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She snapchat me battlefield 4, so I messaged her this and she won't reply :(
@lixmkay: “@OfficialBewers: Girls deserve so much fucking respect.” this won't help you get laid”
Plot twist: she doesn't know what to do with that big fat butt
Hey guys, guys, fuck her right in the pussy
Plans never go the way they should
Alcohol and music is one of my favourite combinations
You didn't buy expensive lingerie for no one to see
Call me a faggot idc I like usher's old music
I bet if I lived in Compton, id be sipping on some 40s, getting drunk and high with my niggas, listening to N.W.A still
Idk man, I expect someone to knock on my door at 2am on a Sunday, tell me to come out and cause chaos around the town, but it's the 2000s
Why is everything money money money
Well I enjoyed looking at all your Instagram posts, you know, all of the ones of the parties and events that I wasn't invited to yesterday
Those days when you get up, eat something then go back to bed
Big up the crew at home watching TV rn, like what even is clubbing
Oh yeah it was awks in the pub, a live band were playing, I was at the front n they were making the crowd join in, didn't know the words
You know if you fav my tweet I'm probably gonna stalk your profile
For fuck sake I just got that song in my head called Saturday night, such a fucking annoying piece of shit music if it can be called that
So I'm guessing you're all at home alone on a Saturday night too huh
Hate third wheeling need a bae
So I was driving my friend and his girlfriend back home from town, they kept getting off so I was going 50mph over speed bumps to annoy them
I've never used 'ask bongo' myself
I think you should take pride in your appearance, if you look good, you feel good
When you hit the blunt before you go on the air...
Fav if you're up
Ayy lmao snap me if you're up; Snapchat: MarniGill
Always bored on a Friday night 😪
"I only have guy friends"
I like it when people bring McDonald's home for me to eat 👀
Does anyone live in Bournemouth?
I can't wait to go to uni
Who's awake
I'm so turnt up rn
I think it's a well known fact that booty pics help with depression
I'm way into my 100,000s of people that I crush on now
Ass or boobs? Man they're both just equally as great let's just leave it as that
Is anyone going Bournemouth uni?
I only go to the gym so I can come home and appreciate my body in the mirror