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✨Bridgette Reed✨
We are so excited to connect with those that have registered for this conference! We are so honored to serve you as God does amazing things!! Registration is still open at: #overcomer #boldandfierce #jenniferlucyinspires
Stay Pure. It's not about them.
Love is the greatest force on earth. #iglove #love
One big name. Jesus. #worship #goodnight ✌️#nightowl
Watermelon, avocado, bell pepper, and watercress....Sooo yummy! Truly enjoy an awesome food, laughter and fun over dinner with the beautiful @ocielia #funtimes #vegetarian
10 things you may not know about me, uploaded yesterday. Had a blast doing this video. Fun times! Link in profile bio. #goofy
It really hasn't hit me yet. 🙈🙉🙊#excited #2moremonths #homebuilding #TheReeds
No two diamonds are the same, but they all go through a hard pressing process. Just like a diamond is unique yet beautiful, so are the plans and destinies that God has for each of us. Just like a diamond we have a process of pressing to go through. Don't desire your sisters destiny when God has a be
Had the longest day today and just walked in to this...I tell you it's the small things. Love that man! 😍 #marriage
There's a lot of confusion out there about Christianity, purpose, faith, relationships, business, what it means to have fun as a Christian, ministry, etc. I think I'm old enough now (things you can say after you turn 30 😂) to shed a little bit of wisdom on a few things. Been through a lot and God h
Decided to have a party on my nails. Who says you have to wait for an occasion to have a party. Goes with my #erincondren planner. I'm getting organized! 💃💃
Building a house, planning a conference, launching a new book, co-leading a women's group at church, working full-time while having a part-time business and helping my husband with his business, while being a wife, friend, etc. and I wouldn't change anything! My life is FULL! That resting season sur
Your presence...Lord. #worship #Presence by @karijobe and @codycarnes
#Repost from @andrearhowey with @repostapp --- Take heart… He is most trustworthy and faithful…
#Repost from @ohcae211 with @repostapp --- Today's #FlowersFriday highlights some #books and authors you should check out. This one is Rest Relaxing in His Presence by @missbridgettem support #Christian #books.
This refrigerator is giving me life right now! Lol! Our tiny apartment refrigerator is just not effective. Between the ice maker breaking and our dishwasher barely cleaning, I'm so looking forward to having all new appliances. #homebuilding
For me, transparency goes much farther than pretending. Been there, done that. I think there is beauty in seeing a part of a persons process. God's redeeming nature is a powerful testimony of #overcoming
Happy birthday to this beautiful soul @mrslucytyler . She reached out to me a year and a half ago and has been such a blessing in my life. Not only does she have an amazing ministry and drive for God, she has a heart of gold. God connected us at a time I was feeling a bit discouraged but her voice a
"God, even when I don't always know the way, I'll be obedient. Even when like last year I didn't know how, I'll do as you say. I see their faces and I'm ready to serve them Father as you lead me. We submit this conference to you, our ONE big name, Jesus." With @mrslucytyler Register at www.overcome
Trying to explain to the husband my gift of singing in all keys at the same time! His musician ears getting in the way of a new sound in Christ.😂😂😂#IcantSing #ButTalented #YallAintReadyForMe
Kale, roasted beets and apple salad. Yum! @cornerbakery #vegetarian #yummy #lunch
Rest sounds really easy to do, but most struggle with doing it effectively. Some have a strong drive and ambition to do something great. God can and will use you but I've learned that resting is apart of the process. To me, it's the part that requires the most trust. Not only resting physically but
Just realized I don't have a post about a special group of friends that God has blessed us with. Right after we got married we prayed that God would send us christian couples that had healthy marriages. God did just that. He blessed us a beautiful group of 12 couples that pray with us, we worship to
Grilled market salad (without chicken) and avocado-lime dressing. Yum!! #ChicFilA #eatnochicken lol #vegetarian
Find something beautiful about today and be thankful. Laugh, stop worrying, let go, be free. #HappyMonday
Day 2 of writing scriptures. Definitely a great way to also memorize these as well! Fun times. #Homebuilding
#ducklips #goofball #boblife #hairchange #lovemystylist -> @hairartistrenee
Break out and pour your heart out to God! It is my desire to live a life poured out to Him. That my lifestyle will be a ministry. That we will be "living epistles read among men". It has to be more than talk. It has to be more than "one day, I want to do this" but more "I can do all things through C
This is surreal. #Homebuilding
Our kitchen! #Homebuilding
These hats!! Lol!! #Homebuilding
Doing life with my love. The husband writing scriptures on the frame of the home. Consecrating our home to God with the word. Everything we have is because of God. Totally submission to Him #Homebuilding
All things are working together.. #Romans8:28 #Rest
I share in this book/journal a season that I learned how to trust God through the gift of resting. While the world was saying go go go! God was telling me to "chill out, relax I got this". It's not in what you do or how much you's in following Him. More about the book/journal is in the link
These right here....AMAZING! Just sharing a few of our speakers with you. More to come!! Info available at: Excited!! @laurenclayborne @ocielia @msronne @jillmonaco #overcomers #overcomersconference #TheBoldAndFierceFoundation #JenniferLucyInspires
So excited to have @amberrhoads with us for our conference! Last year, she was definitely a favorite! Let's go higher! 🙌
For the last few weeks, every time I've open my bible, I've been led to this scripture or have seen it over and over. It's in Isaiah 41. The hole chapter blessed me. I wake up and it's like God is speaking to me so clearly. I'm so thankful that He is real and active in all of our lives. He wants to
Framing process! I'm learning so much about the building process! For a person that has moved a lot in my life, it will feel surreal to finally have a "set" place to call home. #overcomers #Christian #Worship
One of me favorite things to do is laugh. Life can get so serious....I like to let go and laugh till it hurts! Try it! #LetGo #laugh #relax
In the midst of all your worries, fears, doubts, insecurities, etc. God has something to say. Shhh...listen...He's speaking. Sometimes we wait for an audible voice, but listen with your spirit. He's speaking...
Came home to progress!! Yay! #Homebuilding
Admiring God's creation today as I headed back to Dallas. ✈️ #beauty #clouds
#TheStrip #WorkTrip #SensoryOverload #Imhungry
So excited about this one!!! Link is Instagram (@MissBridgetteM) in bio!! Whooooo!!! Can you guess what it is?!!! Lol! #WatchTheVideo
Learning as God teaches! Student of life! So thankful he is so patient with me! 🙌 humbled by His grace everyday! #Grace #Mercy
Sprinkle a little love everywhere you go! #love #God #LoveGod #LovePeople #MyGoal
Excited about being more organized! For all of you that have joined me in my organizing endeavors this is an update on how I stay organized using my Erin Condren Life Planner. Link is in my IG profile bio. #erincondren #lifeplanner #organization