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Max Keiser
Despite WHO's Confidence, Mali Becomes 6th West African Nation With Ebola…
When watching #bbcqt discuss hard hitting political issues remember, a survey found that 35% of British adults sleep with a teddy bear.
Ministers Admit NHS Not Safe From Private Firms In Secret Trade Talks via @HuffPostUKPol
My final interview w @rustyrockets today, on eve of #REVOLUTION release here in UK. Join us tmw Hoxton Docks 5:30 on!
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ISIS is wealthiest terror group in world: earns $1 million a day; will soon meet with Hollywood to acquire content
I just supported BackBit, install and run your own bank. on @StartJOIN
Cost of Harvard for a year vs. cost of jail for a year.
Nearing 100% Rock it. StartCOIN Cryptocard project on StartJOIN @StartJOIN
What's penalty for hitting a migrant? Two strokes?
FACT: Ancient Babylonians did math in base 60 and not base 10, that's why we have 60 seconds in a minute, 360 degrees in a circle, etc.
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Open Source Decentralized Stock Exchange project on StartJOIN @StartJOIN #crypto
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At the Italia Uno Sandwich Bar in Charlotte Street. And look who I run into . . .
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OMG This could be HUGE Open Source Decentralized Stock Exchange project on StartJOIN @StartJOIN
I just supported Open Source Decentralized Stock Exchange on @StartJOIN
lol @TIME Magazine run's football front cover in the U.S while the rest of the world learns about Putin
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"Any argument that [Snowden] was a foreign agent or naïve hothead or an arrogant narcissist pretty much falls apart"…
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Fascinating: it's always "too soon" to put attacks in a broader context but never "too soon" for govts to exploit them to advocate new laws
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George Soros, who escaped Nazis, apparently now loves Nazis (ruling Ukraine). You always become what you fear (same for Netanyahu).
#ISIS is fighting America with US weapons’ – Max Abrahms (but can we get them to focus on JPMorgan bankers?)
Hi im new here and in couple of days i will stick up a concept in what i'm interested in doing. @StartJOIN
Anyone in the Chicago/OHare area please take pictures and post for all @StartJOIN…
#Canada #Ottawa today has suffered a piece of what #Syria has been suffering for three years due to extremist terror. #ISIS #OttawaShooting
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Apple Pay is the Segway of mobile payments.…
"@MarketWatch: Glitch in ApplePay caused some Bank of America users to be charged twice:" LOL
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Startcoin silver cryptobullion is now accepting bitcoin @StartJOIN…
Hello all could you please take some time to check out my concept and maybe share thoughts and co @StartJOIN
Luxury London property sees further decline..when oligarchs done laundering money, watch out
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Bitcoin solved the 'double spend' problem while.... BofA Customers Double-Charged in Apple Pay Snafu…
Great EIG showing! @GoCoin iGaming " going to change the crypto industry! Ready for BIG things!! @jonmatonis @brockpierce @GoCoinCEO
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The film SELL-OFF is nearly done. We screened a rough cut to a select audience and I am wor @StartJOIN
Regarding news of StartCOIN integration with @GoCoin: CEO had this to say when asked if rumors @StartJOIN
City A.M. @CityAM A quarter of financial job applications have no idea what word 'truth' means.
Reminds me of riots following the Montreal Canadiens' seventh-game win over the Boston Bruins in 1993.
Max Keiser wants to ‘kill’ Sean Hannity using crowdfunding and crypto… @seanhannity @rustyrockets
Send @stacyherbert to Hong Kong to cover the protest movement! And maybe we'll get #KeiserReport in Hong Kong, too?
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A very Important film. People need to understand the NHS is on the verge @StartJOIN…