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Boris Johnson
Proud to support @TheLondonMela in Gunnersbury Park on Sunday. Head down from 1pm for great free cultural celebration
Head to @noordinarypark tomorrow for a fantastic day of sporting and cultural activity #LibertyFestival #NPD2014
Good luck to all @RideLondon cyclists this weekend. Saddle up for FreeCycle tomorrow & enjoy our city's iconic sights
This morning I visited the very moving and fascinating new WW1 galleries at the @I_W_M where there is so much to see
Delighted to help the volunteers at the Breaker's Yard Pocket Park at Sutton House in Hackney - a wonderful place
Thanks! Time's up - I'll be back for more #askboris in September - thanks to all who took part - see you next month for more @AL0NS0FAN
#askboris apart from GigsBigBusk are you planning other opportunities for young musicians/followers in the arts in and around London?
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check out the fab work of Ginny Greenwood and @Mayorsmusic @LotsOfColour_xo
we've just announced another £9m for the high streets fund to help SMEs create jobs and growth @HashDar
@MayorofLondon #askboris what plans do you have to allow small businesses to continue despite constant threat of big companies
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we try to keep fare rises down - like this year - but we must invest in a fast growing city #askboris @robert_burchell
#askboris do you consider the underground and other public transport charges in London fair, when compared to other major European cities?
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yes - and it is one of the few areas where we need to catch up with Paris...they turn their sewage into electricity #askboris @sharng_
#AskBoris Heard @ImperialWharf is the next Shoreditch.When will you visit London's hotspot?PS.We've got great mushroom soup @MayorofLondon
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but i opened the station there - classic example of how transport leads economic regen #askboris @MediaZoo @ImperialWharf
investing £1bn to improve cycling - introducing superhighways, quietways better junctions & safer lorries consultation #askboris @SCarwithen
Was promoting Diesel cars to delay global warning by a few days, but polluting our cities, one of the dumbest policies in history? #askboris
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the prob was that eu standards worked on test track but not in real life - but we can beat it w technology #askboris @AndrewBeckett
@MayorofLondon #AskBoris when would an overhaul of teaching on eating habits in this country EVER happen. What happens now is rubbish
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see our Lighter London project we launched with Jakki Rogers the fantastic head at Christ Church school sw9 #askboris @stewartboocock
yes - we are working with westminster to get more lanes everywhere -esp the new giant east-west superhighway #askboris @annabelsusannah
@MayorofLondon please can we have more cycle lanes around Piccadilly & green park?!! #AskBoris
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@MayorofLondon #askboris Do you think London has the potential to generate significant energy from waste? #WasteToEnergy
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@MayorofLondon could more be done to protect the cyclists of London seeing as they don't pollute and encourage exercise?#AskBoris
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I've just announced £1m for small sports clubs #freesport @Ian_Evans
@MayorofLondon What will you do to back smaller sports, particularly speedway which has lost all its London tracks? #AskBoris
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@MayorofLondon #askboris is a load of bollocks to try and endear you to people. Answer a tricky question, you buffoon
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#AskBoris Can ypu lend your support to the #GLNP proposal for a National Park City? a great way for play & learning outdoors for all.
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keen to learn about this - talk to dr Munira Mirza. we are doing 100 pocket parks and planting 25 pc more trees by 2025 #askboris @aknill
we keep far too much stuff in the fridge. waste of energy. marmite for heaven's sake. marmalade. cupboard is fine #askboris @BRTMerrill
@MayorofLondon #askBoris Do you keep your ketchup in the fridge or the cupboard?
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have you ever sniffed the olfactory delights of Kew Gardens? Now is the time. or coffee smell maltby st #askboris @kjachimavicius
Blackwall 2 tunnel at silvertown going in by 2019...we need more east of tower bridge..gallions and belvedere #askboris @pete_warren
@MayorofLondon #AskBoris Hi Boris. How soon can we expect a new East London road river-crossing to ease the Blackwall Tunnel bottleneck? Ta!
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get them to join the movement for fiscal devolution for english cities...what's sauce for welsh and scots goose..#askboris @csetherington
@MayorofLondon is you could change one thing about the current government what would it be and why? #askboris
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yes - but a slump would be answer is keep building more...have done 78 k affordable so far #askboris @cvaria
@MayorofLondon #askboris would you like to see house prices fall in London?
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@MayorofLondon #askboris I’m doing RideLondon at the weekend for the first time. Any tips for success?
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it's will love every minute and gasp at the natural beauty of surrey (and london) #askboris @gromitski
no i find it by conventional means - and have done for last six years. bike theft coming down #askboris @Parr_Roddy
@MayorofLondon #askboris why do you not have a tourist tax in London. Most European cities have a tax and tourism doesn't suffer.
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not keen on new taxes - but we should def devolve 5 property taxes to england's big cities - why just scotland? #@askboris @johnmaloneyuk
I'm ready for your questions - please send your questions in using #AskBoris
Morning folks! Just a reminder I'll be answering your twitter questions in around an hour. Please send in your questions using #AskBoris
A beam of light has pierced the night sky, a reminder of lives lost, but also of heroism and hope @1418NOW #spectralondon #LightsOut