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Got my ASS KICKED-yesterday's workout. Take today off?!? NO WAY! NOW is when it counts! NO QUITTING! @MensHealthMag
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@MensHealthMag My son doesn't recognize my pic from 5 years ago! 225 lbs to 170 and 8% #transformationtuesday #mhfit
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THE STRETCH YOU MUST TRY BEFORE YOUR NEXT SQUAT SESSION! Many guys are missing internal rotation at their hips which causes feelings of stiffness and straining in the low back and hips at the bottom of the squat position. Try this WINDSHIELD WIPER mobilization from our fitness director @bjgaddour to
@MensHealthMag 215 last July.(left) 160 now(right) Amazing what sticking to a workout routine and proper diet can do.
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@MensHealthMag 250 lb summer before senior year of high school to 190 pounds as a freshman at West Point.
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@MensHealthMag butter bean to lean and mean 👊�AE
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@MensHealthMag no extra gym work, just cleaned up my diet
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We ranked the 9 most popular natural sweeteners:
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Moody backdrop in #Vancouver for @MensHealthMag December cover shoot. Guess who?
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#TransformationTuesday with JUMPING MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS from our fitness director @bjgaddour! Start with the first version shown which is easier as you hold a plank while moving your feet in and out. Make it harder with the second version by doing the same movement with your legs while holding the bot
#MotivationMonday Recent research from top trainer and biomechanics expert @bretcontreras1 shows that the SHOULDERS-ELEVATED HIP-THRUST builds the butt better than squats or deadlifts. That's because it isolates terminal hip extension for maximum gluteal activation. Don't be a close-minded "bro" who
#MobilityMonday Try THE WORLD'S GREATEST COOL-DOWN from our fitness director @bjgaddour after your next workout! Just take your shoes off and grab a wall and go through the following 3 positions for 5-10 total minutes. In Position 1 your legs are straight and together with your hips flush to the wal
SPONSORED by @Propel_Water: Couples that sweat together, stay together. #fitness
The most gourmet meal you'll ever cook over a campfire: via @MensHealthMag
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How to give her multiple orgasms:
☀️🔥💪#SundayFunday with the LUNGE AND RUN CHALLENGE from our fitness director @bjgaddour to work your LEGS AND LUNGS! Do 3 minutes of walking lunges and 3 minutes of running. That's 1 round. Do up to 10 total rounds. This routine is a beautiful blend of strength & conditioning. It's also great for
#SaturdayStretch from our fitness director @bjgaddour. If you have lower back or shoulder pain or you struggle to get your arms overhead, try the KNEELING HANDS-ELEVATED PRAYER STRETCH! Do it for 2-5 straight minutes pre/post-workout, between sets, or during commercial breaks. It will make a big dif

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