machine!
On the plus side I got asked for ID buying a kitchen knife set Y'day... Apparently I look under 25... Wahey! Thanks for the help @skinade
I'm super excited to go furniture shopping 2day for my house move. Is that what happens 3wks before your 30th? Is that how cool you become?
Have I really just heard about "waist training" U wear a corset daily under your clothes to loose weight...? Seriously...? C'mon people!! :/
I went out feeling super confident in @MissGAtkinson sports wear. Comfy, amazing, practical. Feeling positive. Thanks Gemma 💜#sportsdirectt
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My mum is so cute... "Don't touch that food on the side that's cling filmed. Its for Peters lunch" @BounceBallsUK
Such a lovely night with my girlfriends from school... Love a good natter with friends. Home with the doggies now & a green tea #rocknroll
I love this video. Health, Passion & love. Its what life's about. Its never to late to get healthy. Anyone can do It
I'm always watching you... ;) RT @fxckgymnasts: I spy @MissGAtkinson in sports direct😉�”
And yes. I will brush my hair at some point today...Not before I train tho. I like the dragged through a hedge backwards look for the gym ;)
Morning! Sat having breakie number 2 before a workout. Green juice (oats & eggs scoffed at 5.30) have a good day! :)
Another Knox Su Kow... @dazz_morris what you hiding for kid? ;)
Back to Manc tomoz for more #MuayThai highly recommend u try. Great for your mind as well as your body @dazz_morris
Anyone with a wheat / dairy / gluten / corn / nut allergy or intolerance check out @Rizopia SO delicious! Had mine for tea. Highly recommend
Today we've got serious #abs envy! Check out the gorgeous @MissGAtkinson here, I'm sure you'll agree #HotAbs
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My lovely friend @MikylaDodd is now engaged!!!! So, so happy for her and her fiancé Rob!!! This news has made me smile & jump around! :)
random tweet but I watched ALIENS yesterday. If forgotten how scary that film actually is. No wonder I had nightmares as a kid :/
Can't wait for the next @MainEventMT in Manchester on 22nd Nov! Amazing show case for #MuayThai see you there people!!! Grab tickets now :)
Please watch Panorama tonight on @BBCOne 10.35. A possible cure for paralysis. I can't describe what that means. Thank you Professor Raisman
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