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Mindy Kaling
comedian comedy film actor 3,126,233 followers
Oh daddy dear you know you're still #1
On the hottest day we had the coolest director @lynnsheltonfilm
Those are the two senior writers on my staff! Happy Labor Day everyone!
Then @CBGrandy wrote the straight woman version: "All you need are the ABC's: Alcohol, beds, cock."
According to @MCWarburton, all you need on Labor Day is: "The ABC's: alcohol, beer, and condoms."
On the hottest day we had the coolest director! #lynnshelton #themindyproject
I guess what I'm looking for is a hotelier
From left to right: Marco, @ikebarinholtz, Brian the Skeleton, Pally #themindyproject
Amazing! #iweighathousandapples
Very excited the wonderful @Allison_Tolman's coming to #themindyproject to be romanced, wined, dined, and yes perhaps 69'd by Peter Prentice
If you are young hot and trying to make it in LA, first order of business is put on yoga pants and take your grey pitbull on a lot of walks
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If you know of a cool furnished 5BR place south of 14th street avail for sublet, please email me at! We're going to NYC!
Looking to sublet a spacious apartment/townhouse in Manhattan, south of 14th street, for me & 5 of my writers, from September 7th to 16th!
I never wear wrap dresses on #themindyproject even though I saw and loved Journey Of A Dress. Then @salvadorperezcostumes put me in this gorgeous @DVF one that looks so vintage and chic with a drapey chain and now I'm obsessed.
@jackburditt: My life is a little all over the place, but I will figure out what it's about in post.” And Ike and Dave can pitch alts
Editing this cool guy with Rob #noshoes #mcdonalds #heaven
Song of Labor Day weekend, Rocket by @Beyonce
You CAN sit with us, but you can't talk a lot
We do wicked fun stunts on #themindyproject
Welcome to the world of #TheMindyProject @shondarhimes! We are so excited to have you. @ikebarinholtz, be cool.
"Sweetness Left Her Long Ago" is the name of the movie Messina thinks should be made about me. 😦
Lynn Shelton and me. Love her.