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Meg Cabot
Now I finally know how to do eyeliner properly, thank you @SeeJaneMarie
Vic Cabot, 12/03/39 - 9/04/94. Bright, sweet, funny man, gone 20 years #TextFromMyMom
Have you ever noticed that all authors (and people) named Meg or Megan rock? I'm just saying.
On my TBR: @micolz's new book Amity. It looks like spooky fun!
Find out why @megcabot is (unknowingly) responsible for the Detroit FYA Book Club!…
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Some writers say when in doubt, take it out. Henrietta says…..
Rest in peace, Joan Rivers.
"Apple denies breach, blames hack victims for not securing their own accounts" - So long, iPhone. Hello Blackberry my old friend.
George RR Martin rules!
Quote of the Day: "If you are really effective at what you do, 95% of the things said about you will be negative." Scott Boras, sports agent
When writing and in doubt whether to leave something in, leave it in. #writing
Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photo Leak Isn't A "Scandal." It's A Sex Crime.
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I miss Kelly Kapoor even though I might BE Kelly Kapoor
Am watching #SomeKindOfWonderful on TVGN. Still one of the best teen movies ever.
Thank you author Megan McDonald for the term "bummer summer" because I've used it like 100x in reference to this past summer.
I feel like whoever is writing the show You're The Worst is spying on me and my friends which is also bad because I thought we were nice.
This is awesome: Star Wars fan donates her Princess Leia doll!
I am geekily excited that @katespadeny sent me a fortune teller miracle fish in the mail. It says I'm "in love!" So true.
"As long as I have claws in my body to sink into you, you will never ever go away again." What the cat is thinking about my husband.
There are things people claim to be true, and then there are the things you know in your heart to be the truth.
Loved @meganshull's adorable, funny book The Swap!
Can't wait for the new season of The Mindy Project!
Merci à @HachetteBooks et à tous mes lecteurs en France qui ont donné tant de succès au Carnet d’Allie. Bisous!
Quote of the Day: "Okay, okay calm down, it was just a bird. You don't control the birds. You will someday, but not today." Lisa Simpson
I think I need an intervention from TNT and USA Network summer television.
I am pretty sure @carolinedelasun and @mattdelapena are publishing's Kate and Prince William. Plus a royal Luna!…
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The cat has stopped ignoring my husband. Now she jumps into his lap when he least expects it. Like when he's naked.
"Authors should spend less time tweeting and more time writing books." #TextFromMyMom
Yes, I'm writing new Fear Street books, killing off more teenagers! You can pre-order now:
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So that outfit Kerry Washington has on at the #Emmys with the black sparkle shorts and the orange gown? She looks fabulous and I want it.
"Everything looks better painted white. Or if it doesn't you can sell it in your next garage sale." #TextFromMyMom
Someone needs to say it: "Who's got a case of the Mondays?" I DO! Now watch the clip/feel the hate:…
Even though cat sat on husband's side of bed and cried for him sadly every single night while he was away, she is now hiding from him.
Husband is finally back after 3 weeks of dealing with deceased father's affairs and the cat is pretending she doesn't know who he is.
"Those Kardashians seem a bit self-absorbed." #TextFromMyMom
I cannot wait for next summer! I miss Mia! @megcabot
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Adorable puppy takes a leap of faith!…
Good Book Alert! Don't miss Isla and the Happily Ever After by @naturallysteph
"Ron won't get a cell phone so we need Walkie Talkies so he can call me while he's on his walk." #TextFromMyMom
Cute re-issue of the Allie Finkle series, Le Carnet d’Allie, from France! Merci @HachetteBooks
Stephenie Meyer is using her own money to produce movies based on books by women like @haleshannon and @duncanauthor. This is great news.
According to the TV show #TheStrain, when you become a vampire your penis falls off. #awesomeTVshows
#Outlander More of shows like this please. Thank you.
Check out @cory_arcangel's book of people tweeting about writing. #ambuyingit #amwriting
Even though I'm not a morning person, I still think every new day brings something good. Sometimes you have to look for it, but its there.
Shark + My brother = SharkBro (bro is the bald one)
Many thanks to @avonbooks for the flowers in remembrance of HWSNBNITB's father! So thoughtful!
If you or someone you know is considering suicide, PLEASE contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).
Thank you @megcabot for choosing "Good Muslim Girls" for @Cosmopolitan. I loved reading your books and am honored to have you read my work!
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