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Vikings Superbowl season starts today :)
Big 10 Network is such shit. No gopher game on and last year they let a tennis commentator call a hockey game.
Hey @BigTenNetwork why the fuck you showing the Northwestern game? Im tryin to watch the Gophers. I don't live in Illinois.
NHL 15 Ultimate Team. My favorite part is "pretty reasonable" LOL wut?
.@EASPORTSNHL better be patching in features they left out right at launch for NHL 15 or there are going to be many angry people.
Used up my 6 hours in NHL 15. Your defense teammate AI is borderline retarded in this game. Computer just slaps wide open shots all day.
I love when cod e-sports nonsense is on twitter. I'm sorry but I find it funny
NHL 15 is pretty damn good for being the first cycle on next gen.
I was going to go to bed but NHL 15 EA Access is available for download so scratch the sleeping idea
Anyone know what time "EA Access" lets you play new releases 5 days early? Tryin to get my NHL 15 on tonight. Please tell me midnight
Actually, scratch that. The kids are showing up at my house at random times now.
My sim now has the perfect life. 3 women pregnant and all they do is come over to clean my house while I am at work.
Sims 4: Sexiest Man Alive, Failed Flirting Attempts & More!
Xbox One is literally trash when sending game invites
Myself and @Chaosxsilencer could probably record the funniest video of us trying to figure out how to invite each other to a madden game
My sims character is also going to be the life of the party. I mean look at this outfit.
My Sims 4 character is going to get all the ladies
Going to 1v1 @MinnesotaBurns on some Madden 15, should be hilarious. May make a vid on it this week.
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Sims 4 tonight. Might have to make some videos for it. First time I played Sims 3, I burnt my house down within 5 minutes on accident.
Halo Anniversary looks so sick. It will probably consume my life
.@TacoBell Do you deliver? I don't feel like getting up
#TBT When Nino sent Minnesota to the next round. Offseason almost over.…
This isn't funny. Until the people who call these in are publicly shamed, it will most likely continue…
So the NHL expansion into Las Vegas is pretty much a done deal? I guess Seattle or Quebec City don't deserve teams, a tourist town does.
Just choked the funniest field goal ever at the last second in Madden. Embarrassing...
Madden 15: Minnesota Vikings future Super Bowl Champions:…
Gonna stream some Madden in about an hour
First game on NHL 15 demo, Doc said "Waffleboarded" so it gets a 10/10 from me
NHL 15 demo is out. Yesssss please
"Gaming is a waste of time" Amazon buys Twitch for almost $1 billion. Congrats to everyone that works over there and full time streamers
I started my day off with my washing machine leaking. Anyone wanna come over for a swim in my front entry?
Stream: "There is one more Ghosts event in October" Every pro: "Ughhhhh"
My dude @Sharp_tK challenged me to the ice bucket challenge. Will do it sometime next week.
Ban @Goooonjar_tK . Running around with no ammo, still killing people. That domination was insane.
The Vikings are 3-0 in preseason. We're obviously winning the superbowl
I know MLG math. When the schedule says 7PM, I know that means 7PM a week from now.
My favorite part about watching Call of Duty tournaments is the 6 hours between matches.
Anyone from Minnesota hitting up the state fair the next couple weeks? Might do a fun casual fan meet up sometime before it's over
Cops put 9 rounds into this guy for no reason. Could have used mace or tazed him *Graphic* *NSFW* *NSFA*
I liked a @YouTube video from @ScufGaming CEO @ScufGaming & Staff - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Look at these cowards.… If Obama would grow some balls, we could obliterate them in like 3 seconds.
Feel like doing a Q&A today. Tweet me your questions.
Feel bad for Whiteboy. Alex is one of the nicer guys you'll meet. Felony marijuana charges cuz of a swatting prank. Such BS
Ferguson livestream. Just heard someone yell "You're gonna see some shit you've never seen in your life"…