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Michael Ian Black
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Consider how pissed off you must be to protest nine nights in a row. I don't even like to go to the movies after 8pm.
Pretty excited about boobs.
Could not be more excited. RT @FantaFun Hey everyone! Fanta is BACK on Twitter and ready to PLAY! #getexcited
Some of these protestors have terrific beach bodies. #hubbahubba
Do you mean the police? RT @JanieHsieh Unfortunately talking doesn't work with people who use violence as an outlet for rage.
Rioting hours should really be more reasonable. Say, 10am-1pm.
Police didn't help, so now they send in the National Guard. If that doesn't work, maybe try talking.
Although the Ferguson protests are painful now, just keep in mind that at the end of them, we will have perfect racial harmony.
Amazing. Life imitating art. @JeremyMDoan there actually was an episode like that:…
"The Andy Griffith Show" would have been very different if Barney Fife had full body armor and a tank.
It's like you've never even heard of @AndyKindler. RT @kenisajerk you really are Twitter's worst comedian
YOU shut up. #boom RT @fritzakakickass Seriously? I'd shut up, funnyman.
If the #ferguson cops would just douse everybody with ice water, it would stop the riots and raise awareness for ALS.
Shit, I meant ALS. I screwed up everything.
Real talk: The best cakes in the world come from the supermarket. #realtalk
This powerful piece by @SteveHuff is an honest, beautiful, gut-wrenching look at mental illness and suicide.…
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There would be a lot less tension with the police if these were their uniforms:
IDIOT! Only literally. RT @r2d2sexy In completely unrelated news @michaelianblack is bankrupt..literally and figuratively
For the last two weeks I've been listening to "Game of Thrones" in my car instead of conservative talk radio. They are equally gruesome.
Somebody took offense at one of my tweets, so now I have to rethink everything.
Up so late, I've actually straddled the line between one day and the next. Insane!
I'm laughing out loud reading @michaelianblack . In honor of his new book Naked that's how we'll be Aug.24. Pls come!…
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Worried about home prices in Ferguson.