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✨Bridgette Reed✨
Confession! Although I'm vegetarian and have been for going on 6 months weakness is pasta, bread, sugar and cheese. I really want to lose about 20 pounds and I'll be good. Sooo....I need accountability. I'm not stopping until I reach my goal. Gotta stay focused and overcome those food urges
Came home and saw this...first thought that came to my mind was..we just fit. Thank you God...the journey through life means so much more because of Gods choice in choosing my husband. Can't explain this joy and love..through the good and rough patches we forgive, work on it and move ahead. #GodlyMa
Didn't have time to upload this before my trip BUT it is now up on the site. I love sharing pieces of my story during these sessions! God put this on my heart for someone! Even if it's just mean something to God, He loves you!
Friends for 25 + years. I actually don't know when we met. Our moms were friends and we been friends/sisters since I can remember. Some ppl are seasonal while others are lifetime. She's definetely a life-timer! Love this beauty! #Friends4Life
They didn't know they weren't playing the game but we're having a blast. I just love these two!! Hilarious! #davenbusters
My ❤️#favoritepeople #latergram #DaveNBusters
Trying to go to sleep in this airport...epic failure. 😳#sleepy #GoingHome ✈️
This time...pray, listen, obey. Ready, set.... #inspiration
This was heavy on my heart this morning. I'll be teaching on this topic and uploading it to the website by Thursday night at 9pm CST/ 10pm EST. No series for this one...just a 30 minute session. Mark your calendars! #biblestudy #overcomer #boldandfierce
A beautiful couple friend blessed us with this book as a way to encourage our group of friends to memorize scriptures daily. Great read and awesome way to learn scriptures together as a married couple. We read it every night together and commit to memorizing one scripture per week! Highly recommend
I love it when people get inspired. They see you and want to do what your doing. It's an awesome thing..don't get discouraged, because they may copy your idea, but they can never copy your story. We all have our own unique one can take that from you. Encourage your sisters/brothers...kill
If we really let this simmer and allow God to remove all the junk around our hearts, it will blow your mind! #SelfCheck
On a mission together as a team....but boy it was burning up! #TexasWeather #HealthyFamily #Fitness #BikingOnTheTrail #healthy
Road our bikes to the lake, waiting on the fireworks to start. #Happy4thOfJuly
Happy Birthday America, we salute you! To all our troops who serve, we salute you. To those who see the value of the family unit, we salute you! #BeBlessed #StrongFamilies #StrongCommunities #StrongAmerica #independenceday #4thofJuly
I just can't get caught up in the hype of a crowd or popularity. Trust me I've tried and felt such an emptiness and void. I wasn't being true to how God made me. I've always followed the road least traveled since I can remember. That is where I find so much joy and peace. I didn't mind walking alone
Lunch: a bowl of quinoa, bell peppers, zucchini, black beans, sun flower seeds, tomatoes, topped with balsamic dressing..yum!! #vegetarian #cleaneating #vegan
Just a reminder! Be blessed! #WallPicture
Making a midnight green juice! Juice life! #juicer #birthdaygift #lovesmehubby
When you get grow. Let's go higher! #repost #truth
Love this by @victoriaosteen She's definitely my favorite Women's Leader! My role model! I so look up to her and how she stands for her family, faith and ministry. So thankful for this jewel!
Building process has begun! So many options! #HomeBuilding #StillInAwe
THANK YOU!!! #FeelingBlessed
It is here! Hello 30! Feels the same as! Excited about embracing life more, being free to be myself, growing closer to Christ, loving my family and having a ton of fun! 😜😜 That serious stuff is for the birds...time to laugh and play! Whoo!!! #ItsMyBirthday #june27th #30thbday