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Meg Turney
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I think seeing @PennyApplePuppy credited for the voice of Zwei made my heart grow 3 sizes @megturney #RWBY
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Seeing my photo in the comments section of ONTD AND seeing nice comments below it?! My life, you guys, it's complete.
Legs and arms aren't done but it's getting closer...
Smee just hopped up on the dining table and shoved Penny's @barkbox over the side. They're working together. I fear a take-over is imminent.
I really want to sit on my ass and eat froyo instead of getting up to run, but damn if I'm not a sucker for stickers. #motivation
Questions chosen! Thanks, guys!
Don't forget you gotta use the hashtag! #AskMeg
Filming #AskMeg! Questions - go!
Forgot I just put on red lipstick. Kissed the cat.
Cheering for @missharvey in Paris this week! Good luck, lady!!
So @Twitch If you are hiring for the Cleavage Cop Squad, my resume is available! ;)
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Retweeted by Meg Turney
Saw Edge of Tomorrow last night and it's AWESOME. Seriously - watch it. Now I'm ready to jump into the book.
Playing as @megturney in Sunset Overdrive, because why the fuck would you not.
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My favorite thing to do in the comments of that video is check out people's channels. "Thanks for disproving feminism!" ->kid is like 13.
This is crazy. I haaaaaate when dudes yell "Smile, baby!" at me - thanks @meghantonjes for the link.
.@calebhart42, I was thinking of you when I said I knew more dudes that'd be affected. And @AndyLaso's nips.…
.@thathipstersam I will be soon! @AH_BrownMan is helping me set up my SNES for some sweet old school streams on
Also, while we're on the subject I've never done any "sexy broadcasts". I've never even streamed from that account. Okay, love yoooooou.
Dear everyone writing articles saying I was banned from Twitch, I wasn't. I've never been banned. I was told to change my picture. Xoxo, Meg
FTC sues AT&T for deceptive and unfair data throttling for promising unlimited data then slowing speed - @FTC
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bonded with a girl in my class today that I had never spoken to before because when we took out our laptops she had a @megturney background
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Some of the designs aren't fully cleaned up yet, but the chest is taking shape.
Officially caught up on Reign. Excuse while I cry 5ever.
Holy awesome - I found my old blue contacts!
Ordered from @PinkyParadise2U - hoping they make it in time!
Shiiiiiiit. Didn't realize you can't just pick up costume contacts in Austin like you can in LA. Need blue contacts SO. BAD.
Open Premiere to edit my next story. This is the still that greeted me. Enjoy.
No mention of rules, so I guess for now Saffy is safe to not wear clothes on @Twitch steam!
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.@GoGoGadgetGamer Hahaha I love that sassy response. "Um of course guys' chests and girls' bras offend us! Duh!"
It's too bad, I was just about to whip my nips on stream
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We'll move AGDQ from the conference rooms to the pool to justify shirtless incentives.
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Shit. Should have tagged that #MondayMorningMeg with #TooHotForTwitch. Missed opportunity, guys. Le sigh.
.@Twitch no longer allows fully nude torsos for males or females.…