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Meg Cabot
Author Sophie Kinsella's tips for being an author include cocktails!… Princess Mia's getting married! But she and Grandmère don't see eye to eye on fashion.
.@lenadunham is turning one of my favorite books into a movie! So. Excited.
This cute video of US Marine band vs. Korean drum corp made me smile.
"It's not a selfie if you're not in it." - Quote from Meg's Agent.
I want @MJLowell's Bad Review Barbie to quote some of my bad reviews!…
I would like to personally thank the writers of #TheMindyProject for the genius that is Diamond Dan!!!
Having @NiecyNash AND @shondarhimes BOTH on #TheMindyProject tonight caused me to explode with happiness. Still putting the pieces back.
BOOK PURSE Princess Mia Meg Cabot ready to ship by BookPurses via @Etsy @megcabot #princessdiaries #bookpurse
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Cutest miniature horse ever!
#Scandal Did not think this show could get any better and then: Genius Bar Huck & Sweatpant Mellie. HEAVEN!
No it was not George Clooney's wedding. (LT)
Forgot to say I was out of town for a wedding so am now catching up on all TV! #OUTLANDER OMG.
Awkward Bridesmaid Photos!
A Bollywood remake of The Princess Diaries movie? Yes, please!
Which "Scandal" Character Are You? I got Jake Ballard! I am a trained assassin.… via @emilyorley @BuzzFeed
#Scandal Oh, and Booty Call Hotel Room Jake. TGIT INDEED.
Last night I dreamt that Jake from #Scandal asked me to marry him in his #Lambo outside a Pappagallo store. #TGITpartyAlreadyStarted
This is me when I get addicted to any new book/author:
Author Rachel Vail talks about her great new book Unfriended!
A Special Mediator 7 Statement from Meg!…
Abandon, tome 3 : L'Éveil par Meg Cabot: @megcabot a new french review of Abandon, tome 3 : L'Éveil on @babel...
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Check out the new design at and find out what's COMING SOON!
Tonight (10/5) we had a @michaelianblack taco party for HWSNBNITB's birthday (excluding sparklers). NSFW OR KIDS:
"I'm glad I can talk to you about fictional characters as if they were real, and have you still think I'm sane."
Cover Reveal! Big News about Princess Mia!…
Makeover of the Day: Ty in Clueless!
"One day you will thank me for telling you this." #TextFromMyMom
Need a name for a character? The US Government is here to help! My favorite #writing website:
"@mmags6: @megcabot wrote in How To Be Popular: "Planets orbit around the sun---people orbit around sunny people!" I like that one :)" Yaaas
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Makeover of the Day: Joey the Shelter Dog!
"It's rude to text at the table, but sometimes you just have to." #TextFromMyMom
“Maybe careers aren’t something you can really plan for. They just sort of happen.” @thejuby Susan Juby, Alice, I Think
Makeover of the Day: Emma Stone in Easy A!
O.M.G. I didn't know that my @megcabot 's book collection was already this size.
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Q: What do you think of self-publishing? A: I think some of it could use Spellcheck. #writing
"I don't get the thing with the tattoos." #TextFromMyMom
Quote of the Day: “Never sit in the first row at the ballet.” ― John D. MacDonald
Makeover of the Day: Bailey the Shelter Dog!
Q: How have you written so many books? A: One at a time. #writing
My mom just told me she's seen the texts from her that I've been posting and she thinks "they're pretty funny."
"If people spent more time gardening and less time taking selfies, everything would be better." #TextFromMyMom
Makeover of the Day: Ally Sheedy in The Breakfast Club!
Thinking of my friend Sophia Travis today.