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London Fashion Week
MIA @ London Fashion Week
#ObamaSpeech when are they gonna ban elevators ?
u so damn sweet I just wanna put ya name in my tweet
Wave of emotions not cave
A sage from the cave of emotions @katebush concert !
And if I only could, I'd make a deal with God And I'd get him to swap our places Kate Bush
Is Joe Biden only going to follow ISIS to the gates of hell & then wimp out & refuse to enter, or will he follow them *through those gates?
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How did we get into this mess: Great analysis from Jeffrey Sachs:…
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That isis guy "a rapper from west London " that's really close to home
ca mon my bindi is not controversial > it got jacked and flipped by the west
Jasmin for hair lotus for temple
Ayyyyoooo Why This Kolaveri Di ?
Finally gonna stop guessing and read about this thing. it's written in American .
most things i do they banned it , but i still do it coz I'm a bandit
Weapons of mass construction: US Army making warheads with 3D printing
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Really relating to these emojis right now😴 💤
If I was the graphic designer for American gov I'll do " yes we can but no you can't!"
If I was the graphic designer for the Taliban or french gov I'll do " yes we ban"
If I was a graphic designer for genghis khan I'd have done "yes we khan" as his slogan
PEOPLE THNK YU 4 DA SUPPORT ! YOUR ENERGY SAVED ME TONGHT!   ✨ ✨✨ ✨✨   
I am Sikh, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist & Christian. It's the only way to be.x
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If i ever say no to your request for a picture iss because im recharging my super powers.
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❌🏃💥 😷 ✔🙏👊✊👪👪👪👪👪👪👪👪👪
But something tells me they def won't be doin that today
I wish my pilots went 2 do important things like arial film the Gz protest in London > so the reporting + turnout for a protest is accurate
Tho we are still not sure what exactly or who exactly happened to my pilots last night !! stay tuned
That's Lesson in modern warfare , you don't shoot the pilots out of planes anymore you just use use aviation legal speak and law to control
For my LOVEBOX SHOW I had 10 drone pilots . Last night 9 of them pulled out and went AWOL .
Hold tight here comes the wave
LONDON! Today we're gonna be in you with M.I.A. #LOVEBOX FESTIVAL!
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