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Michael Ian Black
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Today on a hard-boiled episode of TOPICS @michaelianblack and I discuss TRUE CRIME or at
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Get serious with @mshowalter & @michaelianblack as they discuss the juicy topic of "True Crime" on @TopicsPodcast.
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I know we're all short on solutions for the whole Israeli/Palestinian thing, but has either side tried yelling?
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If you haven't yet bought my book "You're Not Doing It Right," maybe this will convince you.
Today's @TopicsPodcast gets dark, but so informative. Dip you beak in it. and itunes
This week's Topic is a heavy one, but I can't think of two better tutors: @mshowalter @michaelianblack Thank you!
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My printer is doing that fun thing where it whirs and clicks for ten minutes and then doesn't print.
Idea to spice up baseball: each game, fans can bet on which umpire is wearing pantyhose. Answer is revealed when they take off their pants.
SPORTSFACT: I'm watching baseball. Follow this account for more #sportsfacts
In Ebonics, it's Nerf Day.
Gross. RT @TheColtonBurpo Even in heaven, the wounds of Jesus bleed. They forever bleed.
In honor of @1future's album release, check out this video I made with @NoahGarfinkel called "Onions"...
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"What are we, chopped liver?" - future Martian colonists on future Earth Days.
Even though we're all going to die, I like to think I'm going to die a little less than you.
The Styling Librarian asked me about childhood books, @judyblume, illustrating @michaelianblack's NAKED! & more:
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That too. RT @SC_Downey I heard it was because you are rigging the book rankings.
My new kids' book, "Naked!" jumped 225,000 places on Amazon yesterday. Why? Hilarity, friends. And love.
Thank you. RT @autocomplete I'm actually taking it very, very seriously BECAUSE you're a perv.
My new children's book is called "Naked!" Seems like a joke because I'm a perv, but it's not.
An American won the Boston marathon and a Kenyan is President. What is this, Backwards Day?
Working on slide presentations to show students next wk. Here's author @michaelianblack w/NAKED!
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Topics listeners: @GramBradsworth is looking to start a study group in the Manahawkin, NJ area. Please contact him if you are interested.