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Patrick Bateman
hipster fashion music movies ofwgkta 30,394 followers
I'm not even tired
Not sure why I stay up past midnight, nothing good ever happens
You see, the bigger the booty, the better the booty
I love bad bitches that's my fucking problem, I'm actually seeing a therapist about it
I'm torn between my desires to be the characters 'Bruce Wayne/Batman' or 'Patrick Bateman' or in conclusion, I'm in love with Christian Bale
Ladies, if you're going to walk in front of me, I'm going to look at your ass
Short blondes are my weakness
I just want a white girl with some fake titties
I need some motivation, something like Megan Fox telling me if I get A's in all my exams she'll be my girlfriend or something
Is anyone selling a kitten cos I want a kitten
The horrible thing is, my ears are doing that right now
I'm tired of things costing money
If you're in a relationship and you're constantly crying. Stop and ask yourself, are you dating a human or an onion?
I wish I was mis-sold PPI :(
I don't mind if you want to moan every now and then, but people who can't have a conversation without being negative are shit people
Imagine if you never got tired, so you never need to sleep, going to college/work & balancing your social life and workload would be easier