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✨Bridgette Reed✨
Finally!! We searched everywhere for the perfect harvest table for our dining room for the PRICE we wanted. Heard about this company in Carrollton that makes them for great prices. Just dropped it off and it's perfect! If your looking for a harvest table contact BSI Woodcraft on Facebook. Easy to wo
In honor of my 6 months, I made two of my favorite vegan dishes! Mango- Avocado Zuchinni Pasta and my all time favorite Raw Kale Salad with Quinoa! So delicious! Open wide Baby Reed! Low fat, no sodium, all organic, made from scratch delicious food!! Yum! #HealthyEating #Vegan #Vegetarian #cleaneati
Just me and my love a few weeks ago after attending our first time expectant parent class at church. We're learning so much! @gatewaypeople offers so much to families, marriages, new moms, etc. Overwhelmed by all the love and support our church family has given us during this new season. From surpr
This came in the mail! While I would love to try one of these wraps to tighten, tone and firm..I'm going to have to wait until Baby Reed makes her debut in February! In the meantime I have 4 body wraps and 4 defining gels (made with all natural products)...if anyone wants to try them I'm dying to se
#TruthInMotion #TrueStory #HappyMonday
Rise and shine lovelies! Love always...if there is hate or bitterness in your hearts seek Christ with all you have! If you can't pray for yourself, get prayer, stay around healthy uplifting people and watch what you allow to go into your spirit. (Music, TV, books, etc) Let your light shine in the wo
👆🏾 #health #fitness #beauty #wellness #skincare #exfoliator #naturalproducts
Can't express how proud I am if this one! She's doing great things for Gods kingdom and all with a humble and pure heart. A rare find in today's world that loves and supports genuinely! Keep an eye out for her newest project with @lifewaygirls coming January 2016!!! Whooo!! So excited for her! Follo
A woman sat down next to me about 7 months ago. She said, you've been holding back on something God told you to do. She told me so much about the thing I knew only God has said to me. I knew exactly what she was talking about. He gave me a new vision, a change in ministry direction. I was uncomforta
A few nuggets from the class we took this past weekend. #truth #IDSeminar
😂😂It's real out here. Locked myself out of the house two times 😏, forgot to text, email and call people on important occasions, put food in odd places and can't seem to remember much these days. If I don't write it down I probably won't remember....asking for a TON of grace. Thankful for understa
Write down the lies you are believing, write down the issues your facing in your life and then go to Gods word. What does His word say about those thoughts? Stand on His word and watch victory happen in your life!! #TRUTH #ChristianLiving #dlwb #TodaysMessage
Don't ever doubt yourselves SPARTANS! We do great things!! #VICTORY4MSU #michiganstatealumni
Spartans do great things. #GoGreen #michiganstatealumni #Spartans
Not many things I would wake up at 7am on a Saturday for....but worth the day and a half invested! Don't stop investing into your learning/future. Provided such clarity for us as we move forward. whatever you can to DISCOVER you through Christ. Seek out books, seminars with Chr
Wanted to do this a long time ago...but that's explained in the video. At any rate, just some vlogging on my preggo journey for other first time moms and a prayer for those expecting, wanting or just had children. Enjoy! Link in Instagram profile bio. ☺️ #pregnancy #preggo #mommytobe #vlog #vlogger
Each day is a new opportunity to become better, but don't forget to love yourself. You truly are amazing, your gifts are unique, you don't have to listen to the advice of everyone. Just find peace in God, have a smoothie and enjoy the moment. When your ready....make it happen. No rush. ☺️☺️ #BeAtPea
Just a little Thursday encouragement to those that feel bound by their past mistakes. God knows the end from the beginning and He loves us the same. His forgiveness, restoration and redemption allows us to shed the past and live as NEW. I've made MANY mistakes in my past and I'm so humbled that God
Embracing my growing baby. #pregnancy #pregnant #mommytobe #mothersinprotest #mommy2be #BabyReed2016 #DLWB #22weeks #BabyBump
