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@chrissyteigen: @MettaWorldPeace I'm not kidding man. I wanna find this bike.” This bike has special powers
Problem Central ? pick one sleeper from the west and one from the east. Underdogs. Who do you see as the playoff spoiler ?
I am looking forward to watching OKC vs Spurs in playoffs also. I am excited because OKC is all grown up now
Hou vs Clippers was a good game. I would love to watch that matchup in the playoffs
@tipav: @MettaWorldPeace @chrissyteigen you two talking make my life complete 💕💕💕” R u gonna help us find my bike?
@runningbroken: @chrissyteigen @MettaWorldPeace people steal anything they see” Please help me find my bike
@MettaWorldPeace @chrissyteigen what's horrible is that you guys are leaving me out of this. I wanna help find mettas bike too
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@chrissyteigen: @MettaWorldPeace okay well we are going to need to use some age progression software Agreed. Why would they take it?
That was a good run today that Nike put on.
@chrissyteigen: @MettaWorldPeace big like normal big bike tires or specifically big like they were for a motorcycle normal
Where are the best runs in LA?
I didnt play in a minute. Equinox runs. Come play
I feel like im going to find it
i left my bike in LA in september in Westwood. i cant find it. can someone tell me where it is at?
Meek Mill , dope performance last night. Seemed like light work. Reminds me of my QB thuns
I need a Ja Rule hit. I miss those days
NYC , the same way I didn't get a chance to play, you guys did not give Chris Smith a chance. Chris is nice is ball. He hit 10 3's n practc
My brother @dmartest balling. He so good.., always teasing with these beach pictures
How is Brazil? Is it nice? What about , Madagascar? I have never been to Philipines or any parts of Asia except china; which ones r cool?
Circle motions this morning. Paste is a must. Rinse for a paramount feeling
It was fun being in LA today. Saw my old friends :)