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Mario Lopez
#TBT My mom & dad on a date back in the day... How shady does my old man look?! Still don't know how…
@Jenners8: Huge fan of @MarioLopezExtra 😍 can't wait for your book!!😃” thanks jenny
@MommaWife76: Gotta love when @MarioLopezExtra favs a tweet! Love him and his love for his family and his love of life! #realman” Thanks!
@ericleebow: @MarioLopezExtra It's a pleasure to hear your voice on the radio. You should change On with Mario to Freeze with Mario :)”Thx!
Breezy! Had a long & great conversation with @chrisbrown ... I'm all caught up. Fun evening #X
STRUT!!!! @MarioLopezExtra @onwithmario...WE Knew This Day Was Coming...Don't U See That CAMEL!!!??..Haha #HappyHumpDay #MyPeeps
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@Fidenciaa_: I've tried for a year to get you to notice me & nada 😒�@MarioLopezExtrara” What's up?
@xMarkSpears: @MarioLopezExtra When does you book come out? Will definitely pick up a copy!” Sept 30.. And thank you!
@sueguss: @MarioLopezExtra will your book be available on Audible?” Yes it will be..
@lilcharmedone: Hey @MarioLopezExtra are you doing any signings in NY? I'd love to meet you😘” Yes I am.. Let you know when I know :)
@rempower: @MarioLopezExtra You're genuine bro! That's the reason everybody continues to keep watching and loves you! Stay the same!" Thx!
@KellieDiMaggio: @MarioLopezExtra I can't wait to read your book and I'm not usually a reader!!!” Happy to provide inspiration... :)
@MommaWife76: @MarioLopezExtra Any chance of baby number 3 in the future? You & your wife make beautiful babies!” Thank you & I hope so...
@I_Love_Manny: Haven't really wanted a book since 2 years ago but I want to read @MarioLopezExtra book”Thx Lesly! Promise u won't be mad :)
@Tiffany_Shay: @MarioLopezExtra you have great hair.” Thanks Tiffani.. I'm happy I still have it
@TheRealDaytime: "I’m just mad you get to work with @MarioLopezExtra.” -- @LoniLove VID:…” I love me some Loni...
@Afterglow_CEO: w/ @MarioLopezExtra such a pleasure meeting you! Your spirit is as beautiful as you” Thanks!
Just received my FIRST copy of my FIRST memoir. It’s crazy... #JustBetweenUs
Yes, that says 112 degrees... It's like an oven out here in LA. Never felt it like this in…
Portable fan, check. MJ moves, check. see what @MarioLopezExtra is doing in 100 degree heat on @extratv tonight!
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Watching @SportsCenter & Serious question... How many 4 year old sons does Peterson have? #BusyGuy
Thank you Dallas! It's been fun... LA, shall we? #GoingGoingBackBackToCaliCali
@Jessica_adams24: @MarioLopezExtra @extratv Every night! Love you Mario!” thank you for watching Jessica
@heeeeybella: @MarioLopezExtra We wish you could've stayed longer. Thanks for the pics, you're all class!” I wish I could've too! Thx
@MarioLopezExtra Wonderful key note speech today. You are a fantastic example of how we all should embrace life, no matter our background.
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This is amazing... 10-Year-Old goldfish had a successful tumor removal surgery, expected to live…
Meanwhile... Gia is breaking it down back home #Rude
Big thanks to all the nice folks in N. Texas who support & watch @extratv !
Just gave a 30min speech to kick off Hispanic Heritage month! Hope these nice folks aren't sick of me…
@ThatsJDsGirl: Good thing my daughters aren't dining with me! @MarioLopezExtra just as cute in person” Thx Angie.. Please say hello for me
@lcrodrig: Monday marks the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month and we'll be honored with @MarioLopezExtra @Disrupt2C” Look forward to it!
What a great Sunday... And the @Dodgers won & are still in 1st place :) #GoBigBlue #KershawWithTheWin
Baby Nico is wore out after that big Chargers victory... #619 #BoltUp #WhiteHotSunday
@patrickparish: @MarioLopezExtra how about that? You called it! #props” Sure did!
Who called the upset @ackles44 & @CharissaT ?? Oh that's right, I did... GO @Chargers !!!!! #619 #BoltUp #WhiteHotSunday
@LAsheWolf187: @MarioLopezExtra I didn't see you last night at the fight. You're always at those events” Had to work... :(
@llliiisssaaa13: The fact @MarioLopezExtra is a @Chargers fan makes him 10000x cooler than he already was. I'm in 💗#BoltUpp#SDvsSEAA” Thx!
@TheLatinSnake_: @MarioLopezExtra Very true. You're a great example of successful longevity. ;)”Thanks man.. Look forward to ur next fight!