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Unlock the secrets to pleasing her every time.
Flushed at the bar? Here’s why:
Is there a “right” amount of exercise?
Here are some smart ways to indulge this weekend:
If you’re traveling this weekend, read this first:
Our 4-move #weekendchallenge will set your lungs and lower body on fire: Can you beat @ToddDurkin's time?
Buster Posey has been on fire of late. #fbf to our April 2013 feature where Buster shared his keys to success. (📷 @yopeteryang )
The perfect way to fill up without filling out:
No time for the gym before the long weekend? No problem. Here’s your solution:
She isn't checking out your package—but here’s what she IS eyeing up:
Because “smart” refers to the phone, not the owner.
If you need some motivation to go to work this morning, check this out:
Would you do THIS for whiter teeth?
You want her to leave satisfied, but you don’t have all night:
Don't let late-night snacking ruin your diet: