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Michael Johns
With open border, #Chikungunya virus spreading rapidly. Significant risk for vast #PublicHealth crisis, expert says:
Obama ignored warnings of dangers in failing to #securetheborder: Now #Ebola is in #Texas:
.@Lileensvf1 And sometimes not even then, as he went on to prove post-Presidency. #Nixon #RichardNixon
#Mexico holds U.S. #Marine with #PTSD in solitary for inadvertently crossing #border. We welcome their illegal cartels/gangs with benefits.
A strange but true story of our growing police state. No American should go to jail for possession of Spaghetti O's
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The battle to #BringBackOurMarine continues later this morning, 10am, as @HouseForeign Subcommittee holds #PTSD hearing, 2172 Rayburn Bldg.
Everything you need to know about #FreeOurMarine (in under four minutes). Your help is appreciated!
Just left Fed Court where BOTH defense & prosecution's psychiatrists AGREED #Tahmooressi suffers from PTSD & needs 2 get treatment in the US
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@michaeljohns help support the #UmbrellaRevolution with a NY times full page ad for Hong Kong democracy now
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@TedKozikowski: DM @michaeljohns @BradSherman: You owe we vets & active duty mbrs an answer to your not signing #H.R.620
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Please explain to America and #California WHY you are refusing to sign on to H.R. 620 to #BringBackOurMarine, @BradSherman?
@usmc_family @michaeljohns @Montel_Williams Don't get on much but I support my family. Thank you for everything all of you do.
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School Board Tells Homeschool Family Their Curriculum Must Be ‘Guided’ by #CommonCore -
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Figuratively and literally, the light of #liberty shines bright--in #China and here too. #OccupyCentral
Please follow my friends @Montel_Williams and @usmc_family as we launch much-needed campaign to #BringBackOurMarine.
New @joelpollak book is "fascinating history," "thoughtful critique," and "effective defense" of #TeaParty:
How about some words of support for pro-democracy students in #HongKong? #TeaParty #tcot #tlot
"Most transparent administration in history" instructs reporters at @MichelleObama speech not to interview attendees:
"Hope and change" strategy to stop #TeaParty revolution: Claim ignorance, blame subordinates, hope people forget:
"Hope and change" can't create jobs, can't #securetheborder, can't launch a website. But it now borrows $8T a year:
As Americans flee high tax Northeast states, region is poised to lose 40% of its Congressional representation:
Leading #SierraLeone newspaper @awarenesstimes reports 1,028 #Ebola patients are, well, "missing":
A federal government unwilling to #securetheborder begins instructing funeral homes to prepare for #EbolaOutbreak:
#CA liberals force strict water rationing on residents, but government agencies they run broadly violate limits:
Obama secretly ships illegals, including gang and #cartel members, into all 50 states. Public schools overwhelmed:
"Hope and change": #Obama has so divided nation, secession movements are now inevitable, says @RonPaul:
A community organizer goes to war in #Syria: Nearly bombs allies, "zero coordination": #tcot #gop
Sick of #MSM whitewashing Obama scandals and failures, Americans propel @FoxNews to most watched on cable: #foxnews
#TeaParty revolution: In #NH, gutless @JeanneShaheen won't defend record, won't answer questions, won't debate:
It's all #politics: Facing election, Dems who stood by watching #ISIS threat grow now run as hawks:
Please join me in supporting the extraordinary efforts of @Montel_Williams to #BringBackOurMarine. He has my full support! #ptsdhearing
Time to Change Course: Stop Letting Police Seize Property from Innocent People -- @jasonwsnead @ARKloster
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I hope you'll read this story of a couple who lost their business & face $150k in fines for upholding their beliefs.
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Love watching Andy Reid take down the @Patriots. Good times. #Chiefs #KansasCity #kansascitychiefs
.@VWilliams59 @AndreaTantaros @fatherjonathan Ha! Andrea and I are both straight out of #Allentown and have some love for @LehighU.
I agree with the great @AndreaTantaros and @fatherjonathan: We need to hear more from our religious leaders:
In May 2013, Lois Lerner said #IRS's conduct was "wrong." Now she's "not sorry for anything" →
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Lerner talks to the media, not Congress. That's wrong. It's time to abolish the #IRS.
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.@usmc_family @hitman0321 We only control us. Never let #politics drive #policy. Do what's right for #America. That's #BringBackOurMarine.
Be sure to see @UnfairTheMovie, which chronicles why "hope and change" is terrified of #TeaParty, used #IRS illegally to target it.
.@Chapman_Law prof @rrotunda comments on the Special Counsel to Investigate IRS Targeting of Tea Party Groups
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Mess with #Texas, violate voter laws? @BGTX says "I'm all good with that" (from @JamesOKeefeIII):