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Matt Cutts
Tweeting from the @whitehouseostp. Will use this account for Tweets about Deputy CTO of the US work stuff. Who should I follow?
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Lots of tasks I need to knock out today. It might be a caffeine day.
"Taylor Swift can get 3K retweets and 5K favorites in 7 minutes. Are you sure you want to try to climb the same mountaintop?"
OH: "I ate some Oreos with Birthday Cake stuffing, or as I call it, the Devil's own cookie."
"I’ve become a symbol. I don’t want to be a symbol" at I worry that @notch will find it's a 1-way street. Hope not.
The #xoxofest speakers were honest & human. Attendees were interesting & kind. @waxpancake & @andymcmillan: thanks for memories to treasure.
"You can weaponize nice." - Erin McKean at #xoxofest
I did a blog post yesterday with a story about Darby Stott:…
It's rare to see vitriol countered with calm maturity these days. @femfreq gave a master class in that today at #xoxofest.
To prepare for great food at @xoxo , I ran the Portland river loop this morning. Some sights:
YC updated their desired investment areas: Much wider scope, if a bit more generic. Before:
A good overview of how computer vision has advanced in the last few years:… Error rates have dropped from ~26% to ~6%.
1. Go to 2. Click on 14-28 3. Comment "I want internet service providers classified as common carriers." 4. Done
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Hey Portland folks, what fun things to see/do would you recommend? Voodoo Donuts, Powell's--what else I should I try?
Landed in Portland. Immediately headed for Powell's and tortas. Beautiful sunny day .
Hey Congress how's your morning going? Phones ringing off the hook? We're just getting started
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Packing for @xoxo. Can I just wear this the whole time?
My wife asked if I had a plastic memory card holder. IT'S LIKE YOU DON'T KNOW ME AT ALL:
Taplytics makes it easier/faster to do mobile A/B testing: and easier to do hotfixes. (disclosure: I'm an investor) hand-makes dolls that look like kids who are battling cancer and other illnesses. That's cool.
.@lessig gets nastygram from Brown campaign, which seems unaware that you can be a lobbyist w/out registering as one:…
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Book review of "One Second After":
Playing around with using IFTTT to tweet when I review books on Goodreads. If massive RSS barf happens, I apologize in advance. :)
My brain: "It's going to hurt to wake up in six hours." (pause) Stupid brain: "Maybe I'll just surf the web a little more."
Lots of gems in this piece about email spam, abuse, and encryption:… by Mike Hearn, a very smart/savvy ex-Googler.
Man this reddit discussion is some solid journalism, well done:…
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I adore my first gen Moto X--it's my main phone. Can't wait to try the new Moto X:…
My Alaska cruise docked in Vancouver this morning. Some of scenery so far @timbray @jenstar:
Congrats @smithmegan and @amac! Can't wait to see what fresh ideas you unlock for tech innovation in government!
"Election Panel Enacts Policies by Not Acting": Deadlocks at the F.E.C. create de facto decisions.
'Note and vote' seems like a smart way to get better results from a group meeting:… cc @jakek
Google Teapot Easter Egg Uses Mobile Gyroscope
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miniLock is a good step toward more usable encryption: Much easier than PGP and works in a browser.
Lantern proxies blocked sites to help defeat govt. censorship: 5 days left 4 the fundraiser:…
In case you missed it, I did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge yesterday:… #yowch #cold
I wasn't going to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Then my niece tagged me. So here you are:…
I've been using Tiger Tech as my web host for over five years now. Very happy with them:
Computers are getting better at recognizing objects in images:…
Want to go cover a protest? Here's @quinnnorton with a *superb* primer on how to prepare:…
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#WebmasterNews We are taking action today on one European and one German linking network. More details here:…
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Excellent: ringtone patent troll loses Google AdWords suit, shares spiral downwards…
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Law Students defeat a patent troll.… My quick summary of our win last week.
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If you missed it, this is a wonderful, short video about depression, what it's like, and how to talk about it:…
Come watch the live stream of #FOCAS14: Mayor of Atlanta Kasim Reed talking about how to strengthen the internet.
This is a really good video about depression and how to talk about it with someone:…
Mikey D is a smart/effective guy, so I'm really psyched that the US government is putting him to work:…