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Matt Bellamy
#TBT Dec 2009 HAARP testing during Nobel peace prize visits? Does this look like a missile?
@WlNBUTLER: @MattBellamy look at this cat tho !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. Please tell me his name is Bigfoot
It's always exciting when an 'unusual signal' is detected #DarkMatter…
First collaboration with Artificial Intelligence (for the computer)
The coldest place in the Universe (and the Multiverse) 0.012 Kelvin -459.6°F -272.1°C
The inventors named here could maybe find an Ebola cure? Points 0026 - 0028 are interesting & especially 00026..…
@megalomaniac17: @MattBellamy Hey Matt. What is Tom's baby called? _”. I think he should announce, coolest name ever
@showbiz_muser: @MattBellamy Is it premature to ask about a release date?. We're just starting out, hopefully next summer
@9Niko66: @MattBellamy someone tabbed out what you where playing based on your Instagram post and played it! Sound close?. Not quite! Ha
In case you missed it. Check around 11:18 for some liquid gold. #thisweek
Cool covers medley of Rage Against The Machine by a brass band!…
Tarde de mate con mis dos amores / spending the afternoon with my family
Here's a story you won't find in any newspaper.…
I was just browsing through newspaper wondering who hates who in the world and stumbled across this useful guide..
Time to undermine the injustice of representative/indirect democracy!
Start a 'Direct Democracy Party' where MP's policy votes are directly controlled by constituents.
Party politics, the party whipping system and corporate lobbying continually makes a mockery of democracy.
"I have seen for myself the way in which the vested interests in the two old parties can conspire to block reform." Nick Clegg 21/09/2014
Llegamos a los 7 millones !!! Gracias a todos !!! #7million!! Thanks 😉
UK should become a confederation of counties unified by a new constitution. Like the world's most stable democracy…
What an exhilarating #referendum The more #directdemocracy the better, just for the sheer fuckoffness of it
It's time for Westminster to give Scotland what they promised. And they can fix this mess whilst they're at it:…
@FromDesolation: @MattBellamy will you play Citizen Erased in the next tour?” yes, and it's sequel...
@UnnaturalDesire: What do you think about all that "ISIS" stuff?” This is interesting from 22:13 - 23:00
@SykesErased: @MattBellamy Have you any idea of what themes that will speak the new album?” Deep ecology, the empathy gap and world war 3
@ZetaSyndrome: @MattBellamy didn't you say once that guitar solos are uncool?” yes, but I may have to contradict myself on the next album
@DeadDementia: @MattBellamy How was Coldplay”. They were great last night, 'true love' is great live, love the guitar solo
@MuserBlack: No... decentralisation is going to lead to a lot of long-term pain. Splitting countries has never worked” Constitution solves
Good luck Scotland. 97% electorate registered, very impressive. People show up when voting on real issues! More #directdemocracy
Ok enough politics from me! I'm heading into studio to jam
Empower #localgovernment We should only federalise/centralise constitutional human rights/freedom laws. The rest should be decentralised.
We are not invigorated about politics just for Scotland but because this is first hint of democracy we've had in decades. #directdemocracy
If no change / more power to #localgovernment beware; the 'Free Devon & Cornwall Party' may also rise like a phoenix
#YesScotland is big NO to centralised party politics. Time to setup #antifragile mini states/cantons (like Switzerland)
Party politics & centralised government has failed UK. We need #nonpartisanism with increased political #decentralisation & #directdemocracy
Congratulations to Scotland for shaking Westminster (and the world's) political tree.
Con mi sobrino Agus! With my nephew😜