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I can already feel my hangover
Fuck I missed the 420 tweet, it's 421 now ffs
Nothing beats your own bed tho
Look outside your window, they're watching you
@jCat1dmahomie: @MarniGill aye I have your tweets on my notifications” that's ridiculously cute ily
Why is Catherine always favouriting my tweets
Why am I always drunk
When you're talking to your friend but someone with a big booty goes past
Don't you just love it when pretty people follow you
Girls with nipple piercings are still winning
It's so satisfying slapping someone round the face idk why
Everyone's a cat and if you disagree suck a pimpled covered dick
No jk you're a cat
Meow I'm a fucking cat
No ones awake to read my bullshit 6am tweets lol
Ever thought you could do something better with your life? Like invent something really useful or catch the Loch Ness monster or some shit
Snapchat me: MarniGill
Wide awake and I don't why 😳
"Look at you, look what you've become, you're going out to get fucked up and fuck bitches tonight"
Idk never been called a poptart face ass before but it's the most extraordinary insult I've ever received
They also say if you can't eat then you must not be hungry, idk who made that one up tho
They say if you can't sleep then someone's dreaming about you, well can you stop you cunt cos I can't sleep
@lotburland: Need more black clothes” take anything from my wardrobe
I hate those nights where you think about everything and you try reevaluate your whole life n shit
Shit man I can't sleep
Two types of girls at Halloween
I have no time for bad vibes
I'm always drunk this isn't good
I hate when alcohol makes people cry, it's so sad 😔
Every guys face when watching the anaconda video can be summed up in one emoji: 😦
Idk who makes these up but not really complaining
Well prepared/cooked meals over fast food any day
There's something really fun about chanting football chants
Do I get the iPhone 6 or wait for 6s?
Ut oh it's got to that point of the year where my Facebook newsfeed is filled with "is in a relationship with" it must be winter
Helpful tweet: you can get a railcard for £18 using the code "40 years" but the offer expires tonight
I'm wide awake rn, it's like my body is telling me that I should put on the batman suit and fight crime tonight
I'm not tired at all rn 😐
Ayy when was the last time you sat down and had a fucking epic game of monopoly tho
So windy tonight 😦
When someone asks me what I'm doing tonight
Gotta love watching a movie on a Sunday night