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Meg Turney
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Why yes, I AM watching Ever After for the fourth time this week. Don't you dare judge me.
Or should I bring my Guild Wars costume instead? Let's vote! Elizabeth or Guild Wars?
Didn't finish Utena in time, so I'm bringing Elizabeth instead. That's why she's on my con schedule and not Utena.
Just flew on a plane by myself for the first time, just to meet @IAmLindsayJones @bdunkelman and @megturney . Can't wait for @FanExpoCanada
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Apparently the video isn't supposed to be shared? Fine. Tweet deleted. My thoughts remain the same. Hearts to @Kootra.
"I'm so angry about claims that video games perpetuate a culture of violence against women that I'm going to send death threats to a woman"?
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Should I complete a hot lava obstacle course, or to take a roller derby class? Help me decide! #ChooseHarder
Would you rather see @megturney: A. Complete a hot lava obstacle course B. Take a roller derby class? #ChooseHarder
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Hey hey hey! @RoosterTeeth is up for a Streamy that's awarded by YOU! Vote, vote, vote!…
We're also looking forward to seeing a certain @megturney. Expect some #tbt photos of her hanging with us last year at the con. #FanExpoCan
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Big thanks to @tsukkipon for that adorable drawing! <3
New wallpaper is the cutest damn fan art piece ever!
Video review will be up on my channel tomorrow!
Just finished S2:E5 of The Walking Dead Game. Bravo, @telltalegames. Here are my choices: (SPOILERS)
.@RT_TheKnow passed 25 million views today, in addition to launching a new show. Hooray for us and the work of @megturney and @JoeyAranda3!
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Getting off of Twitter until I play the last Walking Dead chapter tonight.
@megturney ♪ Please just give us another game, but please make sure it isn't lame, One snap mooore ♫
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@megturney ♫One snap more. Another game, another pic you see. I never got to photograph Snivy. ♫
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.@megturney when the beating of your heart echoes the flapping of the pidgey. There is a game about to start when the kicks tarter comes.
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.@megturney "I dreamed a dream of snaps gone by. Where points were high and games worth playing." #pokemonsnaprevolution
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"Do you hear the Pichus sing? Singing the song of angry men? It's the Mewtwos and the people who want to Snap again!" #PokemonSnapRevolution
Day 677 since WiiU's release - Still no Pokemon Snap WiiU announcement. That's it. I'm starting a #PokemonSnapRevolution
Alright, 2am. Time to call it a night. Didn't quite make it to the point in the jacket that I wanted to, but I'm close. #cosplayallnight
Jacket lining is almost done. Going to be a crunch to get it done in time for @FanExpoCanada!!
Made a special trip to Joann's bc I thought I'd forgotten lining fabric for my jacket. Get home, trip over lining fabric. FML.
Got my Utena sword from @chinbeard - He is so ridiculously talented!!
Launching some new products soon. Your face should look like this right now.
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@megturney I knew ur picture reminded me of something 😁 sorry had to cut the fan
Retweeted by Meg Turney… As promised, mp3 download now available on soundcloud! This song was featured on @megturney cosplay time lapse vid!
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REEEEEE! Thank you @megturney - my maple syrup filled face and I heart you.
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My only advice for the upcoming finale. Play with your gut and play with your heart. Do what you and your Clementine would think is right.
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You're so adorable @megturney Hope you had a safe flight home~ ✈ Ignore them haters. Thank you for coming to Van. 🙋
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@megturney it was awesome meeting you!!hope you come back to anime revo again!!!! thanks for signing both of my shoes
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I got to meet the drop dead gorgeous @megturney and take selfies with her also Fuck Silent Hills and its fear factor
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Hey kids, today's the VERY LAST DAY to get your hands on this @ForHumanPeoples poster! Forever!…
Not sure if I'll get a review code in time to shoot a video for the last Walking Dead Game ep on release day, so it may be up next week!
In case you missed it, I posted a new @barkbox unboxing with my pup Penny!
*knock knock* Hi, I'd like to talk to you about our saviour David Bowie *throws handful of glitter*
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