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Meg Turney
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BOOOOOO! When I ordered my iPhone from @ATTCustomerCare, it said it'd ship in 2 weeks. Just got an email that it won't ship until November.
Chewbacca dog doesn't quite trust this place.
The Know It All for this week is live! We'll work on getting it up on the Rooster Teeth site too.…
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The Know it All is up! Love, love, love - go, go, go!
Don't care if you make videos. People should be able to feel safe in their homes 👐
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Hmmmm! The #KnowItAll this week is 22 minutes--basically a half hour newscast minus the commercials and professionalism! We've made it!
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Upcoming beach vacation has been rained out. Brb crying 5ever.
Just bought myself some Pikachu shoes because adulthood.
GTA V FINALLY Gets An Official Release Date for PS4, Xbox One, and PC - #TheKnow
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The Know It All liiiiiive! Right now for Sponsors!
Made a hair appointment. Can't decide if I should continue on this pink journey or return to my red. #DECISIONS
Gold iPhone 6 Plus = ordered. And with that, good night. Zzzzz
Fun fact about the staff photo of @RoosterTeeth: I'm holding @ChrisDemarais around the waist prom night photo style.
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Bad news, guys. I just found out that I might be an asshole. Oh man. My head is swimming. I can't let my mom find out.
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Trying to take a photo of my outfit when suddenly.
Hiding from her brother's claws on mom's lap.
This is such a terrible idea, but holy crap is it too damn cute.
#TBT: opening day of @FanExpoCanada 2014, headed straight to @megturney's booth as doors opened :).
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Fashion idea decided! Thanks for your input!
I'd love to do more fashion-related stuff. What would you want to see?
Some of the 800 ET Carts we pulled out of the landfill are heading to eBay
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"Don't I look handsome?" "...Don't tell anyone I like it."
After seeing the bow I couldn't resist drawing @megturney! Magical Girl or Pokemon Trainer who knows. #bothisgood
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Smee tries on his Halloween costume and simultaneously plans my murder.
.@femfreq @twitter I can ABSOLUTELY confirm. They told me "Well...he later deleted the tweet, so he's probably not serious." Da fuq.
100k views in half a day on "Dumb For You"! That might be a record for me…
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I know this isn't happy or fun, but everyone should watch this. Heartbreaking and terrifying at the same time.…
Ep 3 of the Leaderboard is up. Come for the news stay 4 love triangle that is @JonRisinger @megturney and @JaredWynne
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.@Meme_Koten I wrote the story, that's why the news is by me and why it says hosted by Joey underneath that.
Just watched the new @HoodieAllen video only to see @megturney turns out I like me some hoodie. #discovernewthingswithmeganerds
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New episode of The Leaderboard!!
Apple Pay Will Let Users Pay With Their Phones - #TheKnow
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So honored to have been in @HoodieAllen's newest video! Number of suckers I ate during that shoot = 5.…
Announcing an album on an Apple live stream is cool, but doing it with an awkward Tim Cook/Bono finger touch is REALLY cool. #AppleLive
Yeah, but can I get a Pokemon battle watch face? Because I have Pokemon on my @Pebble.
I'm gonna share SO MANY DICKS on these watches.
@megturney Now, please open your hymnals to page 183, as we sing, "O Come All Ye Apple Fans".
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And Father Cook said "Let there be one more thing," and there was one more thing. And the people wanted to give him money. And it was good.
Damn, Apple is coming for @Pebble so hard.