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Michael Smith
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Luv it “@ADotFresh: When @jemelehill speaks he listens when michaelsmith speaks he cheers. Lmao the kid is hilarious
Afternoon. Today's @HisAndHers is all yours. (*Pizza not included.)
Stop by anytime Bus “@JeromeBettis36: Man I love being on @HisAndHers! Pizza at work!
Wow. You're quote talented. Thank you. “@CEOmrB: michaelsmith @jemelehill big fan...
Thank you, Downtown Athletic Club. When I was a little boy growing up in New Orleans playing in the backyard...
Aim to please “@mikespike502: Made a whole podcast about cussin. Yall are somethin else but I enjoyed the hell outta
A tribute to Bryan Burwell in FedEx Field press box.
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About to watch The Sports Reporters on ESPN2. Gonna miss seeing and hearing this gentleman. RIP Bryan Burwell.
And "bacon" DOES NOT include turkey bacon. That's not really bacon. And it's forever French toast > waffles > pancakes. For some reason @jemelehill hates all 3 smh. Oh and I should have shouted out the breakfast tacos I had in Austin.
@jemelehill ==> @michaelsmith were u or were u not, head of the narcotics consortium, the murderously bloody CMB?
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I had nothing. @jemelehill gave me that work (or is it "werk") on Melo.
Today's @HisAndHers is all yours. You own it. Kinda like @jemelehill owned me bout 1/2way thru
ESPN remembers Bryan Burwell, former panelist on The Sports Reporters
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LOL so @DJelement2 says I got my Marcus Graham on today. Boomerang: My #4 Eddie Murphy movie btw #thisismymacdaddyvibeimgivingyou #inallofitssplendor #likeJetMagazine #checkit #whatsup
What's weird is aside from my dad I don't personally know any other Michael Smiths.
We love company here at @espnhishers our desk is kinda like the dinner table
Seriously?! This makes not a lick of sense. Beckham probably catches bullets with his teeth, too.
Betcha Odell Beckham Jr. catches bullets with his teeth, too.
Full house today on @espnhishers with @carichampion @jemelehill and @damien_woody our motto is the more the merrier (photo cred: @cafesociete)
AND I take care of my kids “@z3r0_k0oL: michaelsmith thanks for tha podcast
Thinking of a master plan ...