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Hong Kong leader says Beijing won't back down
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A 15-year-old boy supports Emma Watson's UN Speech with a poignant letter of his own. #HeForShe
Firefighters were able to save a family of hamsters with these tiny oxygen masks:
The New Yorker's most recent cover is a GIF:
Is advertising integrated with tech the ad strategy of today, or the future? Industry executives say both #AdWeek2014
Apple to bring iPhone 6 and 6 Plus to China on October 17
The advertising industry has undergone some major changes in the past decade -- here's a brief look at its evolution
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Women are vastly underrepresented in on-screen workforce, study finds
The people who get paid to review hateful, violent language on the web: ht @rebecca_ruiz
Your friendly reminder that running onto the field is never a good idea:
Here's what you need to know about Ello:
What goes into "sophisticated" design? From logo to typeface and color palette, we examine the elements of elegance
Hong Kong protesters set deadline for government to meet demands
41 songs to fall in love with this Autumn
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Hong Kong protests update: City leader calls for Occupy Central protest to end
These are the Hong Kong kids standing up to Beijing
Man jailed in UK for tweeting rape threats
Somewhere over the rainbow in a land called Ohio, the Buckeyes created another amazing halftime show
What do they think this is, "Game of Thrones?" The 9 ways "Gotham" got super dark in Episode 2:
The true story of Navajo #StarWars, and what it says about the world's greatest franchise. #longreads
Photo gallery shows Monday's peaceful protests in Hong Kong
Codementor gets you programming help when you need it
Hong Kong protests update: Montage of "Umbrella Revolution" pictures set to Rihanna's "Umbrella"
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This robotic octopus can crawl and carry stuff
Five more feared dead in Japanese volcano as rescuers called off
California Gov. Jerry Brown signs landmark 'yes means yes' sexual consent law
Wal-Mart to Tracy Morgan: You weren't wearing a seatbelt so that June fatal crash wasn't our fault
Advertising Turns to Tech to Engage Consumers #AdWeek2014
Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg may have bought a massive Hawaiian plantation
Share a story about a time you were bullied or trolled on the Internet, and how you responded:
Purposely bending an iPhone doesn't mean #Bendgate is real, it means you're an assh*le
Limited-edition stamps preview: Like Catwoman, you too can lick Batman
#iHeartRadio Music Festival airs at 8 p.m. ET. A preview of Ed Sheeran and Macklemore's duet:
Go behind the scenes on the set of 'NCIS: LA,' which returns for Season 6 tonight:
Hong Kong's "Umbrella Man" and 9 other iconic protest images: