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Dave Shea
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A photo doesn't really do the mountains of Innsbruck any justice. They're at least as high as our…
Innsbruck was seriously charming me right up until the discovery they haven't banned smoke in restaurants here yet.
Traversed the width of Liechtenstein on the train today. Shoulda held my breath.
Why do these German-speaking shops keep asking me to check my shoes when I leave?!
Way to make every other plug in Europe look bad, Switzerland.
That sinking feeling when you're roaming, forget to switch to airplane mode, and notice a refreshed app icon next time you unlock.
First time seeing @grigs' automatic live-tweeting during his talk at @grigs_talks. Good party trick, and a great way of sharing links.
The main flaw I can see in the idea for https for everything is that redirect scripts will render hotel wifi useless.
Wow, I've never been to a Conference that has lit up my Twitter feed as much as @smashingconf. Really engaged crowd here. Awesome.
CSS architecture with @mezzoblue! Lovely surprise for us here at #smashingconf this morning.
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And I say 'always' because that's not the first time I've seen that this year. (Both were revived eventually.)
Always scary hearing a commotion, turning around to see someone eyes glazed over, unbreathing, unresponsive, with hours to go in your flight
So it's gonna be one of those types of trips is it.
Sad to miss the final afternoon of #xoxofest, especially after a great morning, but a week in various German-speaking countries awaits.
Overheard lunchtime conversations about urban chicken farming, vegan diets, juicing, and Python. Because Portland.
Really loved @gruber's no compromise expectation for personal excellence, and @rachelbinx's vulnerable take on the lull between success.
So @xoxo day 1. @kevin2kelly confirms personal hero status, and @femfreq is the bravest person I've ever seen.
Pine State Biscuits for breakfast, Lardo for dinner. Doing Portland well, doing waistline horribly wrong.
PSA: look out the window tonight. You may see northern lights.…
Straight off 8hrs in the car to @apexbar for @BoneyardBeer Notorious because it's damn well worth it.
At the XOXO opening party tomorrow night? Come find me. I brought home-brewed treats.
Super happy and honored to announce that @mezzoblue is part of the #btconf family in Düsseldorf in May! Welcome on board, Dave.
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It will redefine what people expect from a... product category you probably stopped caring about 10 years ago.
I wouldn't have thought this Apple watch would be that big.
But of course any made of canned year-old gourd with spices shared by pies and lattes are dessert, not beer, and to be avoided at all costs.
The second are the fresh-hopped beers that celebrate the annual crop, and can only be made a single time per year, within hours of harvest.
The first is the traditional malt-forward German lager. Helles or Bock will do in a pinch, but the real prize is the Märzen.
It has come to my attention that many are quite mistaken about the number of acceptable styles of autumnal beers. There are two.
Remapping a local LAN gem repository from /dev/fort in 2011 so I can get Compass working. (HELP I DON'T KNOW WHAT ANY OF THIS MEANS.)
Pro tip: the second and last cask of my IPA is on @mainstreetbeer right now, and tasting better than the first.
Which illustrates that phone numbers are now the equivalent of IP addresses.
iCloud decided to delete all my contacts and now I have to guess at who's texting me by the phone number. #its2000again
2012: #1646. 2013: #1063. 2014: #520. Not a bad improvement in my placing.
And done. Think I tied last year's time, but last year didn't have headwinds and I didn't break a spoke. So I'll take it.
Oiled and pumped, ready to roll for the third year.
Pro tip: @mainstreetbeer has my IPA on right now. May want to hurry though.
Heads up to friends who were asking: the IPA cask I brewed with @mainstreetbeer will be on in their tasting room Friday evening.
Awating paper tickets in the mail from Rail Europe. Wait, is it still 1983?
Today's doodle is tragically tone deaf in British Columbia. #bced
Anyway, topped off at 1003km and 14000m elevation for August. Think I'm ready for next weekend's Whistler Gran Fondo.
Rainy early morning ride. Reaction to my being soaked to the bone: raucous laughter. So I made her breakfast out of spite.
Up to 962.9km for the month. Two guesses what's happening tomorrow morning.
The days are getting dark too early for these mid-week mountain climbs. Final one today, best time yet, wish I had another month of this.
Then this happened. Think I'm gonna like it here.
Think I've finally, finally found a way to resolve public/private Facebook tension. Unfriended everyone but family.
Seems reasonable to assume the Germans have a word for that one. Something like historichkommitbechämt must exist.
What's the word for not even wanting to git blame dumb code that's been around forever because you're pretty sure you won't like the answer?