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Mike Young, PhD
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Soft Tissue Techniques For Athletic Recovery
Seth Godin's Blog: "Desire is full of endless distances"
Seth Godin's Blog: "Google it!"
Seth Godin's Blog: Famous to the family
Banister Impulse~Response model in R [part 2]
Seth Godin's Blog: "Let's go around the room"
Seth Godin's Blog: No one to say no
Here's a nice post by @john_r_grace on why we don't use max height box jumps at @athleticlab:
Seth Godin's Blog: Put a frame around it
Athletic Lab News: Should Youth Strength Train? by Dominique Stasulli
SCJ Most Popular: Lower Extremity Stiffness: Effects on Performance and Injury and Implications for Training:...
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Seth Godin's Blog: Avoiding magical thinking
Science of Sport: “177″ – The Sub-2 hour marathon and East Africa’s super-runners
Banister Impulse~Response model in R [part 1]
Seth Godin's Blog: Coming to San Francisco (+ podcasts)
Science of Sport: Tinkov’s 3 Grand Tour challenge: Physiological, or folly?
One more study refuting #FMS claims of link with #injuries:
Seth Godin's Blog: Line or staff?
Science of Sport: 2014 Chicago Marathon Live
Seth Godin's Blog: We have Ebola
Nicole Adden becomes the first female winner of the weekly #athleticlab Saturday #weightlifting max…
1500 lbs of wood and rubber to build 7 new #Olympic #weightlifting platforms. We get better every day…
Seth Godin's Blog: Do the word
I shared some thoughts on the importance of #exercise on aging:
Very cool perspective on risk of death from various health / tragedies:…
Seth Godin's Blog: Make two lists
Great videos by Derek Evely on hammer throwing and periodization
Seth Godin's Blog: Four steps on the road to organizational growth, dominance or irrelevance
55 year old Barry Meyers snatches 80kg (176 lbs) at a body weight of 69kg (152 lbs).
Seth Godin's Blog: The full stack keeps getting taller
Monitoring Wellness, Fatigue and Physical Performance by Dr. Martin Buchheit
Athletic Lab News: The Compression Garment Movement by Dominique Stasulli
Turf installation begins at #athleticlab with @john_r_grace mikeyoungphd stephshaw28 and help from…
Seth Godin's Blog: Good at math
Athletic Lab News: Pre-workout Nutrition:  Fueling vs. Feeding your body by Carson Criswell
Effects of plyometric training on endurance and explosive strength performance in distance runners.…
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Massage and Exercise Induced Muscle Damage
Seth Godin's Blog: Dumb down and scale up
Seth Godin's Blog: Cassandra and Pollyanna
Seth Godin's Blog: Learning from the State Department
Foot pressure mapping during the #highjump approach and takeoff with elite athletes at @CVOTC.…
My friends at @RCCSSC are putting on another great conference. #Runners & #triathletes should definitely consider:
@MikeYoung @carvperformance you can be strong enough, but never powerful enough.
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Excellent article by @MikeYoung "@pntrack: Total agreement !!! "All athletes should sprint." (And many don't)…"
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EMG on squat depth: max glute EMG >90° flexion; max ACL&PCL shear force, 15-30° &90°, respectively. (pic) @MikeYoung
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RT @vaultfreestyle: My FT job needs to be reading and researching everything @MikeYoung posts! Not enough hours in the day for all the...