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Mindy Kaling
comedian comedy film actor 2,882,366 followers
The photo that puts the heartbreak in Heartbreak Box! #themindyproject
Mindy's longest term love is with bear claws. They are more important to her than any boyfriend. #MindyMixer
Am I weird? I love Chris and @adampally in yarmulkes. I wish Passover didn't end today. #MindyMixer
Heartbreak boxes and Heartache Days should be things. #mindymixer
I'm biting my thumbnail in this scene. I love biting my nails, I write it in whenever I can. Kissing dudes & biting my nails. #mindymixer
I couldn't stop laughing at the idea that Mindy had never said hello to Morgan. It's so not nice. @ikebarinholtz #mindymixer
It's 9:30 so that means I'm live-tweeting #themindyproject again! Watch and tweet! But don't drive and tweet, that's not safe. #MindyMixer
West coast, 15 short minutes until #TheMindyProject airs. If you miss Mindy and Danny, don't miss this one. #MindyMixer
Love you guys! At AFI to talk to young smart filmmakers. West coast see you for #MindyMixer soon!
For American women my age, there is no cooler person to have lost your virginity to than @ChristianSlater #MindyMixer #PumpUpTheSlater
It is so funny and overly familiar to me that Peter decided to go around to behind the desk of the Rabbi and shout at Danny. #MindyMixer
.@suluseshsays OMG Sophie's choice WHICH PETER MACNICOL STARRED IN
@Munica28: #mindymixer @mindykaling Which episode have you been most proud of thus far?” Finale this year "Danny & Mindy" in two weeks!
@MagdyAnn: Who came up with "Danny pretends to be Jewish"? #MindyMixer @mindykaling” why do u want to sue us? It was @jackburditt then
I can't even deal with @adampally and Messina in this Shabbat scene. I want Chris's mournful prayer to be his ring on my phone #MindyMixer
@christinehosmer: @mindykaling it was pretty perfect- though I must say Tim Daly is hotter than Rick Santorum” @TimmyDaly!!!!
@Shainaa: @mindykaling A-bro-ham. Who gets the high five for that fantastic line? #MindyMixer@loulielang @jackburditt guys?
The break room scene between Danny & Mindy is one of the favorite scenes Chris and I ever shot. Longing & friendship & stuff. #MindyMixer
Other pictures in the heartbreak box #themindyproject. Lotta Morgan.
@ditzkoff: @mindykaling you're hyping Tim Daly and NOT Peter MacNicol as a rabbi?? #priorities” we die for MacNicol. So naturally funny.
Peter MacNicol was such a treat for us. He is Messina's favorite guest star we've ever had. #MindyMixer
@austin_anneaton: @mindykaling any chance John Krasinski or Rainn Wilson will guest star? #MindyMixer” I wanna kiss @rainnwilson so bad
This Rick Santorum joke is in my top five lines I've ever gotten to say ever #MindyMixer