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Matt Chandler
Praying for next week @RenewalChicago for our Launch Service Sept. 7th at 10am!!! Renew, Rebuild, Release:
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Starting the 18hr ride home to Dallas and @laurenchandler Someone get to work on this teleportation idea!
Excited to preach the Word at City on a Hill in Melbourne this morning. Missing my @villagechurchtx family. Prayers appreciated
At Village 101, pastors and leaders can come learn about how our church functions and operates:
My man @DerwinLGray apparently gave a heck of a chapel for the Ags #Gigem
Preaching the Gospel in Melbourne, Australia tonight. Prayers desired and appreciated
So I leave the country for a week & @plattdavid becomes the President of @IMB_SBC?!! #rightmove #tilltheworldknows!
On our way to Melbourne! Hope to see you tomorrow night at @sbiggermelb.
About to preach a gospel message in Sydney. Prayers appreciated
Our (@villagechurchtx) new web site is up check it out
Last night in Brisbane was amazing. Join me & @asworship in Sydney tomorrow night!
Heading to Sydney this morning! Prayers appreciated. #A29AUS
Getting ready for tonight. 7:00. Brisbane Convention Centre.
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Excited to speak at Proclaim Jesus tomorrow night in Brisbane! Join us.
Hoping a nice 17 hour ride to Australia for 10 days of preaching and teaching. Prayers appreciated
@wordsfromwags: Want to know what I Really Think About The Village Church @villagechurchtx. Here it is.…#sameteam
Definite atonement belongs at the heart of the bible’s message & you’re invited to explore it with us: #a29deep
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@laurenchandler: Next pet? Mini-cow!!! 🐮 come on,@MattChandler744!!” don't encourage her twitterverse
I'm out for the night! Thanks for the encouragements, rebukes and the conversations I hope we can keep hashing out. Holy Spirit help us
Hopefully some clarity on my tweets
This has been about what I thought it would be but I'm heading into a day of meetings #blessings
My son Reid has blonde hair and blue eyes & will more than likely never be seen as "suspicious" by police #WhitePrivilege #Ferguson
My son has blonde hair & blue eyes & will more than likely always be treated respectfully by the police #WhitePrivilege #Ferguson
Free haircuts and family photos for the community. So awesome to be a part of it! #TVCTransform
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Getting ready to use our Spanish skills for registration! #tvctransform #happyday @ The Village Church…
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Looking forward to talking about ‘Churches Planting Churches’ at the @Acts29 N. American Conference. Register today!
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Welcome new #Acts29 member Karl Fortin, Lead Pastor of Église Connexion in Plessisville, Quebec!
Proverbs 21:15 15 When justice is done, it is a joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers. #Ferguson #ISIS #comeLordJesus
Welcome new #Acts29 member @tonymerida, Lead Pastor of Imago Dei Church in Raleigh, NC!
Looking forward to preaching to the @LibertyArgyle football team tonight. #Rev2
Heading to Australia next week. Join me in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne and at @a29au’s #leadingonthefrontlines
My friend @wordsfromwags is serving the staff of @villagechurchtx well this morning #ephesians1
I think @AnnVoskamp is becoming one of my favorite writers. Tremendous piece
Thanks @theblaze for sharing my story. I pray it encourages people to marvel at Jesus
Join me in praying that God would move mightily in Australia later this month. Brisbane. Sydney. Melborne.
We have been praying towards this day for years. @villagechurchtx Plano Campus opens September 7! #TVCPlano
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You've got 15 min left to register early & save for “Building Healthy Churches” | #A29NAC
If you're excited about the gospel & want to make much of Jesus in North America, get here: | #A29NAC
Happy 15th anniversary Boo (@laurenchandler). You are truly a woman of noble character & your husband's crown!!
I would like to thank @SkyRanchCamps for introducing this gem to the Chandler clan… total game changer #cantstop
4 weeks to go until @a29au’s first ever national conference. @STimmis, @LeonceCrump & @Guy_Mason will be with me |
"Providence is the intricate combination of God's power & His love working 2gether 2 bring about the best 4 His children" @sometimesalight