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Mario Lopez
television tv presenter 940,358 followers
@LGianettino: @MarioLopezExtra You can still sit by the pool & have some drinks just not while you're taking your pain meds!"That's fun tho
Someone got his new @Nike 's & is ready for a workout... #BabyNico #BeastMode
#TBT flashback to a less stressful time at the pool with the family sipping on @justchillbeverages #CalmDown
@MassBNLfan: @MarioLopezExtra how did you tear it?” Sparring
My poor family now has to deal with me... I apologize in advance
Also concerned about ballooning up. I eat like a horse… Told I can only ride a bike. I'm getting my…
For someone who is hyper & has ADD being told to sit still & relax is excruciating... Forget the pain, I'm more worried I might go crazy!
So... Doc says we can try to heal the tear with therapy & nitro patches etc.. Will asses in a week if I need the surgery #FingersCrossed
@DIYcookery: The best snack idea ever! 👌” I'm trying this...
@TheRealJeffRuby: @MarioLopezExtra I will send more steaks. You need protein son.” Yes! Love your steaks!! My favorite... Thank you :)
@Markschulman72: @MarioLopezExtra @CourtneyMLopez try matzoh ball soup. That'll make him better #jewishmagic” Love that soup...
#Repost from @CourtneyMLopez with repostapp My at home nurse... Thanks honey! I am obsessed…
Morning! On my way to Dr waiting to see if I need surgery.. Shoulder is absolutely killing me. Sleep is impossible.. Ugh #Frustrated
Happy Birthday to my friend @Schwarzenegger ! Pleasure to know you & your family.. Have a great day sir :) #CelebrateWithAStogie
@andylassner: I need Orlando and the Biebs to work this shit out. It's all too stressful for me.” I vote for a PPV steel cage match
@TheRealJeffRuby: 1 & only @RockyPatelCigar and I!” Nice to see a couple of my buddies hangin out... Have one for me
@NaughtyNiceRob: I'm on @extratv tonight w/ the hottest ladies of summer! - How cute is that @MarioLopezExtra” Thx! Not feeling so cute tho
Laid up in bed & gonna catch up on some serious DVR... Wow, Percocet is a helluva drug #FeelingLoopy
Well... Tore my rotator cuff. Terribly inconvenient.. Waiting to see if I need surgery. Got a…
Can't sleep.. Hurt my arm last night.. On my way to ER.. Hope I didn't tear my rotator cuff.. Ugh