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Mike Gratsas
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When more than 3000 civilians were killed as a result of the bombing by Ukrainian army results of elections in #Donbass should be expected
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VIDEO. #Ukraine junta shells innocent civilians daily. Someone stop these evil bastards! via @YouTube #UkraineSShame
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Литва - свободная страна: тут каждый дурак может свободно вырубить любой телеканал, если на этот счёт есть распоряжение мудрого руководства
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Winter landscape in Botanical Garden of Vilnius University in Kairenai…
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Eastern partnership: All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others…
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Orthodox Church of St. Michael and St. Constantine
Monument to Petras Cvirka, one of the most prominent Lithuanian writers…
Vingis Park is situated on a bend of the Neris River and covers an area of 160 hectares…
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St. Peter and St. Paul's Church in Vilnius is a Roman Catholic church…
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Изготовленный по проекту американского литовца Витаутаса Кашубы, памятник Великому Князю Литовскому Гядиминасу был отк…
Sculptures on the Green Bridge in Vilnius
It's time to start autumn hunting for mushrooms: boletus
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