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I appear to be living in a casino. All very domesticated.
In the past month I've consumed 67 non fat, no foam, extra hot latte's, yet not a single Tesora. #firstworldproblems
Congratulations to our awesome Eleanor (pictured left) for winning the Techcrunch Disrupt Hackathon this weekend!...
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Dearest Vegas, Try as you might, my soul is not for sale. Regards, Matthew.
I have to ask HSBC the same request 15 times before they do anything. Shameful operation. @HSBC_UK_Press @HSBC_UK_Help @HSBCUKBusiness
2014 best year of my life. I've cherished every day and grown immensely as an individual. So excited and expectant for what's to come. I AM.
Man on fire.
I'm at Bitcoin Center NYC - @BitcoinCenterNY in New York, NY
Back in Manhattan for the evening :)
#hyperlapse back in NYC
11 miles from my destination at 11:11.
Hats!! (@ Goorin Bros. Hat Shop in Cambridge, MA)
#hyperlapse #selfie
My life is magical. I AM MAGICAL.
If you don't fear the unknown, the unknown will be kind to you.
Humanity 1 - 0 Silicon Valley elitism. For a week at least.
Yahoo shutting down Qwiki. I can't even comprehend the wastage, covering up of poor decisions and general lack of accountability, here
Ello has timing to its advantage. Tho it's a little arty-farty, tight denimesque and in need a $ plan, I do wish 'em da best. #goforit
Not using new social network Ello as they won't let me sign up with Facebook ;) #GoodWork
Beware everybody, iPhone 6's bend :D
I've no time for where I am heading or where I've been. I only have time for where I am right now.
The egotistical desire to attach oneself to a clothing brand, turns us into unpaid viral marketers for the products we are paying for. Lol.
At an outlet mall observing other people's desire to acquire stuff. Pleasant tho.
The desire to control, own, possess and store at the expense of others, but with the realisation that one is going to die, is slavery.
It's not that I don't love London and England. I do. Very much. It's just very different. I do like playing ping pong.
Returning to America after a month in London is the freedom to converse with strangers without feeling like I've broken a rule of etiquette.
You have one life, as yourself. Make it extraordinary, be the best you can and be as useful to others as possible.
You knows it! Starbucks regular but missing @philzcoffee #sf
It is the preoccupation with possession, more than anything else, that prevents people from living freely and nobly - Bertrand Russell
I experienced what most would call two major coincidences today. I'd call them miracles.
Blurring the boundaries between work and play
Excessive interaction with other humans drains me dry. So today, it's me, my guitar, a notepad and Oohlong from S.Korea #aeroplanemode
Earthquake SF
Nice to be back in the big smoke. It's girthy.
I love my own company. So much. It's not so easy to share yourself with other humans, when you're this damn cool, but i'm working on it...
Choosing significance over success is a more enjoyable journey, with lasting appeal. Do it!
Breaking: Toshiba launches wearable wristband fitness tracker! Bless 'em.
Also looking for an Incredible UX/UI director with entrepreneurial scrappiness for London team. Help!
Looking for a youngish product manager to join E-Man in London. Not a simple role so experience as a failed / exited founder helps. Ping me
Learn to be happy not knowing and you'll manifest love over fear, which is capable of all things. False Evidence Appearing Real, destroys.
It hurts my I'm staying true to my inner Zest.
To listen is to love.
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An irritation for creative people is when 'operational guru's' try and make you feel bad. I'm not ops and I like an empty calendar, thanks.