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Marcus Butler
Tempted to dye my hair
All hotels should have Netflix available on TVs
New Vlog :) YouTuber Halloween Party…
TIME TO SH*T MYSELF... i get so scared it's so funny
My driver just changed the radio station when I was mid way through singing along to ed sheeran 😡... Not cool bro
Got my first scary gaming video going up tonight ;)
Apple need to bring out tangle-less headphones
I drop my phone on my face at least once a day
I put up a new vlog earlier: my smoothie routine ☺️
You better hide yo kids
Oh i'm a mess right now
New gaming video at 6pm uk time tonight ;) make sure you're subscribed!…
Just finished a photo shoot for something exciting coming soon ;)
Goodnight! Be sure to check out my new video :)…
Already at 30,000 subscribers on my gaming channel in 4 hours!! That's insane... Subscribe here…
Preparing for my Halloween look 😏 any guesses as to what I'm gonna be?
NEW VIDEO: Types Of People At Concerts! I hope you enjoy :)…
My announcement is in my new video... are you ready??!!
30 minutes until my announcement!!
My announcement will be at 7pm UK time in my new video :D
Today is the day ;)
I love a bit of friends in the morning :)
Oh and there's a new main channel video tomorrow :D
Tomorrow is the day of my exciting announcement 😏😉😁
Niomi just goes: what are we gonna have for breakfast on Christmas morning?!? Me: It's 2 and a bit months away 😂😂😂
I'm kinda blown away from the feedback on my new vlog. Glad that i'm able to inspire some of you :)
New vlog, it's a bit of a weird one but something i've wanted to do for a while: My Body Transformation…
Congratulations @ZozeeBo! Fully deserved, you have achieved so much. Proud of ya
2 days until my exciting announcement ;)
New vlog: Scary Fright Night With YouTubers
Todays vlog is one of my absolute faves. You're gonna love it so much!
Just started watching the walking dead!
Had such a fun night 😊
We stayed in a hotel that put our names on a dressing gown and pyjamas last night 🙊
Omg they're already playing Christmas songs on the radio :D
I have a very exciting announcement coming this monday :D
This is how we do, yeah chilling laid back
New vlog: being weird at rehearsals
Throwing it back 5 years to mirror selfies and a shaved eyebrow 😂😂😂
I'm all about that bass
This one time... i joined the circus. You HAVE to watch the video, it was so much fun:
Wake up dance around the room to Katy Perry. Great way to start my day...
New vlog: Shopping with youtubers & crazy event