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Mike Shinoda
Thanks Brasilia! Also: this should probably be our next album cover, right?
Funny thing about keyboards: they only work when they have power.
Churrascuria, caipirinha: LP in Brazil.
Change of plans. MALL will now be at the following theaters only on Friday.
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I hope Joe's not mad at me for leaking that clip. #MallMovie
White Noise. @mrjoehahn #MallMovie
Just mixed three new songs for @joehahnLP's new movie, MALL. It comes out TOMORROW. #WhiteNoise #MallMovie
Shout out to everyone who just followed me on Instagram because I posted a pic of Pokemon cards.
So serious right now. #GottaCatchEmAll
Oh yeah! I forgot about Twitter.
This Hashtag Isn't Trending Anymore, Charlie Brown #RejectedPeanutsSpecials
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Your Head Size Is Actually A Serious Medical Condition, Charlie Brown #RejectedPeanutsSpecials
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Why Do I Keep Referring To Myself In The Third Person, Charlie Brown? #rejectedpeanutsspecials
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1st uni sushi I've made at home. Any tips?
Check this out: Global Learning @xprize crowdfunding campaign to help bring literacy to kids ­… #learningprize
Sunday morning sketch.
At #MallMovie art show, #BeastAstray with my piece.
What a lineup. Beast Astray
@veL0c: Since when are 65M bigger than Germany's 82M? Still, wow, guys ;)” Ha! Looks like I referenced an old link. Still 21st overall...
Poet & activist Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner moved world leaders at the #Climate2014 summit to tears. Video is here:
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.@linkinpark stat: at 65 million Facebook fans, the LP "nation" is the world's 21st largest, bigger than France, Germany, & the UK
For the cynics and the hopeful, great coverage of #Climate2014 here: - kudos to all those making bold efforts.
Watch: Climate Justice Badasses.
@linkinpark @mikeshinoda @ChesterBe @UN You guys clean up nicely! Thanks for being our voice!
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Mr @chesterbe and I lurking at the UN. I just got to speak before a panel on sustainable energy access. I took the opportunity to share some of your (the fans) words and thoughts, and ask them to, in the words of one fan, "get stuff done."
If you could sit with the leaders of our world, and ask or tell them anything about the environment, what would you say?
Headed to NYC for @UN Climate Summit & Social Good Summit. Its time for climate action. #climate2014 #2030NOW
I just followed about 100 people including LP fans on Tiiny. Jumping on a plane. Will follow more people later!
have you guys downloaded the Tiiny app? small photos, all get deleted in 24 hours. Search me by name...
Linkin Log isn't fully baked yet. We were busy finishing the tour. But it's on the way... #LinkinLate
Hmmm... Which fork?... Which fork?... Which fork? Ugh. Fuck Emily Post.
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Thank you to everyone who came out for the #CarnivoresTour. Thank you to AFI and 30 STM. Thank you to my bandmates and our inimitable crew. What a great run. Next stop, NYC for the UN Climate Summit, then Brazil...
Good morning. Last day of the #CarnivoresTour. It's been a great run with AFI & 30STM. See you later today.
June through August was the warmest period on Earth since record-keeping began in 1880:
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Post show selfie with a thumbs up. #CarnivoresTour
Even when I have a cold and feel like shit...when the show comes, it all disappears for 100 minutes. Adrenaline is a wonderful drug. #CarnivoresTour
I've seen promos for @lisaling's new show twice today w/ the volume down. Too bad, because I hear the theme song is awesome...#ThisIsLife