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It is the preoccupation with possession, more than anything else, that prevents people from living freely and nobly - Bertrand Russell
I experienced what most would call two major coincidences today. I'd call them miracles.
Blurring the boundaries between work and play
Excessive interaction with other humans drains me dry. So today, it's me, my guitar, a notepad and Oohlong from S.Korea #aeroplanemode
Earthquake SF
Nice to be back in the big smoke. It's girthy.
I love my own company. So much. It's not so easy to share yourself with other humans, when you're this damn cool, but i'm working on it...
Choosing significance over success is a more enjoyable journey, with lasting appeal. Do it!
Breaking: Toshiba launches wearable wristband fitness tracker! Bless 'em.
Also looking for an Incredible UX/UI director with entrepreneurial scrappiness for London team. Help!
Looking for a youngish product manager to join E-Man in London. Not a simple role so experience as a failed / exited founder helps. Ping me
Learn to be happy not knowing and you'll manifest love over fear, which is capable of all things. False Evidence Appearing Real, destroys.
It hurts my I'm staying true to my inner Zest.
To listen is to love.
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An irritation for creative people is when 'operational guru's' try and make you feel bad. I'm not ops and I like an empty calendar, thanks.
Freedom is not going to school only to get a job only to buy a house only to pay a mortgage to follow a country's regime to retire to die.
I believe that freedom is the ability to roam adventurously with your time, practicing all that you love with those you love. Are you free?
At a crossroads. Each direction looks immense.
Best July of my life!
When you only own 12 things, opportunities are unlocked for you. - @MattHagger
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12 quiet rituals of enormously successful humans:…
Preferring Vegas' dry heat climate at 110 degrees to Florida steamy sauna at a mere 85 degrees. Life is tough.
The daily routines of 26 of history's greatest minds, visualized.… by @careydunne via @FastCoDesign
I just turned 7 on Twitter :) #Twitterversary
'Aaaand the eaters are in place'. Watching a Hot Dog eating contest between games on @ESSPN2 Sponsored by @NathansFamousCA How can this be?
Finally, I feel like I've been to Milton Keynes. (@ Coastland Center Mall w/ 3 others)…
Wow it's 114 ( ONE HUNDRED AND FOURTEEN) degrees in Vegas tomorrow. I'd originally planned on being there too. Lucky escape!
I've gone San Franciscold Turkey and it's killin' me, albeit, softly. Florida has it's moments. Maybe 3 a day.
Six Months After Legalizing Marijuana, Two Big Things Have Happened in Colorado by @CBMilez via @micnews
Has apple's reign/control over mobile SD stifled product innovation somewhat? #Monkeyseemonkeydo mentality....
Need to write a tonne of music, make videos and dance more. Total and utter neglect of this area in my life. Tech can maroon me, creatively.
I miss/crave Tesora's cc: @PhilzCoffee
Wow, just got through two sets of security and all the way my departure gate without a boarding pass at São Paulo airport. Crazy.
It's Colombia! (@ Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, Brazil w/ 2 others)…
On a pirate ship over sharing #happy
I'm at Sugarloaf, with no others.
England v Costa Rica. The Fans were amazing!
So close for USA but they could still be going home. That's football. Have a corn dog.
Argentina v Iran
I'm at Violeta Bar & Restaurante (São Paulo, SP) w/ 3 others…
I've waited a long time for this. Wishing my friends were with me.
I've been dreaming about this for 8 years.