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Mike Portnoy
Holy Mac, we leave for Europe on Sunday! This is going to be an insane tour! @JOLLYband @damonfox @MikePortnoy #ConqueringEuropeTour
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Today is the one year anniversary of finding @litaford hair on my desk after @EddieTrunk 30th anny show with @MikePortnoy & @PeterCriss
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Just a friendly reminder that starting next week, I will be doing some VERY EXCLUSIVE shows helping out...
Sneak preview of upcoming Max interview •Click link for preview•
Last chance to enter to win this one of a kind guitar signed by all of Metal Allegiance's Motorboat lineup!...
No one can make a drum kit sound as good as @MikePortnoy can. Listening to The Whirlwind LIVE and GOD DAMN MOTHER LOVER!
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@rkmusicfan: @ProjectMankind @MikePortnoy any clue on dates or if there will be a bozo bash next year?”
We're on a boat!!! Metal Allegiance sails again......
Picked up new books today by two of my buds: @IAmJericho & @Scott_Ian Hmmm...which should I read first?
MP Rock n Roll Home Decorating! •Click link for preview•
Interesting read...(don't shoot the messenger, I'm just sharing this like any other fan!)…
Like my post about Anthrax's new DVD, if you're an "MP completist" pick up @IAmJericho's new book The Best In The World (get it regardless!)
Absolutely loved the first episode of @foofighters #SonicHighways So much respect for Dave, Taylor & the band...these guys are R&R saviors!
@MPWarriors1 When I type "The" my phone predicts the next word to be "Winery". Or it wants to change "M" to "MP".
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@PaulMcCartney: .@raisingbiz Yes indeed! And here’s the world premiere of it featuring John Bonham on drums:” WOW! 👍
MP's World Debut on the French Horn! •Click link for preview•
Enter @Haken_Official's contest and guess my cameo on their new EP!…
Sunday nights in TV land are crazy! Walking Dead, Talking Dead, Boardwalk Empire, Homeland, The Affair & Family Guy all tonight...
WOW! Another brilliant Tribute by @AlegasGasulla: Martin Scorsese - A Tribute is online! 👍�”
On my way to Long Island for a charity fundraiser in Oyster Bay...c'mon out, say hello and help out! I'm there at 2pm
Read about @MikePortnoy's #PN14 in this article --> 'The Essence of Progressive Drumming' via @ModernDrummer
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Melody is crowned Homecoming Queen!!! •Click link for preview•
Look who was just crowned SLHS Class of 2015 Homecoming Queen! Congrats @MelodyPortnoy! I could not be any prouder...
.@metalallegiance (Portnoy, Benante, Bello, Ellefson, Broderick, Ian, Holt, Belladonna & Anselmo) are doing @ShipRocked 2015! #ForeverMetal
For all you MP completists out there, I have several cameos on the new @Anthrax Blu-ray Chile On Hell (but you should have this regardless!)
Reminder for you in NY/LI, I'll be appearing at Oyster Bay Rocks this Sunday at 2pm!
Watch Flying Colors discuss how new album Second Nature was created...…
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"Metal Allegiance" supergroup covers @rushtheband's "Tom Sawyer" on Motorhead's @TheMotorBoat cruise…
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Our heart most thanks to our fans for an amazing tour! We loved playing for you, and thank everyone for coming out.
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@Rotten2307: The Beatles and their sons. Amazing!!” THIS NEEDS TO BE A BAND!!! "HERE COMES THE SON" 😎
Sad to see the FC tour over so quickly...what a band! Looking forward to a MUCH NEEDED 2 week break w my family...then Bigelf and MorseFest
This #MPWarrior is on his way back to Norway after 3 fantastic FC shows😊 Thankfully only 2 weeks 'til I'll see@MikePortnoyy live again 😉
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@MikePortnoy Thank you for this amazing gig last night in Paris. 5th time I saw you and it was one of the best show!
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A new age in McDonalds technology! •Click link for preview•
The Last Show of the tour in Paris!! •Click link for preview•
What we made of Flying Colors live last night (with great photo gallery)...…
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.@FlyingColors with @nealmorse & @MikePortnoy have taken musicianship, showmanship & band camaraderie to the next level. A wonderful gig!
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BONJOUR PARIS!! Good news: we'll be filming/recording tonight's final show as well for possible inclusion on the upcoming Blu-ray/DVD/CD!!
Finally got to watch The Walking Dead Season Premiere (WOW) and what do I see here in Paris??? : ) --->
Seen @MikePortnoy 17 times live with DT, Transatlantic, winery dogs and adrenaline mob, but tonight's Flying Colors gig may be the best yet
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