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Your Boyfriend♨️
hipster fashion music movies ofwgkta 58,557 followers
Party tomorrow and you're invited so DM me
Oh hi thunder, are you here to ruin everyone's weekend? Thought so
Dear Diary, Where is everyone that promised to meet me this summer
Oh beard, why won't you grow 😪
Literally all I do now is sleep or go to work
I need to stop sleeping so much, wasting all my days
That mars bar was a bad idea, I feel fat now
Idk does anyone even stay up late anymore?
You're pretty cool but you'll never be 'Marni Gill getting a mars bar at 2am' cool
Since my last tweet, I've been sleeping rly
It's too hot to do anything
When someone says "The world does not revolve around you"
If you don't have the '😂' emoji in your recents, you're probably quite a boring person
Why did this make me laugh so much omg
We'll chill n listen to music It'll be bliss 👌
Someone chill and look at the stars with me
Anyone wanna come out & chill?
I don't have any really really close friends which are of the opposite sex
Teddy bears are fucking cool tbh
You do you & imma do me
The realist statement ever & the only lesson you need in life