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✨Bridgette Reed✨
Just felt like someone needed to know this. You're an important piece to a large picture. #inspiration #BeBlessed
Every morning she loves to terrorize the house as she finds any and everything to eat. Then she makes mommy and daddy chase her down. At least we get our exercise in for the day. Lol! #rubyreedpup #puppylover #doglover #puppy #dogsofIG
I'd rather be refined...than useless. Thank you Lord! #DiscoverYou #ThroughHim #TrueStory
Thank you @cornerbakery for being so good to me!! Yum!! #StrawberryCrispSalad #healthyeating
Happy 20 weeks Baby Reed! Gender reveal coming soon!!! Boy💙 or Girl 💝? #mommytobe #preggo #pregnant #Excited
Yay! It's here! I haven't upgraded in 2 years! It's crazy because before I met my husband I had all types of phones. He's a devoted Apple loyal customer and wouldn't have me with anything! I can't switch because to me nothing compares to the quality. No cellphone argument here
"You can have this world, just give me Jesus." #TotallySoldOut
My soul says yes!! #FULLYSURRENDERED
This 2015 has been such a year of discovery. I disconnected naturally from the www not knowing it was motivated by God, to establish a deeper connection with Christ. At first, it was great, then it became hard as I wondered "what's next God". Taking my eyes off my surroundings gave me a focus and c
Woke up today with "Johnathans" on our mind. (Belgian Waffles for me, Chicken & Waffles for him) Now on to support The Sarcoidosis Foundation. Out of all the gigs my husband does during the year (a lot of them), this one is my favorite. Love that this organization is fighting for a cure. Definitely
I must admit. I've always struggled with drinking enough water. Then came! Baby Reed demands I drink it, on a whole new level. Like a lot of it!! I tried to compromise with him/her but I lost that battle. is what I have resulted in trying my best to drink more water than t
Hey babe...umm...I know this song is great worship...but I'm a need you to open your eyes while you drive us to church...😂😂 #HesIntoThisSong #DontDriveAndWorship lol!
Saw this movie with @laurenclayborne yesterday and soon as I touch down in Dallas today this will be my house! 😂😂 No but seriously! All around a great movie! The Holy Spirit is ALL over this movie!! Definitely a must see!! Congrats to @priscillashirer and her team, and the beautiful Alena Pitts @a
"One of the beautiful things about life is not what you have, but who you experience life with. It means everything." #MichiganBabyshower #BabyReed #familyandfriends
Baby Reeds first flight to Michigan. #preggo #bumpaction #17weeks #mommytobe
Walked out of worship night yesterday with my love. After seeing him on his knees, hands raised worshipping God, I felt such a peace. There's nothing like following a man that worships God in Spirit and in truth. Not for show. I grabbed his arm as we were leaving and joy overwhelmed me. I whispered
In my happy place. We all have to discover what makes us come alive. THIS makes me excited on levels I can't!! I thoroughly love fruits and veggies but mostly good, organic, wholesome food. Processed food just don't do it for me. Plus baby Reed can enjoy it too!! Have a blessed Wednes
I had a moment today and was so! #preggo #preggers #preggoproblems #mommytobe ☺️
My reality over the last 90 days. It's been tough...but Baby Reed is doing amazing. #thankful #pregnant #15weeks #mommytobe
Repost by @andrearhowey Love this!! Whew...
#mommytobe #14weeksPregnant #BabyReed
LUNCH: Baked slightly mashed sweet potatoe, drizzle of honey, topped with sautéed seasoned spinach and walnuts. Once the quinoa is done that will be side. Picture not that pretty but this dish is so filling and delicious! #vegetarian #cleaneating #yummy #HealthyLifestyle #healthyeating
Hesitate to jump on this band wagon...then I only last for 24 hours!! 😂😂 #RandomLifeMoments #NothingTooDeep #JustMeBeingCrazyAsUsual #periscope #laughALittle
If I had to document my process over the past 10 years, it would be me crossing out each one, one at a time, as I came into the truth of what I really needed and wanted. There was a time that I thought I needed each one of these. It was brutal, messy and but so necessary to learn the truth. Wherever
Hi Twitter!! Feels like I'm dusting off an old book.
