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Mindy Kaling
leave a slice of carrot cake at my door if you love me
I only like @katyperry no one play anything else please
Who’s joining me on 9/25 in Indianapolis? I’ll be at #CNX14! Come hang out!
Me at 6: I got my crayon Me at 16: I got my cray on
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If your date orders a California roll and vegetable tempura you so know she is totally basic but you are also getting laid
Last night at 1am shooting #themindyproject. Photo by Glinda my set costumer.
Night shoot means my favorite snack, Nutella on white bread
It's a night shoot on #themindyproject and my sweet @ikebarinholtz is listening to Yellow Ledbetter and telling me how Pearl Jam are poets. Love him
The highlight of New York fashion week was coming home 'cause there was @zac_posen peach preserves waiting for me!! SORRY HATERS!!!!
Basically my life is "She's Gotta Have it". Kvelling over these sick personalized leather goods from @leatherology. In particular these gold embossed key fobs that say Beyonce and Pad Thai.
@cbgrandy wrote an episode together AND we have a big announcement...
Neat! A gym closed for hours in the middle of the day when I pay to use it. Oh well! Just go to writers room and eat sour patch kids I guess
Why is the Universal Studios gym closed from 9:30 to 11:30 every morning I wonder
A moment of uncertainty, and then of joyous resolution, between the Chickens, Elmo & Me on Sesame Street.
A moment of tension... And then joyous resolution between the Chickens, Elmo and myself.
This morning I took a different way to work and visited Sesame Street.
Night shoot 🌛🎥
We'll share the same room
A comment on my Instagram that perfectly encapsulates my NYC trip 😳
Loving the neckline on this little sass & bide dress for the show. And my 3.1 Phillip Lim shoes are so cool, I may only need one of 'em
Bill Hader hosting SNL is 💉🔪🔫💣💰💵
Compared to me, Mindy Lahiri has a million colorful and slutty bras. Are they better than my three tattered flesh-toned ones I've had since season three of The Office? Who can say?
Before you're a bae you have to be a bb
Based on the posters for "This Is Where I Leave You", I'm assuming it's about a Traveling Wilburys-esque supergroup of TV Shows You Like.
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.@meganamram i am very excited to masturbate to I mean read your book haha stupid autocorrect
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It's cinematic as hell in here #themindyproject
Ike gave this response to a question in an interview and I have no idea what it means but I am so delighted by it
When i have a crush on someone I pester them until they die
I'm so fucking charming I guess
Two friends, right? Look closer. @ikebarinholtz is a monster. @edwardweeks is an angel.
Like a dictator of a troubled country, I require sweets in my likeness. These delicious ones are by @littlesparkscookies
Today @YeardleySmith visited us at #TheMindyProject and she was so so funny
My sweet @marissaaross knows the way to my heart; leaving my favorite hot sauce and skin potions in my trailer, like a helpful lover 😘
@ikebarinholtz: @RMcElhenney @mindykaling we want to do a prequel spinoff with me and you in jail. Its like funny OZ” 💯✔️👏
11 Times Chris Messina Proved He's TV's Best Leading Man in The Mindy Project's Premiere (Including That Final...
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Completely overwhelmed by people's reaction to the #MindyPremiere! West coast, get ready! 9:30 on FOX!
The last five minutes of #TheMindyProject are why everyone should have their own tv shows #MindyPremiere
In terms of fake places and events, Exquisite Butts Guy2K Party is one of my favorites ever #MindyPremiere
We had a 20 minute conversation about that pink thong, it was glorious #MindyPremiere
We asked @TheRichardLewis if we could use his likeness as a tattoo on mc's neck and he said yes, 'cause he's the coolest guy #MindyPremiere
for all the @MindyProjectFOX fans, so proud to announce my jewelry collection for @BaubleBar Launching 10-7-2014…
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I kept running into @RMcElhenney at showrunner panels & he's so cool and funny we asked him to be Cousin Lou Tookers #MindyPremiere