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Not sure if most beautiful hockey player ever or homeless person
In case you forgot who the best goalie in the NHL is. 3 shutouts in 4 games this season with a 98% save percentage
Just beat some guy in FIFA UT with a starter pack and 40 chemistry 4-2. He had this. GG
Turned the World Series. Blue everywhere Royal fans, then guy in 1st row behind the plate in bright orange Marlins gear. You lost bruh?
Spurs Career #2- Balotelli the God
FIFA 15 Career Mode: Spurs vs West Ham- Who Sucks More?
This gif is terrifying. Jason Zucker pretty much escapes death. This could have ended poorly…
So NHL 15 spent all day hyping a "huge announcement" and it ended up being 4 ultimate team cards. What a joke.
NHL wasted no time slapping that indefinite suspension on Voynov for domestic violence arrest. Good job Bettman.
Vikings choke at the last second and the Wild lose after outshooting the Kings 41-16. This is Minnesota sports. Nothing to see here.
Must have a face of steel. Doesn't even bleed on this.
Congrats to @dkuemps35 . Set the franchise record for a shutout streak. 8 periods this season, no goals allowed
Oilers gave up 7 goals tonight. They are 0-3-1 and have given up 5, 5, 6, 7 goals in those games. And that kids, is why defense is important
Jeff Carter is wide open short handed but lets not pay attention to him. Toffoli the puck carrier scores anyway
Watching the Oilers play defense never gets old.
Solid victory for Carolina tonight as they fall in the shootout to Buffalo and move one step closer to franchise changer Connor McDavid
Nobody wants to win this Sabers/Hurricanes game in the shootout. It's the Connor McDavid Cup!
Brayden Holtby should retire. How are you gonna allow John fucking Scott to wrist one into the top corner?
Poor Panthers. Shitty team, awful market and an arena in the suburbs = this.
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving. Here is an NHL 15 code for Xbox One PGGDJ-DMPDD-GTVM9-MTRV2-PFDCZ
The home opener crowd in Florida. Give a Seattle a team already please
Who invited Niemi to Darcy's party?
Patrick Roy just tried to send goons out with 4 seconds left and the ref told him no LOL. Thanks for the 4 points.
This is the elbow headshot gif
Avalanche went head hunting like they said they would. See ya later Eric Johnson. 5 minutes and a game. Roy should be fined and suspended
The most unprofessional article i've ever read. We're putting bounty's on players now? @markkiszla…
Roy once asked to be traded when coach left him in after a bad night but he has Varly still in down 5-0. Ironic
Alright this is just an old fashion beat down now. #mnwild
Up 3-0 and out shooting them 28-7. Avs getting slapped around
Sorry Avalanche. It's boys against men right now. Can't play with us
Hey Avalanche fans. This is my throw back Thursday…
Wow NHL gamecenter stepped up their game. I can watch the ref cam!
Had a ton of fun taking Leeds United to the premier league in FIFA but my board wants me to qualify for Europe. wtf is that? inb4 fired.
NHL starts tomorrow. Tweet me a pic of yourself at a game and I might send you an NHL 15 code.
Almost sacrificed my first xbox one controller today in FIFA. Chelsea play like bitches. running to corner flag the entire second half
NHL might not start till Wednesday but you can play NHL 15 right now. Here is a code for Xbox One: 2DD69-YDM73-VWCKP-6XG?F-4XTKZ ?= letter
The NHL season starts this week. Yep, this is me.
I'm sorry but baseball is far and away the most boring to watch and you're telling me a game is in the 18th inning? Sounds like torture
Twitter contest. Tweet me a selfie of you wearing your favorite NHL teams gear. My favorite gets a NHL 15 code for Xbox One
I forgot it was early and people are still in school. We'll do more codes later. I have like 13 left or something.
Oh you didn't beat the super fast copy paste guy? Here is another NHL 15 Xbox One Code. 6?JW9-DQHTY-FJV6V-?27H6-HTC6Z number and a letter
Happy Friday. NHL 15 Xbox One Code: TM267-67J4F-M9RCK-6FFQ2-DY7JZ
Vikings need to cut this asshole right now. Make him walk home
Ponder is so bad...
Vikings fans before the game: "Ponder is going to go off tonight!" After the 1st quarter: "Or not"