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Max Kellerman
Come down to watch @SportsNation Live tomorrow at LA Live at 10:30 to see a special guest do our first September Stunt!
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Hey Giants... #Protip... Maybe guard that Calvin Johnson guy.
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Man Simultaneously Excited For, Dreading NFL Taking Up His Entire Sunday For Next 4 Months
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After last night, how has no one done a @JManziel2 /Kenny Powers meme? Or have I just missed it?
.@theGabrielLuna @ESPNLA710 thanks for the love! Congratulations on your success!
.@marcelluswiley w/the chips on the line, Eli will be just fine. #2xSuperBowlMVP
Random, but I’m challenging everyone to this first grade test question from Hong Kong. You have 20 seconds to answer.
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.@heyricharnold outdated, but the basic philosophy is good, & the book teaches very well: "Logical Chess Move by Move" by Irving Chernev
@Max_Kellerman as a Mexican now I support GGG,he obtain respect and I think he"ll destroy JCChavez Jr. #TrueChamp
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.@tekoflaps @Lennyjacobson Chavez Jr. has heart, but those who guide his career steer him away from GGG. I'd do same were I advising him.
.@Lennyjacobson good luck getting Chavez Jr. in there w/him.
"This my style, like Mexican style, this is fight, this is not game, this is fight. I love fight." -Gennady Golovkin #GGG #boxing
@Max_Kellerman has a point.GGG resembles Joe Louis in his tempo, footwork, and that snapping jab. #boxing
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@Max_Kellerman Hasn't recent history shown when no one is picking the other guy that we're in for a surprise? Geale makes it interesting.
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Retweet if you think GGG gets the KO Favorite if you think he wins on points Explain if you believe he loses #GolovkinGeale #boxing
.@FrancoisGregory @marcelluswiley right, the point is you can't hear the accent.
.@ngwhittingham for the teams I root for using them. Against them for everyone else.
.@sweetfeet28 hotel; parents have thermostat set to rainforest.
.@_bk_chino love me some @JLin7 but GGG is fighting. Check him out Sat night on HBO, you'll see why I wasn't in studio today.
.@888sneakerst will be back on tomorrow from studio in NYC.
.@888sneakerst & don't take shots at my boy.
.@888sneakerst sitting on a delayed flight to NYC for Golovkin-Geale at MSG Sat night on HBO.
.@ChrisMescudi1 no wait necessary to be better than Dwight, though
.@BigBoxFan if you call @AntDavis23 a center, he's the bet including Dwight
Happy 45th to my man @Rickafox On a TV more nowadays than when he was 3peating w/ @Lakers
.@jos_jonesin would "most passionate" have been better?
.@apshaver74 "The perfect is the enemy of the good."
.@larryflashj time will tell. Always does.
.ChrisMescudi1 @Dame_Lillard @AntDavis23 of course not. Easy to forget how young KD still is.
.@SportsNation is on ESPN2 live in 7 minutes. Catch @MichelleDBeadle @marcelluswiley & me talk the @kevinlove of it all + 44 Jeers of July
.@LakersReporter ...which would be an advantage if they were hitting at Yankee Stadium.
Basketball on the playground used to be an American staple. Why has it faded away?
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It has always been cleaner for all involved to do a private sale. Termination and forced sale opens up all sorts of legal issues
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It's becoming obvious Donald's strategy is to take on NBA. That's the fight he wants. So he's trying to undo this private sale to Ballmer
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Shelly and Ballmer's side have been pressing for a ruling that's "appeal proof" but that's difficult to create
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So it'll be up to Ballmer if he wants to press forward with the sale despite Donald's outstanding lawsuits and threat of appeal.
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Timeframe in Sterling trial. Last day of testimony is Wednesday, closing arguments Monday. If judge rules for Shelly, Donald could appeal
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