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Meg Turney
"You stay over there. We gotta talk about your morning breath."
Woke up craving a soft pretzel. #nomnomnom
I just beat @GavinFree in a "how _____ should be pronounced" argument and it feels soooooo good. #delicious #yogurt
"I won $15,000 for charity!" "Yeah, well I found a dollar bill in my jeans the other day." @danluvisiart, ladies and gentlemen.
Man, starting talking about Madoka Magica and talked until my camera stopped recording. Is it obvious I loved it?
.@acarboni I once decided I wanted to be the official MLG hugger. I'd standby during championship matches and hug the losing team.
Looks like the wonderful @megturney closed out the DAR today. #KCCO
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Penny pup enjoys my funemployment status.
Couldn't sleep so I caught up on fan mail postcards. If you've sent anything in, your postcard should be in the mail tomorrow!
When your boyfriend buys you a @megturney poster yay! Can't wait till it arrives #excited
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Right as it was getting good! #GameOfThrones
It's tanning lotion I'm putting on. Sorta important for that story to make sense. Whoops.
Couldn't figure out why there was a pale streak on my leg until I put on my lotion and Penny came right up and tried to lick me. #dammit
Just because I asked & @megturney told me to do so, I bout both the signed @leenewtonsays & @megturney posters from @ForHumanPeoples. 4/20
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I'm ready for festival season! Do you have any music or street festivals on your summer schedule? <3 @megturney
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Jut bought myself two meg posters and a meganerds t- shirt. I'm so excited for them to come in!!! @megturney
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Gonna be doing the washing machine while I make my eggs. #dailyjam