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Misha Collins
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This paparazzi just showed up on set and started taking pictures. I'm having him removed by security. @TheJimMichaels
We'll screen @TSAAmerica online on May 3rd. Details to follow. FYI, Some people try to take advantage of the TSA:…
If you're on the fence: 1) I promise you'll learn a lot. & 2) You'll get to see @DanneelHarris get the patdown of a lifetime. @TSAAmerica
I directed @TSAAmerica & I portray a particularly thorough & devoted TSA Officer. Would anyone be coming to watch these shorts with me?
My spouse & i co-wrote a series of short films called TSA America to educate the public about the benefits of enhanced passenger screenings.
Here's the…. A tip for winning auctions: When you bid, pretend you are a billionaire for whom $ has no meaning.
RT @WilliamShatner: #GISHWHES & #Supernatural fans 100% of the monies from the SPN & GISHWHES auctions go directly back to @therandomactorg
Tomorrow is Earth Day! To cut my use of fossil fuels I modified my car to run on a blend of whale & seal oil. What are u doing 4 the planet?
Thanks @WilliamShatner for the generous donation to @therandomactorg! You da best. Sincerely, What's-His-Name.
Honored to be a charity recipient of @WilliamShatner’s Hollywood Charity Horse Show! But who is “what’s-his-name?!”
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while we're on the topic, @jarpad, you have nothing to be ashamed of. I ship Diestel too...
Spelling errors aside, @jarpad, I'm curious, are u at the post office? is that a photo of something you're shipping?
RT @TSAAmerica: "Traveling with your #paintball gun? Read our packing tips:…" Good to know, I always forget this rule.
From now on, i'll be reminding my wife & children that the NYT said i'm "a very smart man who should be listened to."…
Congrats to Gina L. who won our mail-in contest to come shoot a behind-the-scenes day at #supernatural. She'll be here tuesday!
.@WilliamShatner says we have a "friendship" here. I thought it was more of a master/slave dynamic, but I'll take it.…
My daughter is 1&1/2. She only says three words clearly: "mama," "dadda," & "Россия." (She's also anti-war.)
Hey, @rthompson1138, #supernatural's on NOW! I'm so excited I'm not getting off the couch for the next hour! Not even to change my diaper!
Looks like #thesexiestangelinthegarrison has arrived in @dicksp8jr 's meatsuit! (@curtisbooger, you're a close 2nd-sexiest.) #supernatural
Hey, @WilliamShatner, what we do in the privacy of our leathery libraries & then film & broadcast internationally is none of your business.
.@mishacollins I did see a preview. Apparently he and his lover angel are into bondage. And thankfully lover angel gagged him!
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Tonight--A major TV event: Cas & his love interest, AKA "The Sexiest Angel in the Garrison," return. (& You all know who i'm talking about.)
.@WilliamShatner, @jarpad & I are giving this to your auction. (You'll probably end up bidding on the item yourself.)
Surprisingly, this guy actually tasted delicious!