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Matthew Islam
@OhSHDY @CaseyNeistat me too! I hope they have enough to cover the demand. Shady deals, no pun intended happen when supply outstrips demand.
@OhSHDY @CaseyNeistat pretty sad stuff. Shouldn't have happened? It could turn people off from #bemeapp It needs to be addressed properly.
@OhSHDY @CaseyNeistat scammed like there is no tomorrow. I have fallen victim to this too! Annoying lying bastards!
Did you know? (Post 1) - These are such wonderfully done videos on the Pluto Flyby & the concept of Mad Genius
Doing admin. So so much admin!
Those with #bemecode s that aren't sharing any & predicating sharing on follows & RT's are dicks! Scamming, scallywag, douches! #buzzkill
@Mistralsound dude you made me follow you and never gave me a #bemecode……..
This Young Couple Walked And Hitchhiked From Bulgaria To India Without A Smartphone!…
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144 Orca and their Captive Offspring can Attest to this. #Blackfish #SeaWorld
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@HipsterSRKFan Amen. Amen. Good catching up. Again, safe journeys & good vibes. Keep growing & making us early admirers proud of you. Best.
@HipsterSRKFan cannot wait. A gamut of presentations. Curious as to what 2017 will be filled with. I hope he's in a edgy state of mind! hehe
@HipsterSRKFan all gd brother. Thanks 4 asking. Going mad on the uptake of some SRK projects coming public after so long in dev. Good times!
@HipsterSRKFan I hope we can all do that without a visa someday. Too much hassle right now. Happy and safe journeys! Where you off too next?
@HipsterSRKFan Hahahahahahahahahah. If it was Bangladesh, I'd have a hundred ready for you!
Stunned at the turn of events in #Hannibal Episode 7. Awesome ep. It is a thrilling series. Beautiful & intelligent. #SaveHannibal #now
Can anyone on @bemeapp please please please help a bru out and share a unlock code? Pretty please! #bemeapp #beme #bemecode
@CaseyNeistat @Dangerous__Lee @bemeapp please let me try the try the beme app, please?
@ritesh_sid @Riteishd a bomb of a world premiere in #Bangistan would be terrorific! Get it? Hahahahahahhaah
Whaaaaaaaaaaat?????? Pluto has Mordor on it! Oh my God! Must assemble the fellowship. #DoubleGeekAttack #Space #LOTR…
That sentence should just end at "untouchability"…
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Beautifully put. “@writerakr: @matthewislam @HereBeNabila The Dhaka everyone needs, but does not deserve? :P”
@writerakr @HereBeNabila correct! Well put. I may give credit to you on that and post it as a status on my FB profile. Awesome.
@HereBeNabila Im sure it has to feel good all empty. Chittagong is an epic city that requires less crowd. Alas!
@HereBeNabila @writerakr I seem to get new glasses that let me better & better every Eid that passes. ;)
@writerakr @HereBeNabila and goats and water trickling down and cows. Oh my God! Peace. Eto peace.
@writerakr @HereBeNabila I know its passè clearly cliched but you have to be where I am to know how beautiful it sounds. I can hear birds.
@HereBeNabila yeah….dhaka is divine today from all the regular noise and traffic chocked roads.
#Dhaka be like, "Thank you migrants for giving us a holiday". Reconsider never coming back. #Dhaka is amazing without you. #Bangladesh #Eid
@stylehatch cheers. Rockstars when it comes to customer service you lot. LOVE IT. Thanks.
@stylehatch hey guys, just bought NOVA….is there a way to switch out Flickr for Instagram? Don't use flickr for blogging purposes anymore.
@HipsterSRKFan Oh my God! Oh my God! Fangirling!!!! STOP this lull - storm technique @iamsrk - you be damaging hearts!
MUST STOP - THIS IS EFFED UP! PARDON MY FRENCH! Australia Unveils Plan to Kill Two Million Feral Cats…
Count on Netflix to keep upping the TV Game. This will be awesome. Narcos - Official Trailer [HD] via @YouTube
This is a good point to come clean on my absolute and unequivocal fascination of Lions & Tigers. There. It's out there now. Don't judge.
Only moron's underestimate the abilities of the king of the jungle! Lion opens car door via @YouTube
@pixelunion cool. I hope it gets sorted soon. Do you think it will. Effector is the greatest theme ever. Pls do.
Scientists genetically modify bacteria to detect & treat intestinal diseases, incl cancer
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@pixelunion it out and tell me what the problem could be? - it was okay till last week and now all outta whack. Odd.
@pixelunion something funny is up with my site based on the effector theme. Videos & Images aren't scaling to fill post width. Can you check
@ontheregimen so confused on what gets me in the deficit zone. My fitnesspal does a calc and tells me 1230 to lose a pound or so a week.
@ontheregimen no idea about BF% but from photo comparisons pretty sure its 20-22%. My wifi scale swings between 29 & 30 but its unreliable.
@elitakarim couldn't agree more. Too much sadness all around us. It's nt easy to forget everything around us thats wrong & feel celebratory.
Regressive #Bangladesh - With news of the death of a 13 year old beaten in public view - I have lost all fait…

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