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Mass Effect
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What happened to Wrex on Virmire in your story?
Great deal for those about to hit the slopes of Noveria... or somewhere closer to home.
Special guest in the studio today: @RaphaelSbarge! Pictured with Kaidan's writer Cathleen, and @CabLivingstone.
RT for a chance to win one of the new Mass Effect costume hoodies!
RT for a chance to win an N7 2-in-1 tactical jacket! Take a closer look at:
If the BioWare store is your favorite store on the Citadel…
Last day of the sale! Better bargains than Harrot’s Emporium:
New at the BioWare Store: Mass Effect sublimated tees & tanks!
New intel uncovered by the Shadow Broker: Preorders are live for the Liara collectible statute
Help us make the next Mass Effect game the best one yet. Id appreciate it if you folks did this short survey...
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Just in time for summer, take 20% off your orders at the BioWare store through July 7!
It's E3 week, and the BioWare store has got a sale going on to celebrate:
“We think fans of the series are going to be surprised at just how far we’re going.” Watch the E3 official trailer:
The Garrus statue is back! Preorders available now for the exclusive @GamingHeads edition:
Holiday weekends and sales go together like quarians and technology: #BioWareStore
Could your shelf use a little calibration? We've got just the thing!
Saving credits is good! Get your hoodies and tees on sale now through May 19:
Personalizing your Shepard began with choosing a first name. Want to see what the top names chosen were?
Want your very own Normandy SR-2? Make Joker proud! Get it 33% off:
Artists, we need your help. Our sad, bare wall in Montreal needs your beautiful creations:
Looking back on PAX East, running around with a camera turned out to be a pretty good idea!…
Visited @bioware in Edmonton and hung out with my true love, Thane.
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#PAXEast2014 is over, but the BioWare store sale continues through today! Hurry and get some deals!
Not at #PAXEast2014? You can participate in the #BioHunt from home! Here's Riddle 12!
Not at #PAXEast2014? You can participate from home! Here's Riddle 7! #BioHunt
Not at #PAXEast2014? You can participate from home! Here's Riddle 2! #BioHunt
Commander Shepard's -140th birthday is coming up this week. Celebrate with us! #HBDShep
Finally, a pillow you can calibrate to get the full night’s rest you deserve! Preorder your Garrus body pillow today:
If you missed out the first time around, Risk: Mass Effect is now back in stock at the BioWare store:
According to artist @dara_gold, this "Tea Wrex" design smells better than you might think for a Krogan.
The perfect polo for paragons, renegades, or any combination of the two! Get yours now at the BioWare store:
For Mass Effect 3's 2nd Anniversary, order your Sam Spratt-signed, LE lithograph today at the BioWare Store:
In celebration of Mass Effect 3's birthday, all t-shirts are only $15 on the BioWare Store through 3/9!
Brushed off my account, and updated it for the new forums. I am now peering at them intently. #shiny
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The N7 Jacket is here! You've seen it modeled by @GambleMike & @macwalterslives, now get your very own!
The N7 ANGL Hoody is back in stock and we have the winners for the #N7ANGL photo contest:
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Lookin' good @GambleMike! Playing foosball in N7 style!
Hey @GambleMike. Nice jacket, but does it boost your attributes?
The N7 ANGL Hoody is back in stock! Get yours today!