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Mindy Kaling
comedian comedy film actor 3,051,268 followers
Coming home late from epic four hour fitting with @MrSalPerez for #TheMindyProject season 3. We go a whole new direction, it's siiiiiiick
They always look so miserable
I realized it was my 10 year anniversary of taking harassment training with NBC universal! Congrats to me.
Horrified to realize that crisp chicken skin is 100% my favorite food
@MikeJudge: @mindykaling I agree. I mean, look at him...” hubba hubba
@adampally: @mindykaling I'm straight up not going to this” K pals you really need to go
Oh no everything I do is illegal
Oh F I'm late for the sexual harassment seminar, this bodes so bad
This time last year on #themindyproject, we were shooting all our stuff with our bud @jamesfrancotv. I had to do a shots off with him and blow smoke rings in his face but I totally sucked at it. Unsurprisingly, @ikebarinholtz was terrific at it. So we shot him doing it and framed me out. Here's that
@bjnovak: #TBT to when I visited @mindykaling earlier today” your visit was too short! 😔 but we did eat your lunch 😛
The special guest! @picturesoftext
The daily unveiling of Hinge matches. Today, it's @jeremybronson. Very exciting!
Special outfit for a special guest! We have an exciting lunch guest in the writers room today.
@jackburditt: @mindykaling And two, 2) Lang's looking good (I can legally say that b/c I don't work there right now).” Jack you're a pedo
@jackburditt: @mindykaling So, what, Grandy couldn't give a crap? Typical.” Grandy died, Jack. It's messed up you didn't know
This photo of our writers looking at Lang's Hinge matches is our version of the Osama Bin Laden Situation Room photo
Everyone got really excited Lang's Hinge matches. We knew like all of them. 👫
I want to go to Chicago and eat until I die
I hate it, I hate this life
Don't worry,the kangaroos were there, fat and happy! Now back to NY and real work with difficult decisions.
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#TBT just found this ridiculous photo of Taylor schilling and I between set-ups at photo shoot this spring. She's so talented it hurts.
Watching documentaries is the new reading.
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I am feeling monograms right now. They're a nice blend of summer camp practicality and staple of WASP prissiness. ✅
This isn't calamari, this is obviously a spider that they fried up and served to us #writersroomdinnersurprises