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Misha Collins
actor supernatural comedy 1,544,979 followers
I feel partly responsible for this tragedy... RT @TheOrlandoJones: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! #WhyGodWhy…
Do i really look this crazy? Be honest with me...…
other questions 4 item list: @WilliamShatner, do u like extremely spicy food & is your balance ok at high altitude?
glad you've got the night vision, @WilliamShatner, and good question re: species of fish. I can either use a Pufferfish or Stargazer fish.
@mishacollins can I have a night scope and you in the crosshairs? What kind of fish?
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Actually, the reporter took that quote out of context. what i actually said was, "@WilliamShatner wears a big wig." sorry for the confusion.
Hey, @WilliamShatner, i'm working on the GISHWHES item list & i need to know if you can see well at night & whether you're allergic to fish?
if you're like me and you've always wanted to beat @WilliamShatner at something, now's your chance:…
Do it now. i don't want to hear whining for the next 12 months about bitter regrets & how "life is passing you by."
BTW, u have a couple more days to join &/or convince your therapists/pastors/parents/parole officers to join with u.
For the Seattle Guinness event, sign up at & i'll email you when & where to meet. (Hopefully the cops won't stop us.)
Haven't you always wanted to have a guinness world record under your belt? On August 3rd, come meet me in Seattle and we'll break 2 more.
Anyone out there live anywhere near Seattle and want to help me break some Guinness World Records next weekend?
RT @MarissaRae9623: "Damn Misha.. I have no clue what's going on. (I missed an hour of it)" I have no idea what's going on & I was in it.
Apparently Stonehenge Apocalypse is on the SyFy channel right now. If u haven't seen this educational documentary, u owe it to yourself.
This kind of writing belongs in Penthouse Forum, not on an innocent-looking blog page:
.@MissJeanLouis taking minutes at a 2014 strategy meeting from our spy-proof mobile office.
I have meticulously designed a stressful, insomnia-inducing experience, but to each his own...…
& finally, congrats @jarpad! Happy Birthday, bud! (& don't worry, those little hairs u were telling me about, that's puberty & it's normal!)
Also congrats to whomever found the Boston one. I know you exist, because I saw a picture.
And nice work, @krisjkruger, (who incidentally looks like a badass) for finding the LA script.
Nice hunting, Michelle @astro_spn! She found the script I hid in vancouver.
What's taking so long!? If anyone EVER FINALLY finds a script email your twit handle & a photo of you holding the scrip to