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Want a page like this?
This might be the world's largest turban.
Go ahead and flex that muscle suit technology (with @donttrythis).
What the hack are you doing?
Finish this summer of trends with a taser photo shoot and hefty gopher rescue.
Started from the bottom, now they own the company.
Who would you put your money on: man or machine?
Watch out for James Murphy's serve. It's a musical masterpiece.
Trying this for the first time is frightening no matter what age you are.
College Musical: Study, sing, repeat. Coming September 3!
Australian musicians @angusjuliastone stopped by YouTube HQ for a feast of fantastic folk-pop.
The masterminds behind Big Jet Plane, @angusandjuliastone delight the YouTube HQ with their favorite hits. →
You might as well face it: you're addicted to coffee.
If it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year, call some "Friends."
Watch this video before you accept the #IceBucketChallenge.
These music collabs are like french fries and ice cream: odd but amazing. Are we right?
Her #anaconda don’t want none unless you got that super bass.
.@MileyCyrus’ visual director explains the current state of boys and girls … and it’s weird.
Grimes is a desert goddess with demonic dance moves in “Go.”
It’s National Bow Tie Day. Can we show you a few things?
Forget fall. Keep summer alive with these last-chance summer hits.
.@itstonybennett and @ladygaga can't give you anything but love.
Here's a message for everyone starting school this week from @charli_xcx.
We're so excited, we're so excited, we're so ... scared? "Saved by the Bell" turns 25.
Let @MacLethal brighten your day with a motivating Mozart rap.
Runways? We don't need no stinkin' runways.
Are you sure you brought the right suit to the beach?
Our favorite #Emmy highlights from Weird Al parodies to epic smooches →
Only watch this video if you're confident you exist.
Billy Crystal pays tribute to his friend, the late Robin Williams, at last night's #Emmys.
If you steal this bike you have to break it.
So you think you know something about marsupials, huh?
What’s the deal with GMOs? Are they really that bad?
Hey girl, the Bottle Boys have a favor to ask.
The amazing adventures of Action Movie Kid →
Chris Martin straps on a sumo suit and finds his soul mate in #TrueLove.
Nicki, Taylor, Iggy and more --this year’s VMA lineup is looking twerktastic.
.@TheRealRyanHiga and his friends do dumb stuff because you said so.
It’s time to step up your karaoke game.
A collection of videos chronicling the situation in Ferguson →
#Trending this week on YouTube: A tale of terrible twerking and ice.