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Spirit and Oppy
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Rollin, rollin, rollin. @HiRISE sees the track left by a tumbling Martian boulder.
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Science leads discuss instruments for #Mars2020 rover. Telecon July 31 3pm ET, 1900 UTC #JourneyToMars
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Driven to Excel: Oppy passes Russia for off-Earth driving record. ~25mi(40km) + going
Golden Opportunity: See the rover's POV at Mars' Pillinger Point. Full res + info
What a long, strange trip (around the sun) it's been. Here's what happened during my 1st #MartianYear.
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Mercury Rising: I saw the planet cross the sun—a 1st from any planet but Earth
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Window on another world. Oppy's view of Mars' Cape Tribulation. Rover update:
So fresh & so clean. Wind cleaned Oppy's solar panels. Energy aids science:
More power to you, Oppy! Energy up 70% thanks to sunny days and "spring cleaning."
Gully Gee: @HiRISE sees a new channel on Mars, likely the result of dry-ice frost.
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Ch-Check It Out: Relay radio on @MAVEN2Mars passes checkout. Initial check of all payloads is complete.
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.@NASA finds evidence of water in meteorite, reviving debate over life on Mars
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The View from Here: Close-up look at my landscape shows striated ground, plus Mount Sharp on the horizon
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I got my eyes on you: @HiRISE caught a view of Opportunity at work on "Murray Ridge"
Dollars to doughnuts, Oppy found the origin of that mysterious rock on Mars:
Fine lines you want to see: Orbiter data = best sign of liquid H2O on Mars today
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That left a mark. @HiRISE got this pic of a fresh impact crater on Mars. Info:
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Oppy will look for meteors in the sky when the #MarsComet swings by in Oct 2014
10 years ago today, a bouncing baby rover landed on Mars. Explore Oppy's "90-day" mission… #10YrsOnMars
Tune in to #10YrsOnMars: @MarsRovers show feat @TheScienceGuy. Watch on 10am, 1 pm, 5pm PT (1pm, 4pm, 8pm ET)
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Live now! @NASA news briefing about #10YrsOnMars. Watch live Jan 23 11am PT (2pm ET, 1900 UTC)
Like a rolling stone? Rock appears in front of Opportunity; rover team investigates:
Live now! #10YrsOnMars livestream w/ @TheScienceGuy + our team tonight Jan. 16 7pm PT (10pm ET/ 0300 UTC)
For she's a jolly good rover! Join us for a #10YrsOnMars celebration. Watch live:
Take a Look Back: Enjoy a decade of postcards from Mars [image gallery]… #10YrsOnMars
Mars On Demand: Tune in now to a rebroadcast of today's @airandspace #10YrsOnMars webcast
Celebrating #10YrsOnMars: @NASA & @airandspace to host events for rover anniversaries. Broadcast schedule:
That's the spirit! 10 years ago, the Spirit rover landed safely on Mars #MER10
Happy 50th anniversary to @NASA's Deep Space Network, from a satisfied customer of nearly 10 years. #DSN50…
Live now! Dynamic #Mars Over Time. Dec 10 11:30am PT (1930 UTC) #AGU13
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We hear you loud and clear, @MAVEN2Mars! VIsualization of spacecraft data received in JPL mission control
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Watch live as @NASA's @MAVEN2Mars readies for liftoff. Launch window opens 1:28pm ET (10:28am PT, 1828 UT)
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Peak Interest: Oppy heads up Solander Point, the tallest hill of the mission's nearly 10 years on Mars