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Matt Cutts
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I've been using Tiger Tech as my web host for over five years now. Very happy with them:
Computers are getting better at recognizing objects in images:…
Want to go cover a protest? Here's @quinnnorton with a *superb* primer on how to prepare:…
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#WebmasterNews We are taking action today on one European and one German linking network. More details here:…
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Excellent: ringtone patent troll loses Google AdWords suit, shares spiral downwards…
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Law Students defeat a patent troll.… My quick summary of our win last week.
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If you missed it, this is a wonderful, short video about depression, what it's like, and how to talk about it:…
Come watch the live stream of #FOCAS14: Mayor of Atlanta Kasim Reed talking about how to strengthen the internet.
This is a really good video about depression and how to talk about it with someone:…
Mikey D is a smart/effective guy, so I'm really psyched that the US government is putting him to work:…
Many big brains here @aspencs talking #openinternet: @harper, @mattcutts, FCC commishes, etc. Streaming 10:45am ET
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I learned several things from @mbutterick's typography book on the web: Share it with your designer friends. :)
Tomorrow I'll be in an @aspencs conference about protecting the open internet. It'll be livestreamed here:… #FOCAS14
Preliminary results indicate four eggs are great. Next time: five eggs.
How many eggs can one eat before egg overdose-itis sets in?
Made it the top of Half Dome. The cables turned out to be fun!
If you've been on the fence about whether to encrypt your website, here's a potential reason to do it:…
HTTPS is now a ranking signal in Google search: - HTTPS all the things! ... \o/
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Lighting an LED is the hardware equivalent of a "Hello world!" program. So my BeagleBone says hello:
If you can get your hands on a recent BeagleBone Black (rev. C) use apt-get instead of opkg. Linux dist. is now Debian instead of Angstrom.
US govt wants to create a memory hole, after the fact. Totally outrageous.…
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Hey software-defined radio geeks: HackRF One, or FUNcube Dongle Pro+, or NooElec NESDR Nano? Which do you prefer and why?
"Walter Turncoat" is a delightful font:… Makes me want to go write a web comic.