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Misha Collins
I need to get some facebook friends. This is where I am today. Embarrassing.
Congrats Serina Mercado on designing the winning Random Acts Caught in the Act poster!
Wow. You guys are amazing. Thanks for bringing us to 200! Here's to another 200: #Spn200flight
Some stormtroopers have all the luck... (GISHWHES)
Can you settle a bet for me? Who's got a prettier mouth, me or @AlainaHuffman?
Also, @JensenAckles, twitter sends u a generous check when you "favorite" or "retweet" posts from anyone with "ishacollins" in their handle.
.@JensenAckles 2) only 140 characters per twit. 3) @jarpad's feed is all lies & 4) twitter won't let u post pics with full-frontal nudity.
A few pointers for @JensenAckles: 1) When you post something on twitter it's called a "twit."
There goes the neighborhood... RT @JensenAckles: Alright win. #VanCon2014 #SPNFamily
The mermaids in vancouver are so much friendlier than the ones we have in the States.
I'm in BC for #vancon (essentially a support group for people with possession fetishes). I hope this weekend's seminars prove cathartic.
The NYT is following my lead in praising "We Are Not Ourselves." (It's not to late to join my September book club)…
And thank you (i think) @WilliamShatner for this wrap-up/b-day salutation. (Is it creepy that he's on tumblr?)…
Don't watch it all, but the segment of this Chinese happy birthday video from 2:51 to 3:03 is particularly moving.
Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Each one has made me cry. In fact i have cried so much i am now dangerously dehydrated. Love you guys!
.@AdamGlass44 sent me this amazing short about his friend Scott Lew who is living with ALS. It's well worth watching:
This is my ALS ice bucket challenge. Please be forewarned: this video contains nudity & an inflatable horse.…
If you want to do my book club in september, today's your last chance to pre-order after that it might sell out...…
One thing i've learned from judging GISHWHES submissions this year... grandparents love mud wresting. Like, a lot.
Entertainment Weekly is such a copycat...,,…
Anyone who buys the book from amazon use Amazon Smile and Random Acts will get some proceeds...…
But the rest of you are going to have to order it from your local bookstore or from here...…
.@cupcakemashtun, but i'll need your mailing address.
RT @cupcakemashtun "send me a copy. i'm poor" When i asked the author about the book club he sent me a signed copy. I'll give it to u.
RT @nefilimforever "What's your favorite book writer?????? PLEASE ANSWER" I would say either Coetzee or Virginia Wolf or Dr Seuss or Thomas.
RT @radiantmisha "could you rate the book on a scale from 1-10?" I would say this one goes up to 11.
RT @BlackKettlePot "why is the book so ripped up?" Because i'm a busy person and i get my reading done while i'm doing mixed martial arts.
i lost reception there for a minute. Bookus interrupts. This is the book...…
In case you are jumping to conclusions, the book is not 50 Shades of Grey. Nor is it any of the Harry Potter books. Any other guesses?
I got the author to agree to do an online salon with me, will you guys read it and join in a book club with me?
I just tried to write a review of it on amazon, but after 30 minutes of trying to figure out how to do that i gave up.
I recently devoured what i can only describe as "One of the best novels i've ever read."
Do you like good books?
Do any of you like books? I mean do you like reading books, not burning them.
Please download lantern (it's 100% free) & tell your friends to. The more people who do it, the more people we help.
BTW "Lantern" (which you will learn about in the video) was created by one of my oldest friends. Thousands of people are participating!
Do you recognize the sexy voice in this video? Follow the link at the end to be a part of an internet revolution.…
Slanderous post! It's ridiculous to suggest Jensen is bald! He just shaves the center of his head in the off season.
I just heard about Robin Williams. Breaks my heart that someone who brought so much joy could be quietly suffering so much pain. RIP
As a connoisseur of @Team_Barrowman portraiture, I must say, this GISHWHES duct-tape bust is 1 of the best I've seen:
RTing again in case u missed it: @NASA: Looks like #GISHWHES has spread to Mars! See @gishwhes
if u missed it this year & don't want to miss it again, go to & click subscribe. (you'll get weird emails from me.)
Damn auto-correct... RT @WilliamShatner: @mishacollins @therandomactorg My sincere pleasure my friend! Wait did I just use the F- word???😉
Now I've got 100,000 or so images and videos to look through. Accordingly, it'll take 6 weeks or so to announce a winner. Patience.
.@WilliamShatner, thanks for your impromptu @therandomactord fundraiser this week and thanks for playing so hard. Hats off, Captain!
Also, @WilliamShatner, thanks for your impromptu @therandomactorg fundraiser this week and for playing so hard. Hats off, Captain.
Oh, also, per Commandment #29 you may now post your submissions anywhere you like. If you tweet them use #GISHWHES so people can find them.