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The Uppity Negress
In Roanoke dropping off my sister and nephew. Still 5.5 hours to go. Too much shit going on man....smh.
On the highway headed to Roanoke. Bye Myrtle Beach😢
You are weary of trying to compete with people who are so wrap... More for Sagittarius
Nae Nae, Cupid Shuffle, Wobble, Bikers Slide... My ass is TIRED but we WORKED that shit!
These mofos wanna dance contest....😂😂😂
Got the sand off my ass....headed to the bar. It's go time. Final night! 👍U
Police have killed at least 1,083 Americans in the year since Michael Brown's death:
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A tsunami on the beach....lmao
Not only do they MURDER US they help their kids do it by hiding evidence! & calling in favors #kendrickjohnson
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A Year After Ferguson: Obama Tells NPR He Feels 'Great Urgency' #BlackLivesMatter
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Has anyone heard anything further about @Scottie79er?
@Mimi_La_Reina "Similarity's Of Black Entertainment, Conservative & Most Liberal Media Today. Character Is A Non Prerequisite -Ty Dgame
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A parade of Confederate flags on the highway in Norfolk, Virginia right now. God Bless America!
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Last day here! Going on the strip to get on rides then to the beach....
Your dad just died, but you're worried about my followers....ok. Somebody's priorities are FUCKED....😂😂😂
Also,these officers need to use deadly force ONLY on Armed suspectsIf COPS can bring Heavily armed James Holmes in?…
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Everyone in your world seems to be moving faster than you, and... More for Sagittarius
@Mimi_La_Reina @PeyIsBaee @iNoAHivey No Mimi, she didn't.When Someone is illiterate,they speak the words, not type them. Spelling's needed
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@watchlar66 @EmilyLenzi @HansumJay @Mimi_La_Reina the one shooting black people or perpetuating racist systems & stereotypes. You neither
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@watchlar66 @EmilyLenzi @HansumJay @Mimi_La_Reina well, that's just silly. I'm fed up with white folks too. That's not self-hate. I'm not
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@g8torgirl83 @EmilyLenzi @BLUpfront @Mimi_La_Reina @watchlar66 lol I'm up 23 hrs a day. Keeping the world safe. YOU ARE ALL WELCOME BTW!
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@watchlar66 @EmilyLenzi @HansumJay @Mimi_La_Reina Wait, why is she asking you to prove you're white? She's not effing white. WTF?
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@EmilyLenzi @HansumJay @Mimi_La_Reina @Rawr_is_me79 u really want a dick selfie don't you ...brb ...I'm not that huge so no mess on me
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