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Dave Shea
designweb design 144,957 followers
Climate change deniers. Gun rights activists. Gamergaters. Open-mouthed gum chewers.
Working on something that could use some local sponsorship. Ping me if interested. Hint:…
My Twitter feed ought to be lit up like an Apple event talking about this hoverboard, but, crickets.…
Starting to think hate for the new Finder icon comes from being forced to confront that it's been a weird split-face smiley rectangle along.
It just isn't weekend breakfast without @reupbbq bacon.
A wee Thursday night whiskey flight.
If you're gonna scrolljack my browser, I guess I can't be all that mad if it's this well done.…
"New Look" on refreshed product packaging -- a peek at how dumb consumer marketers really think we are.
Five. Hundred. Pixels. Per. Inch.
Here's the often-unseen follow up wherein I let @UPSHelp off the hook and take all responsibility for mangling my own address. Facepalm.
And @UPSHelp saves the day yet again, whereby 'save' I mean 'keeping a package for a week without letting me know they won't deliver it'.
Haven't read anything about the weird iPhone 6 green shift yet. Not digging the colour balance. What's the deal? Any articles on this?
For whatever reason I thought I ought to publish my hubot scripts. Probably only of interest to locals, have at 'em.…
Did I just learn basic CoffeeScript and figure out Heroku deployment just so I don't have to look up the local brewery taplist? Maybe.
Tweet about getting a new phone a month later that you care about as much as I did when you got yours launch day.
It's up to ALL of us to listen to this, understand that it happens, and get mad as hell when it does.…
Floodwatch: see yourself as advertisers see you, a new project from @blprnt.…
Sadly wasn't able to maintain two bread yeast cultures over the summer. Tossed my 2yr old local strain tonight. Still have Belgium at least.
Letters that don't auto-complete to women's names in Google Image Search: C-I, L, O-R, U, W, X & Y.
@stephaniehobson I have never read an explanation of how to read this: [ left | center | right | top | bottom | <percentage> | <length> ]
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Looks like autumn's really settling in. Gonna cope by eating so many apples this week.
Spam: "Is BitCoin back?" Checks price. No. No it is not.
Spending the day helping choose the best beers in the province.
Had a major 'holy crap, it's happening' moment today. Proud to work for @mobify. Watch us in 2015.
Conflicted by the barrage of Green party fundraising in preparation for next year's election. Worst one ever to split the left.
Advice to myself, 15 years ago: less opinions on how the world should work, more accepting how it does work. Look for ways to improve that.
Talking about hooking up the gas fireplace. So long, summer.
That Bill Murray Twitter account you follow and occasionally retweet? Not actually him. Never has been. Go check, I'll wait.
Also the KitchenAid pasta attachment is pretty much my favourite kitchen toy of the year.
Finally making a @TheFoodLab recipe. The house smells amazing.
Dropbox could really use a 'forget the other ones for now and synch this one file immediately' switch.
Kinda tempted to go Nexus instead of iPhone 6 next month when I upgrade. Except, those icons, still?…
Hastening one's demise, a case study.…
A photo doesn't really do the mountains of Innsbruck any justice. They're at least as high as our…
Innsbruck was seriously charming me right up until the discovery they haven't banned smoke in restaurants here yet.
Traversed the width of Liechtenstein on the train today. Shoulda held my breath.
Why do these German-speaking shops keep asking me to check my shoes when I leave?!
Way to make every other plug in Europe look bad, Switzerland.
That sinking feeling when you're roaming, forget to switch to airplane mode, and notice a refreshed app icon next time you unlock.
First time seeing @grigs' automatic live-tweeting during his talk at @grigs_talks. Good party trick, and a great way of sharing links.
The main flaw I can see in the idea for https for everything is that redirect scripts will render hotel wifi useless.
Wow, I've never been to a Conference that has lit up my Twitter feed as much as @smashingconf. Really engaged crowd here. Awesome.
CSS architecture with @mezzoblue! Lovely surprise for us here at #smashingconf this morning.
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And I say 'always' because that's not the first time I've seen that this year. (Both were revived eventually.)
Always scary hearing a commotion, turning around to see someone eyes glazed over, unbreathing, unresponsive, with hours to go in your flight