Shared this with my Facebook family yesterday! We're pregnant! Baby Reed due February 2016! Full video announcement is in my profile bio. We're excited about this next chapter! #pregnant #mommytobe #pregnancy #2ndTrimester Photo credit: @loyalmediagroup #mothersinprotest #Pregnancyreveal #pregnancya
Watched this documentary on Netflix and it was very eye opening. About 1 and half years ago back in January of 2014, God shared with me to not only go vegetarian, but to watch what I put on and in my body. I had a condition that seemingly came out of no where. This is LONG before I learned about our
In a culture that seems to think vocational ministry is the only important calling in ministry....I'll just park this right here. Luke was a doctor, Andrew, Peter And James were fishermen, Matthew was a tax collector. How can you be great in "ministry" where you are now? Vocational ministers equip t
So here it is, what if no one has done what God has called you to do? What if the template doesn't exist? All too often, we see another persons lifestyle, we like it, feel called to that and then...feel empty later. At the end of the day, we have a common goal as believers but many times, it looks d
My new normal is unplugging. Oh how I've changed since 5 years ago. I use to be addicted to social media. It was and still is a great avenue to connect with people, but my focus and priorities are much different as God brings me into new seasons and teaches me what truly matters. Don't forget to unp
For you! Have a blessed and peaceful Saturday! Because roses make all things well! #girlygirl #pinkroses #100roses
Coconut Kale Enchiladas! My favorite vegan dish! 😍 #vegan So Good! #healthyeating
Blasting My 2015 Anthem! Love these lyrics 😎 Song: "He Knows My Name" by Francesca Battistelli #AudienceOf1 #HeKnowsMyName #NoValidationNeeded #KnowYourValueBeyondOpinions
God has a way of introducing you to the very thing that can take you to the next level. Dr. Caroline Leaf spoke at our church this past Sunday. I started to look into her work, listened to her TED talks and she is absolutely phenomenal! She's had 30 years of research about brain and truly understand
Can I say how proud I am of @emonnemarkland A few days ago she launched a movement for young women called @leaveyourbeautymark So excited about what God is doing through her and with her for young women! Join in, follow and support! It will be well worth your time. Did someone say "coffee"? 😊😘 #yo
Cheers to all you flowers out there! Bloom bright! Don't hold nothing back. #HappyMonday #Bloom #inspiration #Flowers
Feeling the goodness of God in this season. He's so faithful even when I wasn't. He never fails. His promises are yes and amen. Lord, what can I do for you today? #HeHasFeelingsToo
I just love Caprese Salad! Such an easy yummy dish! #vegetarian #salads #CapreseSalad
To all my "Goal-Getters" Love God, Love Others above all else. If you must, re-focus, re-structure so that your motive is not just about you. #GoalGetters #SuccessPrinciples #PleasingGodIsSuccessToMe
Hello July!! You bring me great joy! One of my favorite holidays, "Freedom Day" and full-blown summertime fun! 😁😁😁 #SimpleLiving #EnjoyingEveryday #summertime #Inspiration
#SimpleLiving #EnjoyingEveryday #Inspiration
Highly recommend this place in Dallas. (Off of the tollway and lovers lane) (it's in other cities as well) Spent a few hours here on Saturday and it felt like heaven! The best thing is all there products are 100% pure and vegan! Which was an added bonus for health nuts like myself. 😁😁 #ForTheWin #
Love prevails. #BestBirthday #LoveMeSomeHim #HappyWife #Thankful
He spoiling lil ole' me! #ItsMyBirthday #SurprisesAllDay #BirthdayFun
It's my born day!! Thank you Lord for a awesome year!! Feeling blessed! #ItsMyBirthday #TurnDownForWhat 😁😁😁 #HappyDay
Hello Fresh!! Excited about cooking this weeks fresh food! Cause grocery shopping ain't fun all the time. #HelloFresh #vegetarian

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