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Matt Cutts
Great post:… "think honestly about whether your actions are genuinely going to change gaming life for the better"
More about why you might want to try a new Security Key:… Makes your accounts a lot more hack-proof.
Tech-savvy friends, a new + important way to protect yourself:… Open protocol, so can protect accts from many sites.
The new BitLicense would force Bitcoin services to spy on their customers. Help stop it:
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Lovely profile of Anurag Acharya, the heart, soul, & brains behind Google Scholar (and one of my personal heroes)…
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Watched the movie Nebraska tonight an enjoyed it. Sometimes a pickup truck and an air compressor is all you need.
starting a tiny weekly email about cool vids. would you like it? right this
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Taplytics (mobile A/B testing) adds analytics and Android support:… Yay! Disclosure: I'm an investor.
Watching @elisewho's Q&A session with @ericschmidt and @jjrosenberg about How Google Works:…
Turn on two-factor authentication for everything you can.
I wrote a book review of "War and Peace":
If you haven't played Candy Box 2, it's an incredibly fun & addictive in-browser game:
Twitter sues to be able to tell its users how many national security letters they've received:… Great to see.
Great advice for new small business owners:… Check it out & share with fellow small business folks!
Chrome just released a new Software Removal Tool to protect Windows users. It removes gunk that affects Chrome:…
Shout out to @vanessafox for buying a small RV & hitting the open road. Her blog about the journey:
What should I do for a 30 day challenge this month? Add suggestions here:…
Some pretty cool results on turning sunlight into hydrogen:…
I wrote a book review of "The Sixth Man (Sean King & Michelle Maxwell, #5)":
I wrote a book review of "Personal (Jack Reacher, #19)":
Great piece by Mark Shuttleworth about the need to protect the net from government censorship:
My cat Emmy smiles when she sleeps.
I might be in New York City in a few days. Any fun/cool things I should do, neat places to see, or good places to eat?
Late night Twitter is my favorite Twitter.
"encryption may not seem important to a small blog, but it is critical to advancing the encrypted-by-default future"…
"[SSL] across the Internet makes it more difficult for those who wish to intercept, throttle, or censor the web":…
CloudFlare just started offering SSL for free:… Doubles the number of encrypted sites on the web!
I wrote a book review of "Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences":
Google just mentioned that a new Panda update is slowly rolling out:…
Oh snap! It takes a lot to poke Google into a point-by-point rebuttal but Rupert did it:… tip @Techmeme
The first video from @sama's/YC "How to Start a Startup" class is up:…
Blackhat SEO fads: like walking into a dark alley, packed with used car salesmen, who won't show you their cars.…
Rackspace takes on another patent troll and wins again:… Seriously great, pro-user way to burnish their brand.
Reading about the state of the web in China:…
NYT profile of @Zenefits:… Great for small businesses to manage health insurance & more. (I'm an investor).
In case you were thinking of washing your clothes together with some ChapStick, my advice is this: Stop. Don't do that.
Recent tally from airplane: 7 Macs, 8 iPads, 5 iPhones, 2 Androids, 2 Windows laptops, 6 Kindles, 2 other, 1 Chromebook Pixel ( mine)
Tweeting from the @whitehouseostp. Will use this account for Tweets about Deputy CTO of the US work stuff. Who should I follow?
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Lots of tasks I need to knock out today. It might be a caffeine day.
"Taylor Swift can get 3K retweets and 5K favorites in 7 minutes. Are you sure you want to try to climb the same mountaintop?"
OH: "I ate some Oreos with Birthday Cake stuffing, or as I call it, the Devil's own cookie."
"I’ve become a symbol. I don’t want to be a symbol" at I worry that @notch will find it's a 1-way street. Hope not.
The #xoxofest speakers were honest & human. Attendees were interesting & kind. @waxpancake & @andymcmillan: thanks for memories to treasure.
"You can weaponize nice." - Erin McKean at #xoxofest