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Mike Portnoy
@MikePortnoy Love the album. Cosmic symphony is a masterpiece. Keep up the great work.
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@MikePortnoy @nealmorse @FlyingColors What can I say? In one word: WONDERFUL! Can't wait to see you live on Oct. 13!
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Flying Colors rehearsals have begun!! •Click link for preview•
My cd's choices for this week are Flying Colors Second Nature & one of the most influential band on my…
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@MikePortnoy @nealmorse @FlyingColors Pure brilliance. Like taking our ears to a buffet, but only eating healthy food. You're all amazing.
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@etbkarate: @MikePortnoy Mike, what do you guys have against NY and NJ??? Ed” TIME!!!! ONLY TIME FOR 10 SHOWS!! COME TO US IF WE CANT TO U
@MikePortnoy @FlyingColors at first listen, I thought Transatlantic-lite. But after 3rd and 4th listen, I'm blown away! Well done, gents!!
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@MikePortnoy Cosmic Symphony melts my heart man,what a wonderful piece of art. U did it again. @FlyingColors makes the world a better place!
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@Bend_Sinister: We embark on a mini American tour tomorrow with @MikePortnoy @FlyingColors” GLAD TO HAVE YA w US! 👍
Today is the day!!! @FlyingColors Second Nature is officially out everywhere!! Grab it RIGHT NOW from @iTunesMusic
Highway - JailBreak - Heaven & Hell •Click link for preview•
Livin Lovin Maid - Tom Sawyer •Click link for preview•
@MikePortnoy Open Up Your Eyes is epic! It's like if Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and Kansas had a threesome! Great job on the new FlyingColors
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OMG…CANNOT WAIT!!! Looks like a return to Boogie Nights/Magnolia form for PTA…with a touch of Tarantino/Coen Bros:…
3 chances to win a @MikePortnoy signed Emperor Ebony drumhead! Repost tag Remo & Mike to win (end 10/1/14 world wide)
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Eruption, You Really Got Me - Rehearsal •Click link for preview•
MP, Benante, Tempesta, Ellefson - Parasite •Click link for preview•
Benante, Tempesta, Ellefson & Skolnick - AC:DC •Click link for preview•
MP, Bello, Skolnick & Broderick - Tom Sawyer •Click link for preview•
Catch us while you can!! LA, Chicago, Philly, Barcelona, Milan, Tilburg, Frankfurt, Pratteln, London & Paris ONLY!!
About to take off for LA to begin @FlyingColors rehearsals...album is "officially" out on tour begins Thurs...Don't miss it!
To all my Tweet Secret subscribers, I'm waiting for a software kink to be sorted out...I have 7 amazing clips from the Motorboat coming soon
Another epic metal extravaganza w @metalallegiance last night...check out this setlist! What a blast... \m/
10/14's of @metalallegiance backstage before show #1 on @TheMotorBoat & setlist from show #1 \m/
MP, Ellefson, Bello, Belladonna & Skolnick •Click here to watch the video•
Great time so far on the @TheMotorBoat w all my metal brothers...@metalallegiance show #1 last nite was epic! We play again tomorrow \m/
Excitedly streaming the new Flying Colours album. Easily the best album of the year. Simply breathtaking. Thanks for the music @MikePortnoy
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" on stage, I’m just playing. I’m not thinking. I’m literally just playing+feeling. That to me is way more important."- @MikePortnoy
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John Tempesta's B-day Open Mic Jam •Click here to watch the video•
Opening night: Testament, KDH, Anthrax •Click here to watch the video•
All Aboard!! @TheMotorBoat is headin to sea! •Click here to watch the video•
About to spend the week at sea jamming with most of this gang…gonna be a blast! @metalallegiance on @TheMotorBoat \m/
I'm about to spend a week at sea with all these guys! Here's some pics of the last time we all hung and...
Well, my part in the NMB album is Prog hat off, Metal hat on...on my way to Florida to board the @TheMotorBoat w @metalallegiance!
@MikePortnoy Casey is the ultimate troll, messing with our OCD. I will have to crop out and swap the faces on the poster.
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Look where Casey left for me to sign....really??? This is why I always sit 1st at signings! #Irresponsibleautographs
Comping drums with screaming girl outtake •Click here to watch the video•
Check out the trailer for the new Flying Colors DVD, available when you pre-order Second Nature from Mascot!...