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Martin Lewis
M'weekly email: 5 Odeon tix £20, top mortgages, free £4 to breast cancer, free pizza, free £100 gift card, 3.9% loan
Well I suppose this is my 'New Year's' present...…
Jews around the UK tonight will eat apple dipped in honey, the Rosh Hashanah ceremonial food, to symbolise a "sweet" new year. Nom nom
Wishing all Jewish tweeters shana tova umetucah (It means a sweet & good year, as tonight's the start of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year)
It's National passive-aggressive day. Not that any of you care, as usual.
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My cat needs an award from @MartinSLewis for his money saving. Due to get stitches out tomorrow at vet & he's just pulled them out himself!
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Is bank charges reclaiming about to make a comeback...…
Pls tell me that's an intentional pun RT @dominic_laurie: Just spoke to a tobacco boss. Fuming at Ed Milibands proposals for a levy.
The virgin trains loo has the best announcement message when you shut the door. Listen next time you're on one
@MartinSLewis Isn't that what we did to Scotland when they wanted to leave?
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Should the regulator stop TV, bband & mobile firms offering you discounts when you try to leave them? PLEASE VOTE...…
My latest blog... try the new mobile friendly MSE guides…
Our Deals Hunter needs your help. Is your local La Senza store closing down? If so, when and how much are the bras?
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@MartinSLewis your not kidding when you say get you money before you go to the airport. I got dollars for 1.64 ,the airport rate 1.47!!!
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RT @MoneySavingExp: Ofgem to investigate 'misleading' energy firm letters including the Npower ones we revealed
Exclusive: Barclays to be hit by £38m FCA fine tomorrow for failing to properly segregate client assets.
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Millions or Brits are struggling to sleep due to money worries #needtosleep
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@itvthismorning @MartinSLewis I'm going Grinch this year and shall just be happy with a nice roast and a family board game.
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Spotted this as I walked through the ITV props department. Surprisingly it's the same size on the inside as the out
Off to labour conf tonight - talking on Energy this PM and FCA "future of consumers" tomorrow. Anyone coming? PS I speak at Tory conf too,
@MartinSLewis @itvthismorning 90% of my shopping is done, I love being super organised and getting a bargain... Even have a spreadsheet!! X
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I'm on my way in to @itvthismorning to talk the 'C' word. Less than 100 days left, I've tips to do now so you've a cheaper 25 Dec.
Right. Im off for the evening. Goodnight and peace be with you all - whatever you believe ;)
Not often a jewish boy likes myself gets accused of supporting ISIS (because Im pleased to see a sharia compliant student loan option)
To reiterate. It isnt special treatment.just a rephrasing the structure of the loans, so that religious muslims can access same funding.
I can't believe comments like "will the money be sent abroad" - please read what's actually happening...…
contd/... many banks already offer these - but the govt student loan didnt and now it will. That's the right thing to do.
Oh dear some ill-informed reactionary comments about sharia loans. All this is, is loan restructured to help kids go to uni... /contd
Delighted to hear govt going to do Sharia compliant student loans… (importantly on exactly same terms as others)
I've a new fortnightly money saving q&a column in @TheSundayMirror staying today. Tweet me your questions for the next one with #sunmirror
Listen to @celestineLB and @MartinSLewis discus a breakthrough for challenging unfair bank charges:… (22:30 mins in)
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@MoneySavingExp @MartinSLewis just saved £861.05 a year by switching utilities and I'm only just getting started! Thanks!
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Interesting. 16-17 year olds were 71% in favour of 'Yes' versus 48% of 18-24. So no neat narrative on 'young people' voting #indyref
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Please choose the new logo, click to view them & vote...…
There is literally not a single woman in this iPhone 6 queue in London
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Are Scottish notes are legal tender in England? The answer is no, then again they're not in Scotland either see...…
@MartinSLewis You guessed accurately on the vote % outcome! Clever git! ;)) Poor Scots tho.
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84.6% One way to unite today would be for every Scot to wear that number as a badge of pride. An extraordinary turnout. #indyref
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Really disappointed won't get chance to say FUK -former UK- all the time
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RBS says contingency plan to move head office from Edinburgh "no longer required"… "it is business as usual"
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Cameron effectively announcing the federalisation of Britain. Welcome to the United States of the Kingdom