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@dejavubabi: @MarniGill always go with Harry Potter” realest statement ever
Do I watch Harry Potter movies until morning or do I try to get some sleep but won't get any until like 5am
Boats n hoes
If your phone is always in your hand, your phone is taking over you
When the teacher dismisses everyone but tells you to speak to her
Can't see the haters when I've got my love glasses on
My Sundays mainly consist of me laying down watching movies
When guys say they'll do anything for you girls, just tell them to suck your ass and see what they say
Do you ever just walk up to people like
I don't give a fuck what you say, it's never too early for a pizza
How to tell how much I like you
Is it bad that I'm still in bed
You're all probably asleep though, abusing the fact the clocks have changed getting an extra hour sleep
I'm drunk AF bruh
lol I'm going out with 4 girls, how many girls are going to think I'm a gay guy tonight 😩😤
I went tescos express, the security guy was closing the door and I gave him a 'wtf bruh' look n he was like "go on, just cos it's you"
No money to go out :(
Every fucking time I hear frank ocean thinking bout you all I can hear now is "a potato flew around my room"
I don't really know who decided that you have to dress slutty for Halloween but no one is complaining
If you're going as a cat for Halloween, you're a basic bitch
I tell girls if you come correct I won't treat you like a dumb sket
Time to get up I think
Snapchat me: MarniGill
I'm just out here chilling watching Harry potter fucking turn up bruh
Fav if you're up
I'm just glad it's the weekend so I can do what I do best... Fuck all
I am so naive
A lifetime supply of free Nandos would be perfect
I hate when Friday nights are boring AF
I love getting drunk and chatting shit to strangers
Friend: "Hey are you getting drunk tonig-" Me:
Why can I never stop eating
When spooning, set the edge of the pillow on top of hers. You'll be able to breathe, and you won't get a face full of hair😉
Thank fuck it's Friday
His voice goes so high 😂
Fuck me I want to go to a festival right now
Yes I can type properly when I'm drunk, thank you to autocorrect partially