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Our sex professor answers your most common penis-related questions:
If you struggle with pullups, try this:
Why having fun and living longer go hand-in-hand:
In other words, here's how to make the next 7 days awesome.
One time, Alex Trebek saw one of our writers naked. Here's the (hilarious) story:
10 fantasy football mistakes you always make:
What are the top 5 US cities you'd like to visit for a weekend getaway? Take our quick survey and let us know:
7 problems you can't put off anymore:
Whether you're thinking about it now or down the road, you should read this:
Who can endure more pain: men or women? Science answers. (Graphic from our killer September issue, page 135.)
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Your brain is wired to keep your body at rest. Here’s how to reprogram it.
Before you reach for another cup of coffee, try this:
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The guy's guide to vaccinations:
In moderation, it's good for you—if know what to buy.
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