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Johnnie Zombie
The Zombie EbolaFluRabies virus is currently emerging from Africa! Here we go!! #zombies #thewalkingdead #Zombieland
City Infested By Zombies: The city will be a feeding zone. Don't be caught with congestion ahead of ...
If living girls have issues keeping their bikinis on, why do all bikini zombies still have theirs intact? MORE TOPLESS ?#ZOMBIES? COME ON!
Tip: Don't allow children to fire automatic weapons while you're standing right next to them.
#zombies + walmart = feeding frenzy
learn to make #biodiesel, you can get waste oil free from any fast food joint
Christians are being raped and executed by ISIS and our President is on vacation WTF?! #noConfidence #stopISIS
Zombie Adventure FREE Game Final Release | zombie, zombies, game, mobile, android #zombies #thewalkingdead…
Before letting off rounds indiscriminately, one had better know which type of zombie is present. #survival
What if they're laced with gun powder? :p RT @ZombieHustle: Smoking doesn't kill zombies, bro. #theundead
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October 12 is not soon enough for Season 5 of #thewalkingdead #zombies
Zombie Outbreak Response Team iPod case! but I have a Galaxy S5 #zombies #thewalkingdead @ZombieRespTeam
.@WaterRaven even vegetarian #zombies can enjoy them!
kardashians dont believe in #zombies and this will be their undoing!
do you hack or stab a #zombie to kill it?
im surprised i can spell apocalypse correctly so often lol #zombies
i bet you #zombies get stiffies! lol!
If you see a naked man eating a prone body, GO THE OTHER WAY! The zompocalypse is here! #zombies #TheWalkingDead
check out my #zombie survival site