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✨Bridgette Reed✨
Had a taste for my summer favorite...actually I love watermelon all year around! #nofilter #watermelon #summertime #snack
(Just a moment of praise) One year ago today, my husband and I walked on this land and God confirmed it in our spirit that He was giving us this land. At this point we had not signed any paper work to start the building process. I think back to this moment now as we inhabit the home built, it remin
I love spending my evenings doing productive things. I'm on my 2nd month of working through @laracasey #powersheets Love these! #goalplanning #makingithappen #letsgohigher
It's a choice. I feel so much tension...understandably so...but the energy it takes to hate it too much. I'm just CHOOSING to love. To me you rob me twice by robbing of my ability to have peace and love another. No one can take that from me...I freely give it away. To each his own, but for me, I ne
Good Morning from Ruby! Have a great week! #RubyReed #HappyMonday
Love this post by @mashondatifrere #LoveThis
I've been searching for more Christ-inspired t-shirts. I have a few but here is a great company as well!! @shoptwelvenow #fashion #Christian
I have to give a shout out to one of the most creative, amazing, faith-filled people I follow! She has a heart to serve and has amazing ideas. We had a call a few weeks ago and she transformed my thinking, and sparked so much creativity. Thank you @laracasey for being a breathe of fresh air in our w
Are there any unique businesses/ideas/people out there? Yes! There are plenty! I'll highlight a few I know! Do you all know of any on Instagram? Tag them below in the comments section. Please no duplicates. Let's encourage uniqueness, creativity. #DiscoverYou
Another great quote (found on Google) The above sums up my story. I came to a point of not wanting to impress anyone anymore. I didn't care about the applause, I didn't want the limelight, and I refused to pursue the expectations of people that had NO idea...who I really was. They thought they knew
Love this quote. (Found on Google) I share in my first "Car Convos" my experiences and a few tips on making sure you are being original and not just a copy. Ask many other people are doing what I'm doing and what makes me different, unique and set apart? Or am I just repeating what I
A chill night with my love, a few of my favorites, and a good movie. #ALittlePieceOfHeaven #Resting #CheeseAndFruitTray #vegetarian
I've been into messy hair and buns lately, perfect is over-rated. 😜😜 #Gnite
Just heard a prophetic word from this Jewish Rabbi tonight at church. ALL I can say...look him up ASAP on YouTube! His books, DVD...he is worth listening to. Time out for playing. Get your heart right.
Still thinking about those girls from @gonaturalpearls event on Saturday. They did an amazing job putting it together! From the founder, to volunteers, to overall event! Just beautiful. I saw so much in that group of young ladies and I'm so thankful to be able to sow into the next generation. Gives
I truly believe hard work pays off in the long run. #ImSleepy #LongDays #Goodnight
(Continuation from my last post) I read this blog by @valmariepaper 6 months ago and it hit me like a ton is bricks because this is EXACTLY how I felt when it comes to the Christian community. Great conversation starter...but let's do more...let's change how we do things. Her website is in the bio s
Warning: you may not "like" this post. I'm on a mission. This topic has been HEAVY on my heart over the past month or so as I see just literally more and more people copying other people ideas and there sayings. It's so sad because all it takes is a little bit of thought and some prayer and God can
I love June for so many reasons including the start of my favorite season..summer! But mostly because its me and my husbands birth month! #JuneBabies #JuneBirthdays #June27th #June13th
Just imagine...your wings are scarred and beat up because of the storm you just flew through. You had to land to rest and fuel up. Your wings aren't in the best of conditions and as people's seems your down for the count. All they see is you going down. What they haven't recognize is the t
I have always been a person that rooted for the underdog. The one that's unexpected to win, the least favorite but more passionate, the one that's overlooked and oftentimes rejected. The one that has every reason to not even try but gives it their best shot. The misfit. The one that stands out in th
Love this!!! There is more to this story! 🙌🏾 #LetsGoHigher
Had a blast today as the keynote address for @gonaturalpearls She is such a sweetheart and I love this little Tu Tu skirt! !! So pure and humble. I'm so excited about all that God is doing through this organization!! Worship was amazing! I just love pouring into the next generation! Such an honor to
A few weeks ago I got to serve along side these powerful women (@rachellproctor @ocielia and Mrs. Kimberly not on IG) tag team to speak to the next generation of powerful women (teens/girls). Tomorrow, I get to do it all over again as a Keynote Speaker for the @gonaturalpearls event at 9:30am! Supe
