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Meg Turney
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I feel this SO. HARD. Being scared into silence is easy - speaking up is hard, but right. Amen, @feliciaday.โ€ฆ
Sleep, cone kitty. Sleep.
Our little man got the big snip today. He hates the cone.
Check out this @BruceTimm style picture of @megturney from her 'My Room' photo shoot. Disclaimer: much prettier irl.
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Don't understand the logic of people complain about girls 'Halloween' costumes just being slutty. It's fucking awesome.
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Y'all are the best. <3
Hey guys - everyone mind reporting @megtumey for me again? I'm in the process of having it deleted but it takes time. Xoxo.
I also got a calendar and give myself a sticker on the days I work out. I have regressed to being 5 and I don't mind it.
Watching Reign on the couch. Got off my ass and watched it on the treadmill. #sweatyselfie
Red Fox/Red Wolf/Grey Wolf - I am indecisive. #MegaNerds choooooose! @spirithoods
This story is just crazy to me. "Indie Dev Threatens to Kill Gabe Newell"
Check out this amazing owl cookie jar a MegaNerd sent in! Thanks so much, Stanley Chang!!!
.@ADOGLIGHT My cover is blown! Abort! Abort! *blasts off in tiny escape pod*
I'm only on episode two but a guy just spoke what sounded like Elvish and cut open his hand. Um - I'm still in.
Guys, I think I'm into Reign and I don't give a feeeeeeck.
Mass Comm quote of the day .@megturney: "I'm in charge of me, I decide when I get a donut" ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚#mcweeke#FDOM14M#TXSTXST
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Cash is ready to open his first ever @barkbox! Thanks @megturney for the discount code!
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met @megturney and got all sorts of star struck. I could barely speak. ๐Ÿ˜”
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.@megturney: "what differentiates you from being lost in the shuffle is your content" #mcweek #FDOM14
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Was so cool getting to meet @megturney at TXST's mass comm panel! Walked away with a lot to work with! #Eat'emUpCats
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.@jonzmikly Hahaha I love that you scrapped them! I'm not afraid of my roots!!!
Alkek 250! Now! Go Bobcats, go!!!
MegaNerds! I'm waltzing around campus - come say hi! Starting at Old Main and making my way to LBJ.
Someone put this on tumblr and I don't think I'd ever seen it. Cute outtake from my @meinmyplace shoot.
This year my sister was diagnosed w/ breast cancer, I'm auctioning these to benefit the hospital that helped her.
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Halloween costume decided. I will finally conquer Cortana...
i have a load of tests this week so to preemptively reward myself i finally bought a @megturney shirt!!! *u*
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Excited about speaking at Mass Comm Week at Texas State tomorrow! Starts at 3:30pm!
Awww so many people think the guy was Gav - it totally wasn't! I'd never seen him before but he totally tried to kill me first! #yourhonor
I know acrylics are kinda "out" but I had a dream I strangled a dude and my nails looked like this, so I had to.
Smee's really protective of the chicken sandwich I ate earlier.
@megturney same person who was impersonating @bdunkelman is now impersonating you >.< reporting asap
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