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Mike Bloomberg
Thanks for all the great questions during our Twitter chat on cities and #ClimateChange with the @UN: #AskMike
Congrats Jack! Great to talk business and philanthropy on Alibaba’s big day.
Congrats Jack! Great to talk business and philanthropy on Alibaba's big day.
Creating a city people want to live in is the best way to create a city businesses want to invest in: #Climate2014
Thanks for all your great questions on cities and #ClimateChange! #AskMike #Climate2014 cc: @UN
The @UN #Climate2014 Summit will show how cities are a critical part of the solution to climate change. #AskMike
.@MikeBloomberg – What do you hope to see come out of next week's UN #Climate2014 Summit 2014? #AskMike
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Making coastal cities resilient depends on factors like geography but coastal cities can & are learning from each other @AllisonCCH #AskMike
@MikeBloomberg How do you think cities can have the greatest impact in combatting #ClimateChange How should coastal cities especially adapt?
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Sustainability goes hand in hand w/ econ. growth. NYC saw record # of private sector jobs while reducing carbon footprint. @RfC010 #AskMike
@MikeBloomberg @c40cities @ICLEI @heatherdamico Progress and sustainability can go together? in a big city? #AskMike
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Financial sector can play a huge role. This will be a big topic at the @UN #Climate2014 Summit next week. Stay tuned. @danfran6 #AskMike
What role will financial mechanisms play in the future to spur cities towards greater efficiency & innovation? @MikeBloomberg @UN #AskMike
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Cities are incubators of innovation & Mayors control top GHG contributors, like transit. #AskMike #Climate2014 @UN
.@MikeBloomberg – Why do you think cities in particular have been successful in acting on climate change? #AskMike #Climate2014
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Making buildings greener & more energy efficient is the most important action mayors can take on #climatechange. @StevenSalzwedel #AskMike
@MikeBloomberg Is it more important to look at updating existing buildings, transportation & waste or focus on future innovation? #AskMIke
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Cities around the world (like @c40cities & @ICLEI) are doing great work - w/ national support they can do even more @heatherdamico #AskMike
.@MikeBloomberg, Which cities are doing a good job fighting climate change? #AskMike
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All mayors have common responsibilities - they're already sharing solutions to protect environment & public health. @MinNorthie #AskMike
@MikeBloomberg How translatible is climate action advice for big cities like #NYC to small remote cities like most of the world? #askmike
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Cities control energy use in buildings, transportation, & waste, but national support could accelerate impact. @Malcolm_Kates #AskMike
@MikeBloomberg how important is federal support in U.S. cities' efforts to curb #ClimateChange #AskMike
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Cities are doing a lot. In NYC, we lowered the city's carbon footprint by 19% by making buildings more efficient. @GlobalFuelEcon #AskMike
Savings in fuel, airquality & CO2 mean vehicle fuel economy will #Climate2014 showcase. Why is energy efficiency so over-looked? #AskMike
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I'm working w/ @UN to promote cities as essential partners for nations in the fight on #ClimateChange #AskMike
.@MikeBloomberg – What do you hope to accomplish as the UN Secretary-General’s Envoy for Cities & #ClimateChange? #AskMike #Climate2014
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Ready to take your questions on cities and #ClimateChange! #AskMike
Join us in one hour for a chat on cities & combating #ClimateChange. Submit your questions using #AskMike @UN
Universities like @FordhamLawNYC help make New York the greatest city in the world. Congrats on the new building.
Join us at 11:30 a.m. ET tomorrow for a Twitter chat on cities and #ClimateChange. Submit questions w/ #AskMike @UN
Detroit is a test case for how to revitalize an American city in the 21st century: cc: @GS10KSmallBiz
What America is learning from Detroit: My op-ed in @freep w/ Lloyd Blankfein, @WarrenBuffett & @MichaelEPorter
.@xaviertrias Great to see city leaders think creatively and try new things. Congrats on a great idea for Barcelona.
Glad to be in Detroit to congratulate today's @GS10KSmallBiz graduates. Watch live:
Join @MikeBloomberg & @UN for a Twitter chat on cities & #ClimateChange this Friday. Submit questions using #AskMike
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Learn more about my role as the @UN Special Envoy for Cities and #ClimateChange:
Why cities around the world should create cleaner, healthier environments for their citizens: #ClimateChange
Cities such as New York, Rio de Janeiro, and Melbourne are taking the lead in fighting #ClimateChange:
Merci, Mayor @Anne_Hidalgo for a great meeting and your hospitality here in Paris
Merci, Mayor @AnneHidalgo for a great meeting and your hospitality here in Paris.
In December 2015, world leaders will come to Paris to negotiate an agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Paris Mayor @Anne_Hidalgo is working to achieve a 25% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions for the city by 2020
Cities don't have to wait for national governments to act on #ClimateChange. They're developing bold strategies today
On #ClimateChange, the stakes couldn't be higher - or the need for decisive action more urgent cc @Anne_Hidalgo
Congrats to Athens, Kirklees, Stockholm, and Warsaw for winning €1 million each for their #MayorsChallenge ideas:
Congratulations to Barcelona and @XavierTrias on winning the 2014 #MayorsChallenge, a €5 million prize.
One city's creative thinking can ripple outwards, and improve lives across oceans: #MayorsChallenge