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Meg Turney
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@megturney honestly I looked at this and took it as a challenge. Turns out it's not that hard to get stuck. #inpain
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Gavin's finger is stuck in his GameCube controller. His excuse? "I thought it would be nice!"
Maxwell is a conquistador and he's here to conquer and annex your favorite spot on the couch. It's his couch now.
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Ready to get my @fitbit fitness on.
After two days of feeling like I'd conquered my cold, woke up this morning feeling like I'm right back in Cold Town. Nooooo!
It's almost panel time! See you at 5pm in room 205!!
I'm all sold out so I'll be walking around for a bit - come say hi if you see me!
Can't tell which is sweeter, @megturney or the cupcakes she brought us :3
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Just gave @megturney A League of Their Own, signed by Lori Petty. She gave me the best hug ever. #SheHugsLikeRainbows
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Trying my hardest to get to you guys - none of the staff know where my badge is! Rawr!
Just picked up cupcakes for my lovely MegaNerds waiting at the booth - see you guys at noon!!!
@megturney we are Meganerds, you insulted our queen, prepare to die
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Whenever people are mean to me, I want to shout "MegaNerds! MegaNerds! MegaNerds!" like Valerie shouts "Humperdink!" in The Princess Bride.
San Anotonio! Let's meet up at noooooon. I am old and sleepy.
It's the end of the week, so @AshleyJ and @megturney are here with #TheKnowItAll to make sure you're up to date.…
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I'll be at my booth tomorrow starting at 11am!
For my booth this weekend, I won't have prints, but come on by and get a selfie, or something signed and we'll have a grand ol' time.
Please believe that if I could pull of the finger move that starts at 3:06 of that video, I'd do it all the damn time.
The votes are in! I threw some elbows, + got serious on the roller derby course. Watch: #ChooseHARDER
Bought a @fitbit and a Fitbit scale. I am ready! ...and also I might get that bracelet @meghantonjes wants...
Hey, hey, hey - @alamocitycon attendees! I'll be there this weekend - booth BH6 - and I have a panel Saturday at 5pm in room 205! Be there!!
And the gold medal for best accidental @megturney screenshot goes to me. #rtpatch 🐱🐈�
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Today at college they were play The Know through the hallways! I got really excited... @RoosterTeeth @RT_TheKnow
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And yes, I saw that she wrote a new article saying she doesn't /really/ blame cosplayers. Half-assed backtrack is half-assed.
Dude, the "cosplayers are the problem with cons" lady needs to fuck off. "No one's buying my stuff so I'll blame every one else!" Ass.
Well Utena, we didn't quite make it. So, I'll be Mint Berry Crunch on Saturday! Bonus: Pricked my thumb, bled on it.
Just subscribed to @barkbox so this guy can get more toys & treats. Thanks to @megturney for the #MegaNerds discount!
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There are currently 7 robots on Mars, which means only a few more need to arrive before the planet-wide Battle-Bots Tournament can begin!
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#destiny loot cave is now officially Nerfed… thanks to @megturney for the FYI.. well it's back to the ol drawing board
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This is just a reminder that this video exists and Jin is the best.
An evangelical rewrote a Harry Potter book to rid it of all the witchcraft. Sounds bad, but I really liked her other book “1 Shade of Grey.”
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Jamming to k-pop when you realize you're still signed into the company account. Whoooooooops. #sorrynotsorry
Please take the time today to watch @gogreen18's video.
For those wondering, it's Utena! And I'm hoping to take it to @alamocitycon! (And also I won't be at NYCC! Sorry!)
I'm hoping to finish it all tomorrow night. Insanely proud of the shoulder bits so far. #cosplay
Doesn't look like much yet, but after I finish with the bias tape, paint everything, and sew the pockets, I'm done!
@megturney I believe my 17 year old Burmese has an attraction to the beautiful @megturney. What can a man do?
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I WILL be @alamocitycon this weekend! I have a panel on Saturday - come say hi!
Going to try my hardest to finish Utena this week so I can wear her to @alamocitycon!
If you want to follow #ThePatch for game recommendations on Steam, go here and we'll help you spend all your money:…
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