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Melissa Harris-Perry
Then, in advance of my 41st birthday this week, @MHPshow EP @ericsalzman rendered me as a muppet! #nerdland
To dissent is to be a patriot. My @MHPshow letter of the week.… #nerdland
Perpetual war, global poverty, Holder's legacy...and a muppet! Join @MHPshow at 10AM ET.… #nerdland
Deeply appreciating @aliciakeys activism & artistry. #WeAreHere and we can make change.
I "rewrote" @nytimes piece about @shondarhimes --Angry White Men and Fall TV. #nerdland
Thanks for spending part of your weekend with @MHPshow
We've got angry black women, child punishment, war & feminism on today's @MHPshow. It's good to be back in #nerdland…
I felt 21 while partying w/ dear friends at @WakeForest1834 homecoming last night. Today body reminding me that I'm *not*. #40aintthenew20
Thank you @dorianwarren for taking over @MHPshow today. It was so great to celebrate my 20th reunion for @WakeForest1834 last night.
This weekend is homecoming at @WakeForest1834 It's my 20th. Glad to be back.…
Jennifer Eberhardt has long been a genius. Now it is official.…
"Feminism Has Conquered the Culture. Now Comes the Hard Part"… via @tnr
Thanks for spending part of your weekend with @MHPshow
On @MHPshow today. All the things the NFL hopes you're *not* thinking about & Hillary tries to fry a steak....again.…
Join us for discussions of ISIS, domestic violence, and shoes.... It's @MHPshow… #nerdland
#BabyNerd & I came across patch of divinity on our morning walk. Beautiful reminder of life on a day of remembrance.
Tonight I'll be speaking to benefit the Mental Health Assoc. of Forsyth County.…
Congrats to @TheRoot 100 folks. Honored to share the list with so many folks I respect!… #Root100
This is
First breath in ten minutes! #WhoDat
Thanks for spending part of your weekend w/ @MHPshow Especially those who endured horror of my @IAmKRSOne attempt. I am *truly* a nerd.
Oh @goldietaylor , I see what kind of day it is gonna be sista! #AllLoveButThisRivalryisReal
Oh!!! I see somebody on the @MHPshow staff thinks they're funny!
Plenty of time to catch @MHPshow before games begin. Here's what we're tackling this morning in #nerdland…
Love my new home, new job and life in NC. But on Sunday...nothing changes. #Saints #WhoDatNation
My @MHPshow letter of the week, making kids wear 'shame suits' doesn't help them learn. #nerdland
Defying standards of black respectability. From @MHPshow last week. #nerdland
ISIS, Ukraine, privacy and campus assault on today's @MHPshow #nerdland
Thank you for spending part of your weekend in #Nerdland Happy Labor Day from @MHPshow
Today is @MHPshow Labor Day: work of immigrants, "end" of Atlantic City casino jobs, new NFL work rules & more.…
My @MHPshow letter this week. #Nerdland wants your suggestions for "How to teach about Ferguson."…
My sister & niece visited #Nerdland today. Niece is a 1st year college student moving onto campus this weekend!
My recent @thenation piece "Obama is responsible for Ferguson...but not how you might think."…
Here's the Saturday morning syllabus for @MHPshow… Join us in #Nerdland at 10AM CT
NIne years ago today Hurricane Katrina took lives, changed a city, revealed injustices. We remember.…
Ella's Song. We who believe in freedom cannot rest. Sweet Honey in the Rock.…
August 28, 1955. Roy Bryant & JW Milam kidnap & murder Emmett Till. His death launches a movement.
First day of 7th grade. I'm so grateful for every moment of parenting this incredible girl! #TweenNerd
"No rights which the white man was bound to respect."…
It's millionaires row on @MHPshow as we discuss politician's wealth gaffes and NBA free agents. #NerdlandGoesPlatinum…
On today's @MHPshow I'll be having a tea party and raging about buffer zones.… #Nerdland
Today's @MHPshow is devoted to the politics of parenting. #BabyNerd decided to write the questions herself. #nerdland