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Melanie Fiona ✌
That time my brother and I thought it would be a good idea to take cheesy pictures at Walmart for Mothers Day. 🙈😂 #WeActuallyDidntGetAlong #MyVNeckIsPopping #myBrotherThoughtHeWasShemarMoore #IWentToMyFirstAllAgesClubTheNightBefore #MyHairSmelledLikeSmoke #IHopeMyKidsNeverDoThis #JustBuyMeLunch #T
You don't need someone to complete you. You just need someone to accept you completely. #LittleAwakenings #Awake 💜 xo
Got damnit #UndercoverBoss. This super sensitive emotional cancer woman can't take these type of heartwarming stories 🙈😭😭😭😭😭💜 xo
This cold wind and rain has me like... #nobodyssmiling. Xo
Women who get together, sweat together! 💪 #NikeWomen #NTC #NYC #TeamNike xo
Do not look where you fell. Look where you slipped. #WisdomWednesday #Awake 💜 xo No one is perfect. We all make mistakes. But the root of the problem is never found in the downfall. It is found in the steps, moments and decisions leading up to that moment. Pay attention. Mistakes are meant to be l
Ready for my @nikewomen workout session!! #DressedToSweat #TeamNike #NTC xo
Life is too short to waste one single second with someone who doesn't appreciate and value you.
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Why do you love yourself? #TopicTuesday #Awake 💜 xo
Uplifting vibrations... In the palm of your hand. #Celestite #Healing #RockOn xo
... because we could all use a reminder. 💜 #MoodMonday xo
@MelanieFiona blessed and feeling appreciative that I'm on course with his plan for me. cannot complain and I smile more often #MoodMonday
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@MelanieFiona relaxed and open to accepting wherever life will take me. Studied so much science this weekend my brain hurts! #MoodMonday
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@MelanieFiona Feeling tired but blessed that I woke up this morning. One day closer to reaching my goals. #MoodMonday
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@MelanieFiona I just took a geology exam 😩 think I did good but college is no joke!#MoodMondayy
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Weekend Revelations. #LittleAwakenings 💜 xo
"How Are You?" #MoodMonday I first started asking this question on twitter two years ago. At the time, I was in a place of learning to better understand the power of social media, and our world's new found obsession with posting, liking, following, commenting and criticizing their every thought and
@MelanieFiona feeling anxious and unsettled..taking it a day at a time. #MoodMonday
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Happy Bday!! #MoodMonday xo RT @iamquita: @MelanieFiona Good morning! I'm good! My Birthday is today! So I'm actually loving a Monday!
#MoodMonday💜 RT@ShuaneWW:@MelanieFionaa its always a great morning to smile, just because you get to see it. Work flow this lovely morning!
#MoodMonday 💜 xo RT@Shar3166:@MelanieFionaa one week holiday for us Malaysians so we're all in a great mood :)
Good Morning/Night!! Where ever you are in this world, I hope your week is off to a great start. So I ask...How are you? #MoodMonday 💜 xo
My girl @MelanieFiona vocals are on point in my new fav joint ! Keep up the amazing work luv! 😘💙
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Even the people you think you truly know, can turn out to be people you never really knew at all. 💜 xo
On this beautiful Brooklyn day it would be great to have some new @MelanieFiona music. Till then i'll listen to The MF Life #jamming
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To love and be loved, is to feel the sun from both sides... #Awake 💜 xo
😂😂😂 xo @ArtistikRebelbe@MelanieFionaona Chiiil' I can't keep up anymore. Shmurda and shmoney was enough foolery for me.
So you're telling me someone decided to make "on fleek" a thing? SMH. It's not like "on point" was that difficult to spell or pronounce. xo
Introducing MF SpotiFridays! Every Friday I will post a new playlist on my @spotify page. This week's playlist is "Songs of Freedom" featuring artists who used their music to spread conscious thinking and inspire social change. Be sure to check back every Friday, and let me know what themes/topics
Introducing MF Spoti-Fridays! Check out my latest "Songs of Freedom" playist on @Spotify now! xo #NowPlaying
Kissing helps us determine if someone is a good match.
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"You Are Your Safe Place" Everything you are searching for in other people, places and things can be found in yourself. The path to this discovery is usually paved with many bumps in the road, disguised as stress, misfortune, failure, doubt, loss etc. We find ourselves asking "why me?" and losing f
... If your quality of service and customer loyalty standards are this low? I'm truly disappointed @AmericanAir. ✌️ xo wouldn't be losing most of your clients to @Delta or @united. How can you still compete as a major airline carrier...@AmericanAir
Maybe if your planes weren't so horribly outdated and you offered simple things like peanuts or pretzels in flight... @AmericanAir
... I thought you would honour your long time customers better than ridiculous baggage fees and terrible customer service. @AmericanAir
Dear @AmericanAir thanks for revoking my platinum status. After giving you years of business & traveling hundreds of thousands of miles...
Dec! Xo RT @WuddupTone: One of yall DC promoters bring @MelanieFiona back to the city that's the only way I'm coming out of my hiatus!!!
@MelanieFiona my baby means the most to me an they make me a better person an as cheesy as that sounds it's true #proudbf #MoodMondays 😆😆
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It's a gloomy & rainy day @MelanieFiona but I will be grateful and enjoy it anyway. Think of how I've made it through #God #MoodMondays :)
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@MelanieFiona restless! But sure it will get better. Trying to turn it into appreciation and patience! 😘#MoodMondayy
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Noooo!! Happy Birthday!!! 💜 xo RT@KushCrowned_SNNN: A bit sad@MelanieFionaa didn't wish me a happy bday 😢
Being #Thankful is a daily practice. But today, we EAT!!! 😛😛😛 Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians 🍁 xo
#MoodMonday 💜 xo RT@OneLoveToyaa:@MelanieFionaa under the weather but Happy Thanksgiving !🍁
#MoodMonday 💜 xo RT@jerryleeharperr:@MelanieFionaa I'm thankful for health and opportunity