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Dave Shea
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I'm drawing a line in the sand. Hipsters drink PBR or they drink craft beer. Pick one.
Emerging market internet usage doesn't look anything like what you and I expect. Fascinating deck from @yiibu…
I've received Heartbleed emails from every random service I've ever used except the ones like banks and credit cards that actually matter.
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It's been a long time since I've been this impressed with a local beer. In Vancouver? Get yourself a @Persephonebeer Double IPA stat.
Revenue Canada "learned of Heartbleed Tuesday night". I... guess that's good for a government agency?
Heartbleed as a consumer: should I go change all my passwords or should I not touch the internet at all. Oh right. Neither.
So who's good to follow here for Canadian politics? Because I had to find out about the PQ loss on Facebook. Facebook!
I can think of worse weekend projects.
Took a couple of weeks after planting, but the new hop rhizomes appear to be off to the races.
Totally missed the 1yr yesterday.…
TIL: if you don't set a line-height value, different weights of the same font may resolve to different values.
Suggested improvement to CSS --
Suggested improvement to the metric system: come up with an equivalent term for 'mileage'.
Actually the part that worries me most is the '3 in 1' in the filename.…
XKCD's "correct horse battery staple" is no longer a secure password generation scheme.…
Nitro-poured cold brew coffee is an innovation I can get behind. Great idea, @Timbertrain
First patio lunch of the season at last.
Oh such delicious irony. (A new-fangled UX prototyping app throwing up an unhelpful, unactionable error message.)
No one seems to be complaining about the recent Twitter app notification spam on iOS, so I assume there's some setting I haven't found yet?
That one nice week where you're fooled into thinking summer came early? Any time now Vancouver.
As is so often the case, the question isn't *if* we'll enrich Mr. Springthorpe, it's whether we'll do it at @alibiroom or @Brassneckbrew
The problem with venting outrage in a public forum? I'd have otherwise not known of the existence of HTT.