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Max Keiser
Always puzzles me that people claim Amazon is loss-making when it's reported $6.2bn of positive free cash flow over the last 5 years
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New figures show 9/11 cancer cases have doubled among first-responders
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Just because Mario Draghi is buying Spanish bonds doesn't mean you should. Friends don't let friends buy bonds.
To say Fed can keep rates at 0% for as long as it likes is to say a car that's driven off a bridge can stay aloft for as long as it likes.
Since Krugman's inflation analysis omits realistic weighting of essentials, he 'sees' no inflation. This is institutional blindness run amok
It's becoming clearer that Janet Yellen's 'taper' was just Draghi's cue to engage in greater QE. Net, net, global QE has never been higher.
Deals and stock buybacks on Wall St. continue to mask deteriorating earnings. The adjusted P/E for Dow is closer to 60.
Too much truth can be cruel.
Here's What Wall Street Bulls Were Saying In December 2007
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OK: I deleted for now - - - but this is the ghost of Christmas future (so to speak). The images are HORRIFIC and not soon forgotten.
I'll delete my tweet if you baby scull crushers are gonna cry over it. Don't want to get anybody's knickers in a twist.
@INF0S7R34M @maxkeiser I'm a fan of #bitcoin, from watching #Keiserreport, not sure if enough people will buy into it, to really take off.
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At jam-packed "NY Stand With Israel" rally Chuck Schumer proclaims, "I wish Baby sculls had been cracked open on 9/11." huge applause.
At jam-packed "NY Stand With Israel" rally Chuck Schumer proclaims, "We enjoyed 9/11, those bankers were assholes." huge applause.
The Sun rose today in violation of the NY State SunLicense. We need to shut down dangerous unregulated nuclear enterprises like the Sun.
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Who is the most generous 'pledger' on @StartJOIN gets 5,000 @start_coin Aug. 1st.
Next week we will be rewarding 5000 START to the most generous @start_coin pledger. It also 'pays to support' @StartJOIN
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Collective welling up of emotion as millions of Americans suddenly realize Israel has made them complicit in a holocaust-for-condos scheme
@HankusMackimus @maxkeiser @NuttynotElvis Wasn't it Nutty-yahoo who said, the day after towers fell, that 9/11 was good for Israel?
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Today the IDF posted a link to Sky News content that was uploaded without our permission. The IDF also took the report out of context. 1/2
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@NuttynotElvis @maxkeiser whoever was behind 9/11 doesn't change the fact they celebrated the deaths of 3000 innocent Americans.
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Another hospital hit in Gaza. IDF blames Hamas. NBC news, which witnessed the attack, says it was Israeli drone.…
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