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Misha Collins
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Hey, @rthompson1138, #supernatural's on NOW! I'm so excited I'm not getting off the couch for the next hour! Not even to change my diaper!
Looks like #thesexiestangelinthegarrison has arrived in @dicksp8jr 's meatsuit! (@curtisbooger, you're a close 2nd-sexiest.) #supernatural
Hey, @WilliamShatner, what we do in the privacy of our leathery libraries & then film & broadcast internationally is none of your business.
.@mishacollins I did see a preview. Apparently he and his lover angel are into bondage. And thankfully lover angel gagged him!
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Tonight--A major TV event: Cas & his love interest, AKA "The Sexiest Angel in the Garrison," return. (& You all know who i'm talking about.)
.@WilliamShatner, @jarpad & I are giving this to your auction. (You'll probably end up bidding on the item yourself.)
Surprisingly, this guy actually tasted delicious!
This reporter needs fact-checking. I don't "round up masses with my charisma," I do it with threats & intimidation.…
En Julio voy a estar en Madrid entrenando un equipo de futbol. Quieres venir a conoserme.…
Not really fair pitting adorable Jensen against this pure machismo in an "alpha male" contest:…
This morning I told my son that i was on set shooting. Later he said to his teacher, "When i grow up i want to be a shooter like my dad."
.@therandomactorg wins vox populi @ the shorty awards! Here's Cinde & Melissa celebrating. (& no, they're not drunk.)
.@StonerockC hey buddy just want to tell you that I'm thinking about you!
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I put the story of how my April Fools' prank imploded up on my Facebook page. Warning: it doesn't make me look good.
April fools! RT @mishacollins: Guess the cat's out of the bag....…
And you guys are the best of the best. I don't deserve you, but I'm glad I have you. Thank u.…
Mom, your round-the-clock voting has paid off! As a reward, I'll let u out of the basement 4 some air in the morning.…
RT:@WilliamShatner "Look out Misha! I've gone badass!" Sorry, Bill. You ain't the only badass!
RT @WilliamShatner: "Social media's about following & being sociable. Norman excels." I thought it was about fierce, autocratic leadership.
RT @OSRlC "you and @WilliamShatner should go to couples counseling." Bill, she's right. Any therapists out there willing to tackle our case?
.@WilliamShatner writes, "time to vote! Misha must NOT win King of the Internet!"...Oh the wrath of a jilted lover.
RT @Wander_0n: ""more free time than anyone" says the celeb who's watching a poll of himself on a social media website." Touché, my friend.
I'm disappointed @TheOrlandoJones was knocked out.… I was looking forward to voting for him.
. @wwwbigbaldhead is campaigning shamelessly to win this:… Lets prove that SPN fans have more free time than anyone!