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✨Bridgette Reed✨
My reality over the last 90 days. It's been tough...but Baby Reed is doing amazing. #thankful #pregnant #15weeks #mommytobe
Repost by @andrearhowey Love this!! Whew...
#mommytobe #14weeksPregnant #BabyReed
LUNCH: Baked slightly mashed sweet potatoe, drizzle of honey, topped with sautéed seasoned spinach and walnuts. Once the quinoa is done that will be side. Picture not that pretty but this dish is so filling and delicious! #vegetarian #cleaneating #yummy #HealthyLifestyle #healthyeating
Hesitate to jump on this band wagon...then I only last for 24 hours!! 😂😂 #RandomLifeMoments #NothingTooDeep #JustMeBeingCrazyAsUsual #periscope #laughALittle
If I had to document my process over the past 10 years, it would be me crossing out each one, one at a time, as I came into the truth of what I really needed and wanted. There was a time that I thought I needed each one of these. It was brutal, messy and but so necessary to learn the truth. Wherever
Hi Twitter!! Feels like I'm dusting off an old book.
Shared this with my Facebook family yesterday! We're pregnant! Baby Reed due February 2016! Full video announcement is in my profile bio. We're excited about this next chapter! #pregnant #mommytobe #pregnancy #2ndTrimester Photo credit: @loyalmediagroup #mothersinprotest #Pregnancyreveal #pregnancya
Watched this documentary on Netflix and it was very eye opening. About 1 and half years ago back in January of 2014, God shared with me to not only go vegetarian, but to watch what I put on and in my body. I had a condition that seemingly came out of no where. This is LONG before I learned about our
In a culture that seems to think vocational ministry is the only important calling in ministry....I'll just park this right here. Luke was a doctor, Andrew, Peter And James were fishermen, Matthew was a tax collector. How can you be great in "ministry" where you are now? Vocational ministers equip t
So here it is, what if no one has done what God has called you to do? What if the template doesn't exist? All too often, we see another persons lifestyle, we like it, feel called to that and then...feel empty later. At the end of the day, we have a common goal as believers but many times, it looks d
My new normal is unplugging. Oh how I've changed since 5 years ago. I use to be addicted to social media. It was and still is a great avenue to connect with people, but my focus and priorities are much different as God brings me into new seasons and teaches me what truly matters. Don't forget to unp
For you! Have a blessed and peaceful Saturday! Because roses make all things well! #girlygirl #pinkroses #100roses
Coconut Kale Enchiladas! My favorite vegan dish! 😍 #vegan So Good! #healthyeating
Blasting My 2015 Anthem! Love these lyrics 😎 Song: "He Knows My Name" by Francesca Battistelli #AudienceOf1 #HeKnowsMyName #NoValidationNeeded #KnowYourValueBeyondOpinions
God has a way of introducing you to the very thing that can take you to the next level. Dr. Caroline Leaf spoke at our church this past Sunday. I started to look into her work, listened to her TED talks and she is absolutely phenomenal! She's had 30 years of research about brain and truly understand
Can I say how proud I am of @emonnemarkland A few days ago she launched a movement for young women called @leaveyourbeautymark So excited about what God is doing through her and with her for young women! Join in, follow and support! It will be well worth your time. Did someone say "coffee"? 😊😘 #yo
Cheers to all you flowers out there! Bloom bright! Don't hold nothing back. #HappyMonday #Bloom #inspiration #Flowers
Feeling the goodness of God in this season. He's so faithful even when I wasn't. He never fails. His promises are yes and amen. Lord, what can I do for you today? #HeHasFeelingsToo
I just love Caprese Salad! Such an easy yummy dish! #vegetarian #salads #CapreseSalad
To all my "Goal-Getters" Love God, Love Others above all else. If you must, re-focus, re-structure so that your motive is not just about you. #GoalGetters #SuccessPrinciples #PleasingGodIsSuccessToMe
Hello July!! You bring me great joy! One of my favorite holidays, "Freedom Day" and full-blown summertime fun! 😁😁😁 #SimpleLiving #EnjoyingEveryday #summertime #Inspiration
#SimpleLiving #EnjoyingEveryday #Inspiration
Highly recommend this place in Dallas. (Off of the tollway and lovers lane) (it's in other cities as well) Spent a few hours here on Saturday and it felt like heaven! The best thing is all there products are 100% pure and vegan! Which was an added bonus for health nuts like myself. 😁😁 #ForTheWin #
