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MC Lyte
Tap into your creativity if you want to build your business #MCLyteEmpire.
Congrats to my sister Cole for her men’s skin care line. Check it out…
Do something to show yourself that you are special, because YOU ARE #unstoppable
“The value of an idea lies in the using of it.” — Thomas Edison
Stop and appreciate all that you have! #legendbuilder
Admitting our mistakes shows we are not ashamed to be wrong, but ready to redo what we did correctly and become #unstoppable
Haters are just doing their job. Don't waste your time hating them back, you have better things to do #MCLyteEmpire.
Like attracts like, with a positive attitude, you will draw others that are just as positive. #unstoppable
“There are no solutions at the end of a pointed finger.” Ray A. Davis
Don't take everything so seriously. . . a little humor always helps. #legendbuilder
When someone gives you a compliment, accept it and allow what they see to rub off on how you see yourself. #unstoppable
Beauty is only skin deep. A bad attitude is everywhere #MCLyteEmpire.
Love is fulfilling, patient, timeless and necessary . . . love is #unstoppable
And then came me! 😳☺️
"You can cha cha to this mardigraus....." Rocking that thing cuz it still pays me 😳☺️. Thank the LAWD 🙏
Or these leaders....#golden
How about these leaders of tomorrow?! #support 🙏
What leadership looks like. Step into your purpose. Lead by example. Father your children. Love your…
What’s up for tonight NC?! Come party with me Village Event Center Alumni 30plus get yo tkts in advance no walk...
“Hold fast to your dreams, for without them life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.” Langston Hughes help us by donating 3 or more dollars for immediate treatment for our sister.…
This here attitude will get you stuck!!! Adopt something "I CAN". #motivation #aspirations #dreambig #gettoit
If it sounds difficult, do it! Challenges make us stronger. #legendbuilder
Play your position. BE YOU. Never fake it. Always stay true. Know your business, mind it and it will grow. Be about YOU. Own your space. Be outstanding.
Intuition is the mother of all and should not be ignored. Listening to that voice inside of your head makes you #unstoppable
Go for your goals. They are waiting for you #MCLyteEmpire.
North Carolina, come join me Saturday!
Pretending to be someone you’re not gets awfully tiresome, so let people go if they can’t love who you are. #unstoppable
“The truth is never the problem; The problem is always the problem.” Jeff Vanvonderen
Deep CEO TRAINING! Dream BIG!! Sunni Gyrl, Inc & @hiphopsistersnetwork a dream come true!! Thank you COO @lynnrichardson and the entire team of both organizations.
Leave yourself open to be inspired. #legendbuilder
Willpower means you hold on to your beliefs and don’t crumble under pressure. #unstoppable
Don't let haters stop you. Let them be your motivation to win #MCLyteEmpire.
Doing the best you can solidifies that you are a child of God. #unstoppable
Help hip-hop pioneer @mclyte support @HIPHOPSISTERS Network. Learn how here:
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You ain't know?! #Eyes are the soul #BK 89 what were you doing?
“The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude.” Oprah
What chu talking 'bout Willis?? Lol love my brother Big Daddy Kane. 2012 BET inaugural ball. BBD performed right after we rocked it! #goodtimes #memories
Speak to others as you would want to be spoken to. #legendbuilder
Strive for your dreams. Believe in yourself #MCLyteEmpire.
When someone shares their private world with you, it is a privilege. Protect their privacy and you’ll be #unstoppable
Please donate to our sister who has been diagnosed w/ stage 4 cancer and in dire need of treatment thank you!
God provides us with limitless power to achieve our goals and push us beyond what we ever thought we were capable of. #unstoppable
Remy & Papoose KILT it!!! #hiphoplives #originality #unity #cold #hot #dynamic #innovative
“He who angers you conquers you.” Elizabeth Kenny
Why does this pic resemble 'real life' Spike Lee?!?! #dotherightthing #stophating #love #equalrights