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Misha Collins
Congratulations, Team Impala, there should be a monument erected in your honor.
By unanimous decision: Congratulations Team Impala! You’re joining Misha in Croatia for an adventure of a lifetime! #GISHWHES
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The mutant running the feed asked for the privilege of announcing the GISHWHES winner. I acquiesced, so the news will come from @gishwhes.
shwop closes tomorrow. GISHWHES winners (the people who will be stuck with me on a pirate ship in Croatia) will be announced later today.
If you need a creative way to dispose of your extra sanitary napkins, we offer solutions:
Or if you're into home cooking (or serial-killing) you could get one of these:
Paparazzi caught me wearing this at the DMV. If you want a T too, the shwop closes tomorrow.
Post your questions for Matt Thomas about We Are Not Ourselves on my twitter feed with hashtag #WANO. Watch the live stream on my FB page.
RT @WilliamShatner: "I heard Cupcake is in LA... Maybe I should stop by?" I'll save you a seat in the front, Bill.
.@alexx_aguilar yes! It's set up so we can take photos with u guys. (i'm not sure it's set up for bean dip, though.)
What are you guys brining to the Barnes & Noble in LA tomorrow? I've got the bean dip & pickled herring covered. Anything else we need?
If you can't be there live at the Barnes & Noble in the Grove in LA, the streaming interface will work best here:…
Streaming this Sunday at 2pm PST from…. Post questions with the hashtag #WANO.
увидимся в Москве на следующей неделе! привести свой лучший сельскохозяйственные животные.
If you haven't read the book you can get copies at the event. It will also be streamed live on my FB page if you can't be there in person.
RT @BNEvents_Grove Misha Collins will be @TheGroveLA w #matthewthomas on 9/28 at 2pm. come join us at the bookstore!
It seems like the people driving by have never seen a man on a toilet before. #GiveMeALittlePricacyPlease!
This crazy super-fan snuck onto the set today. Security needs beefing up around here. Right, @dicksp8jr?
We now have a showcase for Acts of Kindness stories! Nice work, RA staff and magic elves...
BTW, in answer to questions: Yes. You can get any image you want signed here, it doesn't have to be GISHWHES-related:…
People say that GISHWHES is "silly" or "weird" but we also make a difference by caring for the sick @gishwhes
Thanks for all the love today. I love you back. I love you long time.
People at #dallascon keep staring at (or near) my crotch! #imnotapieceofmeat!
#BadFriend! I almost forgot your b-day! (Technically it's the anniversary of u taking human form.) #HappyBirthdayCas!
We'll also be streaming the event on the webernet so you can ask your questions online. U still have time to read it!…
10 days till Our book club Q&A event! If you're there in person, Matt will sign & I'll take photos w/you.
Good morning sunshines.
Also, for those who missed the the TSA shorts directed by me and starring me, @DanneelHarris and @colinferg go here:…
If you're looking for the SPN behind-the-scenes doc it's on the season 9 DVD. Also on the DVD, me & @AdamGlass44's stimulating "commentary."
For those joining @CreationEnt's #Dallascon this weekend who want to offset the debauchery with some good...…
My sweet SPN, happy anniversary, honey. (You're still as pretty as the day we met.) #9yearsofSPN
I'm breaking into the fitness training market:…
RT @davelavery: Hanging out at #ATHLETE lab at @NASAJPL, trying really hard to not get eaten by giant robot spider
We've got good, wholesome fun coming your way. A little torture, some strippers, karaoke... you know, family stuff.…
Я буду здесь . Скоро увидимся .
The lovely and talented @DanneelHarris gets probed by airport security:
In this short, instructional TSA video, I appear in uniform performing a very, very thorough private pat-down...…
A fan won a contest to film a behind-the-scenes doc of #Supernatural with us! (it's on the season 9 DVD too!)
This guy on my plane keeps spitting at the flight attendants & calling them "bloody imbeciles." @Mark_Sheppard
if anyone's going to @CreationEnt's #NJCON this weekend, we could use some help with this:…
Thanks everyone who contributed to RA for my birthday! I didn't even know this was happening until after the fact!
Not only does the GISHWHES shwop have kick-ass merch, it also houses the only photo on the net of me in a speedo.
Shwag Shwop is open! Sadly, you won't find these women there because they claim they were, "not for sale."
In the meantime if you want to post questions for the author use #WANO and include an exuberant photo of yourself with the book (or ebook).