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matthew perry
First table read for The Odd Couple today.
I just accidentally ordered a pizza.
Thought I would get my twitter going again with a photo of me from the tca's. #theoddcouple
Headed to the kings game shortly. A must win. Go Kings Go
So fun that CBS has picked up The Odd Couple. I can't wait to make the best possible series for you guys. Matthew/Oscar....
There will be a premiere screening of Jon Ronson's " the dog thrower " on sky arts 1 at 9pm on may first. Please tune in!
Can the kings actually so this???
Not sure who made this, but thanks!RT @FATIMA23456831: @MatthewPerry : GO #TheOddCouple GO! So Excited..I´ll be there
Please follow my good friend and interventionist extraordinaire @earlhightower. Thanks!
Headed to London and then Rome this week to bring drug court to Europe for the first time. Cross your fingers everyone!
Matthew Perry Is Remaking The Odd Couple -- Vulture -…
I told you today was the day WOOHOO KUDOS!!!! @MatthewPerry To Star In Write & Produce New Odd Couple Comedy At CBS…
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Ummmm, have you not been paying attention? RT @GautierCoiffard: @MatthewPerry sleeping pills
Now off to London.....7 cities in 7 days. Please oh please let this be the first time ever that I am able to sleep on an airplane ..
University of Rhode Island. Red Bull in hand. Obvs.
Why thank you. I had fun too! @MatthewPerry at #URI. Truly a great show. One of my all time favorites!
Please follow my good friend and the man in charge of The Staples Center @LeeZeidman. #suckingupbeyondbelief
Hockey for the first time in 10 years. Let the injuries begin. #ohno
Wondering how Clayton Kershaw and I did in the ping pong tournament at Dodger stadium last night? We won!
Happy birthday buddy. Here...I got you this.
Huh? RT @AnzeKopitar: “@SaniBecirovic: @AnzeKopitar Legenda vse najbolse , dost zdravja in se naprej veliko uspehov ..” Hvala ti zvezda
I guess this is going to have to wait a little longer...matthew-perry-matthew-perry-714035597.jpg 450×558 pixels -…
Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes!!!!!
A world championship trophy and a political statement all in one photo!
Headed to Chicago to play wiffle ball at Wrigley Field. Seriously.
Feeling very nostalgic with @DavidPressman. At a show at our old stomping grounds The La connection. Where we were last on stage in 1988.
Me too! RT @Wood_Foundation: We're excited to have @MatthewPerry play at #WoodysWiffle on #August10! Thank you for helping Chicago kids!
Thank you CNN and @PiersMorganLive! That was a blast. And I'm pretty sure this game will sweep the nation. #HWDYKYOP
Me too! RT @RedHourBen: I can't wait to see "Alan Partridge is in Alpha Papa" #AlanPartridge
Ha RT @tahliab: Him : Hey come look who's on CNN. Me:No. I'm in bed. Him:it's your boy @MatthewPerry. Me: *jumps up and runs into room*
Why thank you sir. RT @dateline_keith: @MatthewPerry @PiersMorganLive Awesome! Piers? Piers who?
Guest hosting for @PiersMorganLive in twenty minutes. Watch me interview Lisa Kudrow, Lauren Graham and some experts on addiction.
I will be guest hosting for Piers Morgan on Monday. My guest will be Lisa Kudrow, Lauren Graham and lots of experts on Drug Court. CNN!
Yes indeed! RT @_ALLRISE_: PSST! @MatthewPerry will be wandering the halls of Congress w. the #ALLRise! Army!!
Not a dry eye in the place. Celebrating transformation and drug courts in DC!
Ummmmm. RT @dtufts: Matthew Perry is a modern day Charles Nelson Reilly! @NBCGameNight @MatthewPerry @LisaKudrow
My prediction: Murray in 4.
The one upside of the ridiculous jet lag I am experiencing is that I am up for Breakfast at Wimbledon live! No DVr for me!
I never want to leave the Lufthansa lounge. But if I lived in here, I would have to say Lufthansa much more times than I would like to.