Love prevails. #BestBirthday #LoveMeSomeHim #HappyWife #Thankful
He spoiling lil ole' me! #ItsMyBirthday #SurprisesAllDay #BirthdayFun
It's my born day!! Thank you Lord for a awesome year!! Feeling blessed! #ItsMyBirthday #TurnDownForWhat 😁😁😁 #HappyDay
Hello Fresh!! Excited about cooking this weeks fresh food! Cause grocery shopping ain't fun all the time. #HelloFresh #vegetarian
I have realized that one of the things I do naturally is recognize patterns in behavior. I really need to look into that cause I see so many patterns these days. The one above is "How to make a modern-day social media flyer" #ForFun #LaughALittle #ItsTrue #DoYouSeeThePattern #LoveThePhotos #ButEvery
As a former workaholic I didn't understand how to balance my life. Working fulfilled me. Until I got sick, my hair started falling out and God said your doing too much. Have a seat. I was forced to relax. When I met my husband he truly allowed me the opportunity to enjoy life, smell the roses along
Enjoy the journey lovelies!! 😘 #Gnite #repost
Got Ruby a new friend to keep her company but I can't tell if she likes it or not...😂😂 #bodyslammingherfriend #RubyReedPup
(Pic taken back in 2006) To Pastor Holland!!! @pastorslh If I can pick one person in my life that's had the most impact on me as I father, I'd chose you!!! I don't want to cry so I'll leave it at will never know the impact you made on me growing up as my spiritual father. Thank you teachi
Can't let this day go by without honoring my step-dad! He has always made me feel like his own, often times going far above what I ask or need to provide for us. For all those long lectures, lessons, family trips, and sense of normalcy in life. Most of all thank you for your consistent presence star
My father asked me to share our story. We haven't always had the best relationship. It's been a roller-coaster since day one, but what I know is my dad never stops trying. He admits his flaws, apologizes for his failures and tries again. I truly believe a daughter/son never really gives up on their
Vegetarian heaven!! One my favorite restaurants because of all the fresh ingredients! #SweetTomatoes #vegetarian #LunchWithFriends
I'm always looking for fun out of the box stuff. Lol! Literally. Date night in a box...this shall fun! #datelivery #datenight
I love my "ME" time. The best ever! #simplepleasures ☺️
😔 Lord heal our land. #PrayForCharleston
Think higher, act wisely, love harder, forgive quicker, support others, live a life of service...whatever it that. I love this quote.
Be JUICY!! #HappyMonday 😉😉 #DontWorryAboutThem
Feeling down about life? Is the spirit of heaviness hovering over you day in and day out? Do you feel sad about something and not sure how to break out of it? This is a little pep talk. Not too deep...just a girls pep talk about pressing through those days. It's normal to have them, just don't stay
#RubyReedPup and my niece Angel playing. Ruby is 4 months, my niece is 3 years old...and they are right around the same age. They had so much fun playing together. Ruby was so glad to have a little person to play with. She wasn't too rough and played nice with her. #familyfun
It's is entirely possible to know Christ in your mind and not in your heart. It's entirely possible to do "Godly" things but not have salvation. Listening to today's sermon I'm reminded that the end days are NOW! Jesus is coming back REALLLL soon. All the signs are pointing to it. Are you ready? If
Transparent Moment: I use to think in order for God to love me, I had to do something or BE something. I was extremely performance-driven. Until I came into the revelation that Gods love and grace is not based on performance and what I do. It's based on my position as a daughter which has never cha
This happens every morning. I guess it's her way of saying G'morning! Lol! #RubyReedPup
One of the worst tragedies is a person that has changed who they are to be like another person, whom they are not. Everyone does things differently. The talk different, dress different, worship different. That uniqueness should be celebrated, not looked down upon. If you're unique, dress
All for him!! Ready to celebrate my love! 😘😘 have a blessed day y'all! #marriage #newlyweds
Happy birthday to my one and only! Whew!! This man still makes me have butterflies. I pray I never lose that feeling! He's means more to me than I can express. He doesn't have an IG page because he is rarely on social media and hates being the center of attention. He's the most giving and humble per

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