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First game on NHL 15 demo, Doc said "Waffleboarded" so it gets a 10/10 from me
NHL 15 demo is out. Yesssss please
"Gaming is a waste of time" Amazon buys Twitch for almost $1 billion. Congrats to everyone that works over there and full time streamers
I started my day off with my washing machine leaking. Anyone wanna come over for a swim in my front entry?
Stream: "There is one more Ghosts event in October" Every pro: "Ughhhhh"
My dude @Sharp_tK challenged me to the ice bucket challenge. Will do it sometime next week.
Ban @Goooonjar_tK . Running around with no ammo, still killing people. That domination was insane.
The Vikings are 3-0 in preseason. We're obviously winning the superbowl
I know MLG math. When the schedule says 7PM, I know that means 7PM a week from now.
My favorite part about watching Call of Duty tournaments is the 6 hours between matches.
Anyone from Minnesota hitting up the state fair the next couple weeks? Might do a fun casual fan meet up sometime before it's over
Cops put 9 rounds into this guy for no reason. Could have used mace or tazed him *Graphic* *NSFW* *NSFA*
I liked a @YouTube video from @ScufGaming CEO @ScufGaming & Staff - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Look at these cowards.… If Obama would grow some balls, we could obliterate them in like 3 seconds.
Feel like doing a Q&A today. Tweet me your questions.
Feel bad for Whiteboy. Alex is one of the nicer guys you'll meet. Felony marijuana charges cuz of a swatting prank. Such BS
Ferguson livestream. Just heard someone yell "You're gonna see some shit you've never seen in your life"…
TEDDY! Just marched the Vikings down the field in the final minute. Lets go!
.@ItsJESUSorHELL I'll just crack a beer and turn the AC on.
Well this Louisville Purge just took a turn for the worst. Someone is fucking a cat.
I just saw a mini van with spinners on it. That's enough outside for me today.
Look at this fuckin all star, wasted on the beach. Doing the offseason right…
So that Yoshi kid who pretended to have cancer has a court date for using stolen credit cards? round of applause ya dumb fuck.
.@BizNasty2point0 went next level with the ice bucket challenge…
Anyone else seen this "ice bucket challenge" going viral among NHL players?
Even those who seem the happiest can be struggling with depression. If you are, there are trained professionals that want to help. Get it
Robin Williams nooooooo :(
Whoever was filtering tweets let this one slip LOLLLLLL
You're gonna need a @ScufGaming controller if you want to have T1 bob and weave skills in this game. "BURNS" code gets you a discount
My bob and weave skills are going to be T1 in this game with the new movements.
Twitter meltdown incoming after this AW multiplayer reveal
That new @elgatogaming card is so sexy
I liked a @YouTube video Elgato Game Capture HD60 Trailer
People rioting in Missouri. I will never understand this mindset. "We disagree with something LETS DESTROY OUR CITY YEAHHHHH!"
.@SportsCenter Did you finally shoot your load on Manziel? You are 2 hours late to this story.
If this Tony Stewart Nascar story is true.....what....the....fuck is wrong with him? This is him right now
This cab driver took the short cut to avoid rush hour traffic without me having to ask. God bless him.
Sun Country Airlines doesnt have wifi or in flight entertainment -_-
This room service burger better have been made by God himself for $19
The medical issue took place with the grounds crew but apparently they have to change pilots and flight attendents. That makes 0 sense
2 hour delay. That's just great
Some lady yelled at me for taking a picture but fuck her