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Misha Collins
RT @RADirector: "If you are at marker at 89 where did you start?" We started at mile marker 87.
I'm sorry, I got that wrong. We're in Canada. We've gone 89 kilometers, not miles.…
Hey @RADirector, you've gone 8 miles?good for you! @OsricChau and I are at mile 89.
Look how hard @OsricChau works. His rippling muscles, pretty hair... Support Master Chau!…
Look how hard @OsricChau works. His rippling muscles, his pretty hair... Support Master Chau!…
And regarding my previous tweet, by "Moyer" I, of course mean, "mother." Ps, I'm still wearing my suit from the 200 ep party last night.
My Moyer is doing e4k too. She's doing a jam-a-thon.
200th episode party. Believe it or not, what we are standing behind is a car-shaped chocolate cake.
Also, Double your impact: GISHWHES will match any donations for the next hour! Thank you guys. We appreciate you.…
Guys! @OsricChau & I are kayaking to raise $ for Random Acts tomorrow. Please donate we need your help!…
Any of you have any other relevant facts for us in the category of #SPNep200stats? Avid watchers? SPN Crew? What have you got?
Also, in shooting 200 eps, @jarpad & @JensenAckles have released about 4800 liters of fart gas into the cabin of the impala. #SPNep200stats.
That's almost 20,000 hours of shooting. And over 200 episodes we have used about 1500 liters of fake blood. #SPNep200stats
Tonight is the 200th episode party for Supernatural's cast and crew. 200 episodes is about 1600 days of shooting. #SPNep200stats
Just for the record, the suit I wear is not "cheap." Production spent over one hundred dollars on it.
So what's this Constantine show about? Guy in a cheap suit & a trench coat with powers...sounds a bit familiar from somewhere...
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when we go kayaking on Sunday @osric_chau will be dressed as a sailor. Any wardrobe ideas for me?…
Thank you! It means a lot. Here are some of the acts that Random Acts has funded and supported recently...
For the "yes"folks, me @OsricChau & @RADirector, are dressing as lunatics & kayaking this Sunday! Please support:…
Okay, not to be punitive, but those who said "no" or "maybe" i am going to have to take your names off my holiday shopping list...
Guys, will you help me with something? These are my pleading eyes...
I agree with their assessment of boy #9. He's already a lousy Roomate. He steals the overs & destroys the kitchen.…
Apparently the city of Toronto (or John Ford, perhaps?) is a big fan of the show!
I know it's not typically cool to take pictures of guys at the urinal, but this guy just kept staring at us...
This photo is from a rehearsal of my upcoming film, "Lost Puppy." It's a hopeful moment when I think I see my owner.
BTW, if you're coming to the Cult of #TorCon, please help RA help Toronto's Homeless celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving…
I think ours is really more of a Cult of Personality with the "personality" in question being @RobBenedict's. That man is like a God to me!
I'm so excited! I'm on my way to @CreationEnt's #TorCon! (For the uninitiated, TorCon is where our cult convenes for ritual sacrifices.)
#SPNFamily, crew member, Peter Hunter's daughter was born 2lbs. He's raising $ for the hospital that saved her...
Is it just me or is #Deanmon a lot like the real-life @JensenAckles? #Supernatural
.@Mark_Sheppard, if i tell you your beard makes you look even more dignified and handsome than usual, would that make me your "best friend?
West coast. Let's get this party started... #Supernatural
Okay Twitter...trend this, sucka! #Supernatural Lets get it on! Season 10. Hell yeah!
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RT @WilliamShatner: Help @jarpad and @JensenAckles trend #Supernatural between now and Midnight! Post tweets with the hashtag #Supernatural
Can u help me, @jarpad, @JensenAckles & the whole crew with a little project? Let's get #Supernatural trending nonstop from 6PM to 12AM EST!
Or, if you own a DVR you might record Dance Moms & watch the series premiere of #TheFlash @ 8 & the season 10 premiere of #Supernatural @ 9.
At last! Tonight at 9PM we make TV history! The Internet is on fire with excitement for tonight's season finale of "Dance Moms" on Lifetime!
To warm-up for tomorrow's season 10 premiere, tonight at 9 on the CW, a special 9-year retrospective. Don't miss the foreplay. #Supernatural
Спасибо, Россия ! Давайте сделаем это в ближайшее время! @comicconrussia
Sorry, I forgot to follow a couple of somewhat important characters from SPN yesterday. @jarpad and @JensenAckles... #SupernaturalSeason10!
Dear @KremlinRussia I have sent you a gift called @mishacollins please keep him. #wedontwanthimback Love Bill, Jared and Jensen 😉
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did i miss anyone?
It's "Follow Friday!" To celebrate the SEASON 10 premiere on Tuesday, i'm going to follow the biggest fans & the best of the cast & crew.
RT @WilliamShatner: ".@mishacollins Ahem! Ever see a cupcake cry?"... Best photoshop of a weeping cupcake in the next 60 minutes wins. Go!