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Mayo Clinic
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What to expect during a mammogram: #BreastCancer
We need to do a better job teaching patients about #hcsm tools including privacy settings @Doctor_V . #mccsm
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October is National #LiverCancer Awareness Month. What you need to know:
#MayoClinicFL recently completed its 5,000th #OrganTransplant since its transplant program began in 1998. #DonateLife
Flu shots are the most effective way to prevent #influenza and its complications. Who should get the flu vaccine?
"I regularly take over-the-counter #PainMedicine for #arthritis. Can this be harmful?"
Alyssa has faced many medical hurdles, including 3 #hearttransplants, and managed to keep her smile and determination
You're invited to a Mayo Clinic Alumni Reception tonight 6-9 pm during #aao2014 at the Fairmont in Chicago.
Meet our Ophthalmologists now - 2pm at booth 774 during #aao2014 in Chicago!
#BreastCancer patients can benefit from more physical activity:
“Medical improv” teaches art of #improvisation to help staff improve the workplace.
Weight gain is a common side effect of insulin treatment. Here's how you can minimize or avoid weight gain.
He tells his story of beating #ProstateCancer, traveling the world, sharing his love of music.
Don't miss our dinner and satellite symposium at 6pm tonight during #aao2014 at the Fairmont in Chicago.
After Charles' heart failed, he became 1st patient to have #artificialheart implanted at Mayo.
Meet our Ophthalmologists today at booth 774 during #aao2014 in Chicago!
Next week on #MayoClinicRadio, we discuss #BreastCancerAwareness! Join us. Sat., Oct. 25 9-10aCT
If you would like to make an appt. with the Mayo Clinic #MensHealth Clinic in #AZ, call 480-301-8216
3 Things for men to do today: 1. Exercise 20 min everyday 2. Healthy Diet 3. If you smoke, QUIT. #MensHealth #MayoClinicRadio
1 out of 8 men will get a #osteoporosis fracture in their life time. #MensHealth #MayoCliniRadio
Baldness - caused by hats and hairdryers? Myth. It's genetics from both mom and dad. #MensHealth #MayoClinicRadio
Biggest complaint for low testosterone is low libido & fatigue. Other: Muscle mass loss, bone density issues, depression. #MayoClinicRadio
Low Testosterone is becoming common inquiry. Men's T levels peak in their 20s & start decline in their 40-60s. #MensHealth #MayoClinicRadio
We are now talking w urologist Jason Jameson, MD, and cardiologist David Simper, MD part of the #MensHealth Clinic in #AZ #MayoClinicRadio
Protect against Noise Related Hearing Loss, wear ear protection while using loud machines: lawn mowers, leaf blowers, etc. #MayoClinicRadio
Protect your #hearing! 2/3 of people over the age of 65 will experience meaningful hearing loss. #MayoClinicRadio
In 30 minutes on #MayoClinicRadio, Urologist Jason Jameson, M.D., & cardiologist David Simper, M.D. talk #MensHealth.
#Breastcancer prevention starts with healthy habits. Understand what you can do to reduce your risk!
Myth or Fact: Men experience their own type of menopause. Find out the answer TODAY on #MayoClinicRadio at 9 am CT.
How does prostate & sexual health relate to cardiovascular health? Find out TOMORROW on #MayoClinicRadio
October is National #BreastCancer Awareness Month. Don't skip screenings:
After many years as "professional lip reader," Scott is learning to hear again with #cochlearimplants.
International surgeons visit #mayoclinic150 exhibit at SIS #WorldCongress on Breast #Healthcare in Orlando.
Looking forward to seeing you at our dinner and satellite symposium at #aao2014 in Chicago on Saturday at 6pm!
Adapting to life after colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy.
On the next #MayoClinicRadio, Saturday, October 18 at 9 a.m. CT, the topic is #MensHealth. Join us!
When measuring #bloodpressure, both numbers are important to your overall #health.
Going to #aao2014 this weekend in Chicago? Stop by Mayo Clinic's booth 774 for coffee.
A #patient experience approach may represent new front in #healthcare customer service. @FierceHealth @Forbes