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Michael Ian Black
comedian comedy actor 1,931,272 followers
.@michaelianblack you are the worst knockoff of @robdelaney ever. Like knockoff Louis Vuitton sold from a bag in Chinatown.
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Now entertaining offers from British publishours to compile my "London tweets" into the definitive folio.
Can't tell if I'm going to miss London more or if London is going to miss me more. Probably a tie, like in sockerball.
10 more days to enter to win NAKED! by @michaelianblack, illustrated by Debbie Ridpath Ohi @inkyelbows…
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Yeah, they did a show for me. It was good. RT @CynicalSkittles did you get Pink Floyd back together or what?
Some stupid idiot just asked me for directions even though I don't live here. I was like, "I don't even live here!"
Londoners are so used to seeing celebrities they let me pass among them as if they have no idea who I am.
Last full day in London. Will try to make the most of it by reuniting Pink Floyd.
Fun fact: Every man in London dresses like Boy George.
You're Not Doing It Right by @michaelianblack is the best thing I read in a long time. However, I am mad he doesn't usually retweet praise
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Here in London, they've got movies starring Pierce Brosnan I've never even heard of! HUNDREDS of them!
Travel tip: Europeans like it when I chant "Death to America."
Great news: I am out of the USA on tax day, which means I don't have to pay taxes this year!
Everything's going great in London except Keira Knightley hasn't grabbed my butt or anything.
You want to hear how fucked up England is? They air "Game of Thrones" on Monday instead of Sunday. #wtf #thirdworldtv
Sucks that the US Airways tweet happened AFTER they handed out the Pulitzers.
Well, that's it. Hope I answered every question you have ever had about England or Britain. #godsavethequeen
Yes, but these are supposed to be questions about England. RT @wilwalker have u eaten spotted dick?
I'm still working on tuffets. Haven't gotten to crumpets yet. RT @kevin_briot what is a crumpet and does it really go well with tea?
GREAT question. My exotic good looks and negative comparisons of everything to America. RT @AdamJPete what do foreigners like most about you
There is no Union, Jack. Margaret Thatcher destroyed it. RT @renewkir what is the Union Jack?
Right now it looks like it's going to be Adele. RT @britishphill Who is the public going to vote for as next Queen?