As I embark upon my own journey of becoming a mom, I think about the Angel God gave me to love, provide, guide and lead me as I grew. She's been the most influential person that has had the greatest impact on my life. She introduce me to Christ and encouraged me ALL my life to follow God. I can't e
My love in his seeing God use his gifts to worship Him! focus Bridgette!! Lol! Back to worship. Beautiful night of worship at @gatewaypeople #HubbyOnDrums #ProudWife #worship #drummer #FamilyLifeNight
✨✨✨#HappyMonday #FavoriteMug
We just wanted to join in on the fun! #genderrevealparty #genderreveal #familyfun #ITSaGirl
The votes were in...some of the family casting their vote. Mustaches or Pink Lips? #genderreveal #genderrevealparty #familyfun
This cake was delicious from Delicious Cakes in Addison, TX! (Just in case anyone wanted to know) Yum! #genderreveal #genderrevealcake #genderrevealparty #ITSaGirl
The word is out!! It's a girl!!! Baby Reed is a SHE!! Yay!! Coming February 2016!! #mommytobe #genderreveal #familyfun #pregnancy
Highly recommend this book for anyone wanting children, currently #pregnant or already have small children! Beautiful prayers and scriptures. We actually used this before conceiving as well. #mommytobe #pregnancy
My new addiction! A friend gave me these a few weeks ago and I usually don't eat a lot of cookies but these are delicious and healthy! Yum yum! #simplepleasures #healthychoices
One of my favs. This season has given me a deeper longing for God as He teaches me how to trust Him more. He is teaching me what it means to truly fall in love with Him again. Love doesn't have to be motivated, it is inspired. It doesn't rely on a obligation or item on your to do list, it's the firs
Love this! Sometimes we judge a situation based on the now, but God has a master plan! Patience my love! When I think back, it all works out. The timing was perfect and His plans were perfect. I just didn't see it. You must believe God has your best interest in mind, just do your part and surrender
Out of 7 billion people no one has the same top 6-7 gifts. The truth is you are one of a kind. The key is embracing how He has created YOU! Requires you to stop looking at others and really seek God about you! #DiscoverYou #ThroughHim (Get the book StrengthFinders 2.0 to learn more)
GM world! I've been having a blast in here kicking mommy. She's just now realizing that's me and not!! So I've started kicking harder. I think she gets it now. See y'all soon! ✌🏽 - signed, Baby Reed #preggo #pregnancy #mommytobe #mommyandme #babykicks #firsttimemom
Ruby caught on video. #ShesEmbarrassed lol! #Puppy #Doglover #rubyreedpup
Just felt like someone needed to know this. You're an important piece to a large picture. #inspiration #BeBlessed
Every morning she loves to terrorize the house as she finds any and everything to eat. Then she makes mommy and daddy chase her down. At least we get our exercise in for the day. Lol! #rubyreedpup #puppylover #doglover #puppy #dogsofIG
I'd rather be refined...than useless. Thank you Lord! #DiscoverYou #ThroughHim #TrueStory
Thank you @cornerbakery for being so good to me!! Yum!! #StrawberryCrispSalad #healthyeating
Happy 20 weeks Baby Reed! Gender reveal coming soon!!! Boy💙 or Girl 💝? #mommytobe #preggo #pregnant #Excited
Yay! It's here! I haven't upgraded in 2 years! It's crazy because before I met my husband I had all types of phones. He's a devoted Apple loyal customer and wouldn't have me with anything! I can't switch because to me nothing compares to the quality. No cellphone argument here
"You can have this world, just give me Jesus." #TotallySoldOut
My soul says yes!! #FULLYSURRENDERED
This 2015 has been such a year of discovery. I disconnected naturally from the www not knowing it was motivated by God, to establish a deeper connection with Christ. At first, it was great, then it became hard as I wondered "what's next God". Taking my eyes off my surroundings gave me a focus and c
Woke up today with "Johnathans" on our mind. (Belgian Waffles for me, Chicken & Waffles for him) Now on to support The Sarcoidosis Foundation. Out of all the gigs my husband does during the year (a lot of them), this one is my favorite. Love that this organization is fighting for a cure. Definitely
I must admit. I've always struggled with drinking enough water. Then came! Baby Reed demands I drink it, on a whole new level. Like a lot of it!! I tried to compromise with him/her but I lost that battle. is what I have resulted in trying my best to drink more water than t

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