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Melissa Harris-Perry
The @AJCCenter at Wake Forest University invites applications for postdoc in gender, race, and politics.…
Thanks for spending the half hour with me on #MSNBCVotes. Off to campus. See you in #Nerdland on Saturday and Sunday 10AM ET. @MHPshow
And @doitrightnow Dems most forcefully distancing themselves from POTUS tend to be Southern where most need a diverse turnout. #MSNBCVote
I think Dems distancing from POTUS is bad strategy. Midterms are about the base. Base still supports POTUS @doitrightnow #msnbcvote
Students can learn surge-decline of POTUS v. midterms, effects of new districts, effects of "lame duck" incumbent. @NishaChittal #MSNBCvote
I think Ebola will have little impact on outcomes @josephneese Hard to see it as motivator for voters unsure about turning out. #msnbcvote
But @ImSilentJ many argue the Founders felt frequent elections are the best term limits because the voters decide limit. #MSNBCVote
Honestly @ImSilentJ I am a fan of term limits given the influence of $ and difficulty of recruiting new/ diverse candidates. #MSNBCVotes
But if one's mayoral race is all about foreign policy @autumn_joi that is probably not useful. #MSNBCVote
Nat'l issues tend to drive Congressional races @autumn_joi because they are nat'l lawmakers even if elected locally. #MSNBCVote
Well @Wbtcw3 polls show little chance of defeating Graham in SC. But voting is *always* important. Crucial local races matter. #MSNBCVote
Youth vote typically drops in midterms. Info & direct contact seems to be most important to getting youth to polls. @kthpotts #MSNBCVote
Tough to call NC race. @thebluec_w Hagan only wins if there is massive turnout. Not yet clear if that will happen.
Whoops. ..Important to remember there is more than one leader of the GOP. @kath_wiggins #MSNBCVote
Advice to first time voters: Vote early if u can. Vote early in day. Read sample ballots from orgs u trust. #MSNBCVote
Important to remember there is one than one leader of the GOP. @kath_wiggins #MSNBCVote
Some sources & polls are better than others. The key is to read many sources & take margin of error seriously. #MSNBCVote
No one answer to whether you can "believe the polls." @Virgo119 #msnbcvote
But pop culture is doing important work with trans issues. @blakebonk
I think @blakebonk that there's so much reasonable excitement about the marriage equality victories that Trans-rights have been less central
Join me on #MSNBCVote to discuss Election 2014 for the next 30 minutes.
Thank you to the University of Kansas students, faculty, staff & community for the engaging conversations tonight.…
Speaking this evening at the University of Kansas.…
Thanks for spending part of your weekend with @MHPshow
On today's @MHPshow we'll discuss UNC scandal, go deep into #Shondaland, return to #Ferguson & meet Herbie Hancock!
Never know what to wear when @janetmock is guest on @MHPshow . She's so damn fabulous! I'm just trying to keep up.
This AM on @MHPshow: pregnancy discrimination, online harassment, the right to die, and fashion politics.… #nerdland
Tomorrow afternoon I'll speak at Radcliffe Institute at Harvard.…
Heading up to Boston. I'll be speaking tonight at Boston College.…
Securing borders, SCOTUS, police violence, and A Cup of Water Under My Bed on @MHPshow today. #nerdland
Mentioned my latest @essencemag piece on @MHPshow today. Here it is. Money Matters.…
Also talking celeb news #Nerdland style w/ discussion of "post-racial" Raven Symone and consenting Jennifer Lawrence. Join @MHPshow 10AM ET
Discussing the human toll of the Ebola crisis, continuing activism in Ferguson & the death of public schools on today's @MHPshow #nerdland
The @AJCCenter of @WakeForest1834 announces our post-doctoral fellowship in Race, Gender & Politics.…
Happy Birthday @jameshperry! Beloved husband, magnificent father, dedicated advocate, and still the funniest prankster I know.
Eagle Scout husband @jameshperry using dramatic reminder to keep marriage fires burning. Terrific anniversary.
Happy Anniversary @jameshperry. Thank you for making our life such a rich and compelling adventure.
Hubby @jameshperry began my bday by arranging Vivaldi concert & champagne on our front porch!
Then, in advance of my 41st birthday this week, @MHPshow EP @ericsalzman rendered me as a muppet! #nerdland
To dissent is to be a patriot. My @MHPshow letter of the week.… #nerdland
Perpetual war, global poverty, Holder's legacy...and a muppet! Join @MHPshow at 10AM ET.… #nerdland
Deeply appreciating @aliciakeys activism & artistry. #WeAreHere and we can make change.