Okay!!! Just keep going! @bishopjakes says "you will win if you don't quit!" Serving you morning laughs and inspiration! Have blessed day lovelies! 😘😘
And some coffee!! 😂😂 Good morning!!! Have a great day!! #LaughALittle #ImJustSilly #repost
I'm at it again!! Working on 4 projects, making housewarming invites, just finished a business meeting online and feeling fueled up! I blame the new vitamins I started a few days ago! #LetsGoHigher #inspired
Yet another rain storm in Texas tonight. This has been the most rain I have ever seen. Soooo over it already! #rain #Texas
26 years old and in love! This day back in 2011...he gave me an opportunity to view life through the lenses of true love after going through the feeling of a broken heart. #May26th #Dating #MyBoyFriend #StillDating #Marriage #NewlyWeds #love
We speak in many different languages. That I may speak the language of love in every way. #MyPrayer #LetsGoHigher #OldPost
Every now and then, he lets me dress him. 😁😁😁 #Handsome #Marriage #fashion #mensfashion #Express
The truth is all loan advisors do not have the same work ethic. Make sure your loan advisor is doing ALL they can for you in terms of discounts and programs. We spoke to two different lenders. Find the right lender and the right person within that mortgage company. It can be the determining factor o
Tonight dish...stuffed bell peppers with quinoa, corn, black beans, green chiles, cilantro, tomatoes, seasoned with garlic, cumin and onion powder. Heated for 25 minutes in oven on 350 = DELISH! So yummy! #vegetarian
All the meals were so good and easy to cook last time that I had to order again from them!! Three new meals came today. I realized using this company how much I enjoy cooking! #HelloFresh #vegetarian #healthyeating
She is one of my favorite naturalistas! (even though I'm only partially natural 😉) Her birthday was yesterday and I just love following her hair and life journey! It's in the captions! Full of wisdom and such a beautiful spirit. @naturally_zeze Follow her! #naturalhair
Another @pier1 find. It's the shimmer of silver that I love the most. Can't see it that well in this picture but by far my favorite piece since I started #ReedHouse2Home This one reminds me of an ocean. May sound weird but I just stare and admire this vase. I've had it for a few weeks now. Just thin
Ain't that the truth! Everything we think doesn't need to be said definitely if its negative in nature. #Wisdom #Truth
Keep God First and FAIL BIG! Everyone should watch this video of Denzel to grads. Great video. Just Google it to find it. #LoveIt #DenzelWashington
Love this wall piece I found Pier One. It reminds me of life. Life is about cycles and processes. They seem to overlap but each one is seperate. It's about people, crossing paths and intersecting at a divine moment. Most of all it's about appreciating the beauty from afar instead of picking apart th
Usies with Mama Reed and my hubby. She's such a beautiful woman on the inside and out. God gave me two angels, one in Michigan and one in Texas. I just love this woman! #HappyMothersDay #MothersDay
To my mom! @laan0053 Every year I try to find the words to describe how thankful I am to God that he blessed me with such an angel like you. You've been more than I could ever ask and so self-sacrificing our entire life. Because of you, I am who I am today. Thank you for just making it all better
😏😕😑 #Emoji #HowIFeelAboutTheWeatherThisWeek #SometimesItsWrong #Praying4TheSun #StormsWontLastAlways #Texas #Dallas
Perfectly imperfect yet perfectly me. 😉 #rp
I love when I find new music that is just fun! Husband and wife duo. This album is the best end to a long week! @johnnyswim #music #soulful
That I may hear the sweet and soft whispers of your voice God. That I may never allow the world to drown you out in my life. That I stay sensitive to your Spirit and be true to who you created me to be. That I may never look to people to find my value, worth, or applause. That I live my life under t
Short and sweet video introducing our newbie to the world. "Meet Ruby Reed" #DLWB #puppy #doglover 🔗 in profile bio
I guess Ruby doesn't like wig boxes. Lol! So cute! #RubyReed #puppy #doglover
Still celebrating 2 years of marriage! What a journey! God truly blessed me with one of kind that makes this whole thing worth it! God never fails when you do things His way. We've learned a lot and still have a long way to go, but with each day, I see more of why God chose Him for me. We just fit!
My heart melts! 😩 love this little face! Such a cutie pie!! Best Anniversary gift ever! #puppy #doglover #RubyReed
Ruby's first VET appointment went great! I was like 😩 like the whole time and super protective from all those other crazy animals, even though Ruby was challenging dogs 3 times her size, it was there fault! Lol! She's just a baby! 😉😉 #RubyReed

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