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Men's Health Mag
#2. Why does the crotch always rip first? Mystery solved.
Advice from one of the world’s leading nutritionists.
Seriously? This stuff is WEIRD.
Sadly, this won't work for brilliant ideas in the shower.
Even a white lie can do damage.
It’s an All-American value, shared by NFL stars and West Point cadets—and it's an antidote to failure. What is it?
No time for the gym? No problem. Here’s your (short-term) solution:
How to avoid ruining that cool new leather bag or sneakers.
Lies are poison, ancient philosophers and modern-day scientists agree. What it means for you:
Crank up your metabolism with this 3-minute challenge:
These aren’t fun to talk about, but you’ll be glad you did.
Check out all the benefits to sex—besides the obvious.
Can you complete this CrossFit workout in 20 minutes?
On National Coffee Day, Reason #2,312 you should enjoy that afternoon cup.
Make Monday moves like Hugh. (📷 @aspictures June 2014) @thehughjackman
If you need some motivation to go to work this morning, check this out:
Would you do THIS for whiter teeth?
The science behind your attraction to her behind:
You touch these things every day—and never wash your hands.
Scientific signs your swimmers are in great shape:
The simple tweak that makes every muscle work harder:
You probably told yourself a few of these last night: