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Melanie Fiona ✌
For those of you who've been asking how my new album is coming along.... It's looking a little something like this.... JAMMIN. 😁 #Live #Love #Awake 💜 xo 📷 cred: @iamcocaine80s
Eerie & equally awesome!! 💜 xo RT@HmmKikii: Going past the cemetery and bones plays! Gd song though@MelanieFionaa
Update: St. Louis officer who drew his weapon/threatened to kill #Ferguson protestors has been identified & suspended
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Sometimes you've got to just "Tell Him"... #latenightlovesongsessions 💜 xo
"Let me be patient, let me be kind".... #LateNightLoveSongSessions 💜 xo
BREAKING: St. Louis police release video of officers shooting a man four miles from where Michael Brown was killed
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An old sketch of Black Rage, done in my living room. Strange, the course of things. Peace for MO. - MLH…
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Practice Gratitude, Not Attitude. #Awake. 💜 xo
"Live Fast, Die Young". Like...Really?!!! Let someone tell your young ass that you're dying today. See how quick you slow down. ✌️xo
Humans are starting to live for documenting life events with photos and online posts, instead actually living for the event.
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Stress is a result of unfinished business, those details which have not been taken care of.
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People are always waiting for something to happen in their personal lives before they can be happy #appreciatenow
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Cop in Ferguson points rifle at protestors: "I will fucking kill you" and "go fuck yourself." #OfficerGoFuckYourself
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Remember that time police tried to shut down Don Lemon's live #Ferguson coverage... Yeah it happened
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Love 💜 xo RT@sederriuss: Y'all be sleeping on@MelanieFionaa like for real The MF Life was everything !!!!
This is single greatest piece of advice I have learned when it comes to love. Too often, people love someone the best they can, and never get back what they hope to feel in return. It's not that the other person is necessarily bad for or to you, it may just be that they don't know that type of love
People are so cynical these days... Even when the intention is good. Where TF is your good intention??? 💜 xo
I'm calling out @johnlegend @estelledarlings @omarihardwickofficial! #ALSIceBucketChallenge. Challenge accepted @djjazzyjeff!!! 💜 xo
✌️ xo RT @ozlifeadvice: one of the most expensive things you'll ever do is pay attention to the wrong person
Police sensitivity training ,diversity initiatives, body cameras for police and a fucking arrest. Would be a good start #ferguson
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Easy come, easy go. Any way the wind blows.... 🌾xo
😂😂�#truetrue xo@ozchrisrockrock: when u wake up early in the morning and u sit on the edge of ur bed
@MelanieFiona had no idea how powerful your voice is. Enjoyed the ride of love you and your live band took us on!! #TalentLivesForever
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Currently watching @SteveStoute @bhorowitz & @kanyewest speak on technology, culture & design. Truly brilliant. #Trendsetters xo
Happy Friday! Thanks @smileyourehigh_ #syh xo
Yike-eeeeee my Nike-eeeeee's!!!! #TeamNike #SneakerHead #ClosetSpaceProblems xo
Maybe hard hitting @FoxNews should be covering what's going on in #Ferguson, Mo. instead of fat shaming the First Lady??
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The perfect #TBT. "Wake Up Everybody" by @johnlegend @theroots @common & Yours Truly. #BeTheChange #MoreLove ✌️💜 xo
#TheRevolutionWillNotBeTelevised but it will be Reposted. ✊✌️#JusticeForMikeBrown #Ferguson #SocialMediaForSocialChange xo
Remember to count your blessings, before you count your money. 💜 xo
You have to bend your knees to jump. In other have to get low to get high. Best advice I've heard all day. 💜 xo
Thank You... For You. #RIPRobinWilliams xo
"At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy & your eyes sparkling." - Shanti #Awake xo
MFH x MLH One year ago, we met. Last night, I opened the stage for her. Everything in its right place & time...Always. 💜 #AboutLastNight #SuperMoon #mvsummermadness #inspired #onthepath #LaurynHill #Music #Love #Awake xo
"If I seem free, it's because I'm always running". - Jimi Hendrix #SundayMorning #OnTheGo xo
Too amped!!!! Opening for @MsLaurynHill tomorrow in Martha's Vineyard. You coming? @MVSummerMadness xo
Dear #Florida, Thank you for your always glorious #Sunsets. #PicturePostcardPerfect #noFilterNecessary 💖 xo
💜 xo RT@RoyalMobRobb: I love@MelanieFionaa voice she is#Talentedd and her album is crazy !!!
Imagine walking down the street and having people tap you on the shoulder to tell you how shitty you are, all day. That's twitter.
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